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Monkey Monastery

Gem 900 Gems | Dragonfly 10 Dragonflies

Talk to Brother Krankel just ahead of you and he'll tell you that there's really no task but killing Riptocs. Glide over the large gap to the platform below, on which you'll find some Mammoths like those you may have fought in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. A flame should take care of them, you'll also spot a small yellow dragonfly buzzing around here, chase it and Bubble Breath it.

Foamy Foamy 51/90 On the loose

Cross the slippery ice and go up the steps towards the wooden doors, turn to the right (you might be able to hear a dragonfly but you can't get to it just yet) and go down the path there. Glide over the chasm towards the locked chest, without the key you're just going to have to pass by for now. Fly over another gap and onto some ice. Go up the slope to the right and again glide over a gap onto some ice. Go left.

After killing the two new types of Riptoc go speak to the small yeti standing by the house, it's Bartholomew, Bentley's little brother. He gives you the real task of the level, saving 5 yeti from their ice prisons. Move along and glide over the gap infront of Bartholomew's house and then down to the right (forwards is blocked by several ice barriers) where there's a Snowball Riptoc Marauder waiting.

Go up the slope to the top where you'll find Brother Ricci meditating. Talk to him and then glide to the turret behind you and use it to smash the ice barriers that were blocking the way. Once you've done that step into the whirlwind to the right and it'll take you over to the first yeti that you just opened the way to. Flame the ice to free Nigel.

Drop down and go to the left (not the way with Zoe), go up the steps to the end and glide down to the icy platform layer above where you've previously been. Go to the left all the way to the end where you'll find a little red dragonfly.

Holly Holly 52/90 On the Ledge

Glide down and continue on down that path with Zoe now. Jump over the gap and slide along the ice going left. Jump another gap, more ice and then another gap to where there's a Snowball Riptoc Marauder. Keep on going forwards over the gaps until you reach Brother Marcus surrounded by Riptocs. Kill them and then talk to him. He'll tell you to kill some flying Riptocs for him. Step into the whirlwind over to the right and you'll be taken upwards.

Kill the Riptocs on the ice and jump onto the turret at the end next to Zoe. Shoot the ice barrier to the right and one of the Flying Riptocs (the high up one) before gliding down to a second turret a bit lower on the left. Use it to shoot the remaining two Flying Riptocs and an ice barrier below the previous platform. Jump off and you'll get a dragonfly.

Gaku Gaku 53/90 Hunting Wiptocs

Now, glide towards Brother Marcus and then step into the whirlwind down there. Use it to glide into the spot below the place it would take you to automatically and where you just smashed an ice barrier. Free the yeti, Simon, that's the second of five. Glide back down to the whirlwind again and go back up to the turret next to Zoe.

Glide down towards the Return Home Portal ahead and talk to Brother Ian. He'll tell you to fire the firework, which you should do now. This will smash some ice up to the right. We're nowhere near done with the level yet, go behind the portal and to the left. Up the platforms jumping over the many gaps all the way to the top and the third yeti, Gunther. Turn around and once again glide down to the whirlwind by Brother Marcus. Go up to where Zoe is and then glide around the corner to the right.

If you lit the firework down by the Return Home Portal the ice should be gone. The key is here so make sure to pick it up before continuing. Jump and glide along the several icy circular platforms all the way up to the end and a portal.

Turret Factories

Mandy will inform you of the situation, you'll be using the spitfire again and destroying Riptoc factories. Each one only takes a single bomb hit to be destroyed, the main challenge here is getting all twenty of them in the time limit, and not getting shot down of course.

The path is fairly simple, destroy the one ahead and keep flying forwards, go to the right a bit and through a couple of large statues, smash the factory on the left, fly up over the barrier. Shoot the turret on the floor and go left, shoot the factory in the middle of the mountains, continuing straight on shoot the next one and then two over the river again. Go to the left across the lake and round the mountain going right.

Destroy the next pack of three factories plus turret and continue forwards, another two factories going under a bridge. Go to the right after the second one following the path of factories along and over the river. Bomb the two factories over there and head right along the river. Destroy the factory at the end, turn to the right and destroy the final three in the area back on the other side of the river. Simple.

John John 54/90 Spitfire - Factories

Head back to the Monkey Monastery now.

Turn right and glide down along the wall and land in the cave there. You'll find Yeti #4, Caleb, inside. Once you've freed him continue gliding downwards towards the Return Home Portal. Go right and down the path you didn't take before, at the end of the path stop and glide across to the final frozen yeti directly infront of you.

Once Hobart has been freed jump down and you'll find yourself right back near the start. Go up the steps and you'll notice that the door is now open here, go through the door, capture the little green dragonfly.

Damsel Damsel 55/90 Behind the Doors

Go up the steps and then to the left up a slope. At the end of that slope is another green dragonfly.

Shadow Shadow 56/90 On Thin Ice

Head back down the slope and now up the steps to the right. This will lead to a portal (and the last of the gems in the level).

Ice Slide

Brother Doug will tell you about the slide, another new type of mini-game. Basically you slide down a long slope before the time runs out. You get more time by going through pairs of flags and you need to jump over a lot of gaps. In this level at the fork in the path your best bet is going left.

If you find yourself getting launched in a direction that you don't really want to go in (because there are flags you'll miss for example) make sure to jump earlier and you should not be thrown off course. Practice makes perfect here so get to grips with the course and you should make it down easily the first time.

Talk to Doug at the bottom to get your prize.

Cueburt Cueburt 57/90 Ice Slide 1

Sparx for some reason is the one to tell you about the second slide. It's the same course but you move a little quicker and have a much shorter time limit, basically you need to go through every single flag on the way down.

Dancer Dancer 58/90 Ice Slide 2

Unless you really liked that and want to go again for fun, it's time to finish off the Monkey Monk Monastery.

Go back down the steps and through the door, go left along the original path to where the locked chest is. If you picked up the key earlier you can open it and free the blue dragonfly inside.

Young Young 59/90 Locked in a Chest

Continue on through the level a short way until you get to Bartholomew. Assuming you've freed all five yetis you can claim the last dragonfly of the level.

Jewelwing Jewelwing 60/90 Save the Yetis

And with that you've finished the level. Head back to the Dragon Realms, find Jimmy-Bob down near the entrance to Crop Circle Country, and hop onboard the honeycomb raft to Honey Marsh.

#16 Pokemariofan 19:12:54 06/03/2018
There's a weird animal sound that echoes at the lower ledge when you shoot down the flying Riptocs. Can anyone identify what animal makes that sound?
#15 jonnyjn 11:50:38 10/09/2017
Is it just me or is anyone struggling to find the last 10 gems on this one? I've circled the whole map about 15 times and cant find any hidden gems anywhere so I'm stuck on 892 (because i got those 2 from the harrier challenge)
#14 Flawlo 04:33:11 15/07/2014
I found an extra green gem in Turret Factories, which brought my total amount of gems to 902 here. I wonder if it was a glitch, or if it was meant to be there.
#13 theuone 20:11:47 24/07/2013
anyone notice how some of the monks sound like chip and dale from the new looney toons series
#12 bridgeybear04 20:27:11 08/03/2013
You have to go through the ice gate and glide over a few clicks and then walk forwards. You need 32 dragonflies at least. Does this help Jasmines_mommy
#11 scarletxroses 23:56:56 12/02/2011
OMG I just lost like 12 lives on those stupid ice circles! ARGH!!! I always fall off going to the third one! Like every freakin time!
#10 CleoTheGood 15:48:40 11/12/2010
I love this level! It's so pretty and stuff! Oh yes, and the monkey monks are hilarious! smilie
#9 jazmines_mommy 22:16:04 07/11/2010
how do i get to this level? I can't figure it out
#8 Crashfan25 15:03:04 19/08/2010
#7 dragons 17:37:33 16/01/2009
Freaky! :o
Ya know that dragonfly; Holly? That is my name!!

Whoooo hoooo I am dragonfly in Spyro game oh yeeeaah!!! XD
#6 Kahlan 01:26:24 03/11/2008
That ice glide 2 is way too hard! I had a hard enough time the first time around to do it with less time!
#5 Dragon Lover 01:47:46 18/05/2008
I did too, spyrofrak92. smilie
#4 spyrofrak92 18:39:28 02/05/2008
I am haveing a herd time with this dark52 will you help me
#3 Dragon Lover 17:23:54 24/03/2008
Glad you agree!
#2 SuperSpyro700 12:45:58 24/03/2008
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