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Dragonfly Dojo

Gem 700 Gems | Dragonfly 10 Dragonflies

Straight away Zoe will inform you of your main challenge here, it's to unfreeze all the Dragon Masters. Directly ahead from where you start you should be able to see a red dragonfly flying about.

Steffi Steffi 04/90 On the loose

Once you've captured her with Bubble Breath turn your attention towards where Zoe directed you, the first of the Dragon Senseis. You'll find him in an ice cube over on the pavilion directly ahead from the start of the level. Use your Fire Breath to thaw out Bruce and he'll open up a door ahead in the level for you in thanks. That's one out of five done.

It's pretty much now going over the bridge, through that door and down the corridor now. Approaching the Polestaff Raptor in here will trigger Sparx to teach you that you can't charge the larger Riptocs, instead you'll need to flame it. Continue along the corridor (there are a lot of corridors in this game, to do with loading I assume, well, either that or the level designers really liked bendy corridors). At the end of it you'll find Zoe, and since this is the first time you've met a progress saving fairy, Sparx will tell you all about it himself.

The area here is quite open, first go up to the pavilion and free the second Dragon Master, Jackie. He'll open some sliding doors ahead for you before vanishing. Before going through those doors though there are a couple of things to do. Go to the left side of the pavilion and glide onto the stepped platforms on the side, they should have a bit of water and some reeds in. On the top step you'll find the Electric Rune.

Next, jump down to ground level and head over to the far side of the pavilion. You should spot the little green dragonfly sitting around here. Chase it down and capture it.

Shellac Shellac 05/90 In the Mists

One more thing to do here, (aside from talking to Rusty as you can't get legitimately his kite just yet), go back up to where you freed Jackie and go to the right. Jump onto the platform with the Ninja Riptoc on it and then along the other platforms all leading towards a portal.

Banzai Speedway

If you've played the previous Spyro games you'll know what to expect in a Speedway. A race to get all of a certain type of item in a certain time, or a race against some local creatures.

First it's the Time Attack. Sparx will helpfully inform you of a way to complete the speedway. Rings, Lanterns, Rickshaws, and finally Hang Gliding Ninja Riptocs. It's a half decent path, go through the rings and to the left at the end. You should be able to see the first of the lanterns just past a pavilion. Fly through it and flame to light it. Keep going through the eight lanterns and then land on the path below. Turn around and charge into each of the eight Rickshaws. Once they're done you should be at a point where you can just fly upwards and you'll be where the Hang Gliding Riptocs are, simply fly into them breathing fire, following their path in reverse. Job done. Make sure to select No at the results screen, the game seems intent on tricking you into going again.

Rashomon Rashomon 06/90 Dojo Time Trial

Next is the race. While it says to follow the red dots, that's not always the best thing to do if you want to win, though you do need to fly through the green rings or you fail. After the first ring dive downwards and into the pavilion, you'll see a blue star which will speed you up temporarily. Fly through it and go through the next ring up a bit. Go down to the left off the shown course again and you'll see another star sitting down there. Fly through it. Three rings later take a sharp left underneath a pavailion and through the star in there. Cut the corner of the next ring and then one more will be the lap. Repeat the same process and you should make it in first place.

You will lap several Riptocs so don't be confused when you don't go up a place when overtaking sometimes. You will need to be as fast as you can be to actually get first place in this mini-game. Failing to get first place will result in the game adding fireworks to the course, you can pick these up and fire them at your opponents to try and slow them down a bit.

Yojimbo Yojimbo 07/90 Dojo Race

And that's it for the speedway, exit the area and get back into the Dojo.

Now you can go through those sliding doors that Jackie opened for you earlier. Go down the bendy corridor and you'll emerge in another large open area again. Jump over to where you can see the third Dragon Master to free him. Jet will do absolutely nothing for you, he must have been paid off by that bear over there.

Yes, it's Moneybags. Fresh from his time in Spooky Swamp he's still quite happy to take 200 gems in exchange for creating a bridge to get you across the chasm. Use the stones to get across and up to where the fourth Dragon Master, Toshiro, is frozen. He'll open up a gate ahead for you. Go to the left now and glide across to the large platform with a few bonsai trees on. Right where you should land is where you'll spot a green dragonfly.

Dawn Dawn 08/90 Lonely Island

You can talk to RJ there if you want but you can't legitimately get the kite free just yet. Instead go towards the far end of the platform where there's a vortex which will take you back to where Moneybags was. Go up his bridge and now through the gate that Toshiro opened. You'll notice the red dragonfly running about there of course.

Cinder Cinder 09/90 In the Corridor

Continue down the corridor and you'll reach the tank minigame.

Tank Training Arena

With no time limit and plenty of fodder around this challenge is just quite lengthy. There are 21 enemy tanks to destroy, they're dotted around the course usually hiding behind a wall or pile of rocks.

Move forwards shooting the pile of rocks and then the fence ahead, stop once you reach where that fence was. Go into aiming mode and destroy the rocks up ahead, quickly shoot again and you should hit the tank hiding behind it. Make sure not to be aiming over the bunnies as they'll draw your fire but won't be killed (you need to run them over to get the butterflies if your health bar at the top is depleted).

Round the corner and make your way further along. As you reach the next corner stop and take a quick glance with the camera to spot where the next tank is. Wait for it to fire at the wall between you, then drive forwards a little turn towards it and quickly fire. Your counter should go up to two. To continue on simply shoot at the two targets on either side of the door, then fire through the opening at the tank in the middle there. That's three.

Move into the doorway and destroy all of the large rocks using your aim mode, then shoot the three tanks that will be just sitting around minding their own business, you might have to move a bit to shoot past the bunny. Head to the left side of the area and go down the path towards a fence. Stop at the entrance to that path and shoot the fence and the tank sitting behind it. Seven. Now you can go down there.

Shoot the rocks and stop where they are, turn to the left and shoot the next big pile of rocks and the tank on the other side of them. There's a second tank there too, so get a little further ahead, wait for it to shoot at you then move so that you can shoot it. Destroy the fences on either side of the gate and then the targets.

Move up to the gate and shoot all of the rocks and fences that you can from there, you should be able to hit four of the five tanks in the line from where you're sitting, the other is blocked by bunnies so move forwards and into a position so they're not in the way to shoot it. From there you should be able to take out a few more blockages and a couple more tanks hiding behind them upahead. Sixteen is the magic number.

Advance towards the pink trees and shoot the rocks+tank combo directly ahead. Move on down that path and into the final area of the arena. Shoot the piles of rocks from afar and the three tanks hiding behind them. The last one is behind those fences, smash them and finish the job.

Cub Cub 10/90 Tank Mini-game

Continue down the rest of the corridor and outside. Glide over the gap and you'll bump into a red dragonfly.

Cloudy Cloudy 11/90 Climbing Steps

Go up the 'steps' (slope) to the top where you'll find the final Dragon Master/Sensei/Elder, Chow.

Roxie Roxie 12/90 Elder Dragons

To the left of Chow you can glide down to where the third and final young dragon with a kite is, Dougy, (landing on the tree will rescue the kite for him but if you haven't got the others yet there's not much point) as well as a few gems. Jump back onto the very bottom of the previous platform and make your way back up to where Chow was again. Now glide towards the clear shimmering portal ahead which is the end of level portal, it'll take you back to the Dragon Realms. It's entirely possible to get all of the gems in this level, a few are along the path between the end of level portal and the start of the level, so you might want to try and get all 700 before leaving. You'll be back so it isn't entirely necessary.

Kite Kalamaty

There's only one thing to do here, rescue the kites. The first dragon to help is in the misty area. The second is in the area with Moneybags and the third is in the final area near the Return Home Portal. Use Ice Breath on the dragons and then jump onto the ice cube they become. Use that to jump up onto the platform with the tree behind them and you should trigger the kite to slowly fall down to the dragon. Make sure to talk to the dragon before leaving for the next one. On the third one (whichever) you'll be rewarded.

Moony Moony 50/90 Baby Dragons

That should finish off the level. Time to head to Monkey Monastery.

#22 miniquiny999 01:17:32 13/07/2017
things to note about kite kalamity -

-altho it wont let you stand on the ice cubes soometimes it'll let you jump again anyway as if you were standing on them, but still playing the eternally falling animation

-if you 'stand' in the exact middle of an ice cube and headbash, spyro phases thru the cube and also the dragon to stand inside them. concerning smilie
#21 Ruler of all 23:22:43 26/03/2013
smilie is pretty fast, but smilie's ninjas were fast, too. They make me mad! smilie
#20 Jaggedstar 16:30:52 16/02/2013
such..........a glitchy.....goddamn............game!
#19 Wojowu 21:59:53 26/02/2012
Will we ever get these 200 diamonds back? I never knew it
#18 spyroisthebest8 19:48:15 05/02/2012
smilie he's racing my riptocs?
smilie yeah, I am!
smilie ( smiles)
smilie what are you smiling about?-I won
smilie I smiled?
smilie yeah-DUH
smilie oh no.. he found out i am on the good side!
smilie busted!
#17 ThePurpleHero 15:49:27 18/09/2011
Race against Riptocs. USE THE SPARKLY STARS!! Fly through the stars to go faster. ANd dont follow the red dots too carefully. go in a straight line not a curve if possible
#16 Shimmer 12:03:06 18/09/2011
@katrina78894 i agree with you
#15 katrina78894 15:14:28 10/08/2011
I hate this game!!! there are too many glitches, and its stupid...


Enter The Dragonfly Stinks
#14 Summershudder 22:09:45 26/07/2010
I can not, for the life of me, get past that stinkin race, gah!!!
#13 shadows 18:41:15 23/06/2009
Well, I prefer the Cynder like a dragon, not like a dragonfly smilie
#12 dragons 17:58:33 16/01/2009
OMG! Cinder the dragonfly!! hahe!!! XD
#11 Paula 01:13:00 06/12/2008
Hi, folks. I just wanted to mention that you don't need to freeze the little dragons and jump on them. I tried just standing against the rocks in different places and using the hover move. It took a dozen or so tries, but it works fine for all of them.
#10 spyro 2342 03:58:41 03/12/2008
ughhhhhh it won't let me stand on the ice cube either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#9 Cynder16 14:36:31 29/07/2008
It won't let me stand on the ice cube
#8 Dragon Lover 01:45:51 18/05/2008
smilie Dunno.
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