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Spyro: Shadow Legacy

Spyro: Shadow Legacy

Another new console debut for Spyro, this time the Nintendo DS; the successor to the GameBoy Advance (well, close enough).

Experience the magic, live the adventure! Spyro returns home to the dragon realms to find them in ruins. He soon discovers that a powerful magic force has banished everyone to the mysterious Shadow Realm. Spyro must master the use of magic and hone his skills - take touch-screen control of the fire-breathing dragon and save the day!
Spyro: Shadow Legacy Spyro: Shadow Legacy
North America Oct 18th 2005 European Union Nov 4th 2005

Spyro: Shadow Legacy takes use of the DS's touchscreen by way of inputting spells which are shapes and symbols. One screen shows the action, the other the menu. Originally it was announced that the wireless feature would also be utlised by way of trading collectable creatures though this didn't make it to the final game. Shadow Legacy features a levelling system for the first time in the Spyro series, the more enemies you defeat the more skill points you earn to put into Spyro's strength and abilities, you'll also be able to put your experience towards building Spyro's collection of magical powers and martial arts combat abilities.

#75 Dragginwings 22:52:50 04/09/2006
Hey, guys!!! Look @ my comment @ YOTD. You'll hear bout steve irwin; the crocodile hunter's TRAGIC DEATH!!
#74 Dragginwings 16:25:04 04/09/2006
Well, i'm gunna talk dad into it 1 way or antoher (hopefully). (Mission:impossible music plays)
#73 Dragginwings 22:50:12 03/09/2006
Finally!!! Someone (other than me) is speaking some sense!!! Ok, thanx, Black Minx. Sweet!! My dad said that if I wait till I get Cristmas money , i (maybe) could get one!!! If thats not enough, I could wait till ma b day gets here, 4 b day money he says!!! Yippee!!! He did say 'its a lousy way 2 spend money, though smilie .
#72 Black Minx 12:18:05 03/09/2006
I understand compleetly. If my little newsenc of a brother did that to me!!!!! well I dont think i`d EVER live it down. I know how you must feel I don`t have a DS ether!........IT`S DRIVEING ME CRASY!
#71 Dragginwings 00:33:20 29/08/2006
Ok, The reason that it says it in SUCH a way ( that makes me look like a spioled little kid) is that, I was typing here, and I left the computer (here, stupidly) to get a drink. And my INCREDIBLY STUPID little brother comes to the computer and makes me sound soooo stupid. At least he DOESN'T know my password...
#70 Dragginwings 00:15:47 29/08/2006
Okay... I wasn't REALLY crying I was jus trying to make it sound bad... WAIT!! The DS lite just came out!!! YIPPEE!! You should see how many people on Ebay (and else where) are selling their old DS to get a lite!! Maybe...
#69 Bianca 10:41:10 28/08/2006
Sheesh, you sure do. No offense smilie
#68 Dragginwings 14:10:28 27/08/2006
Ouch, i bet i sound like a little spoiled kid right now...
#67 Dragginwings 13:53:07 27/08/2006
Now he says I'll NEVER get one!! ><) Oh, more like ><( !!! Please help. I told him I'll sell my Gameboy,but he still says NO!!! Please help somehow!!! I want it soooo bad, in fact i'm crying now... REALLY!!!
#66 Dragginwings 13:28:06 27/08/2006
My dad just thinx dat da 2 screen thing is SOOOO crazy.
#65 Dragginwings 13:24:56 27/08/2006
Wait- I take back EVERYTHING I said about NEVER getting a DS. I might, er WILL (try) to get one. (I softened up ma dad.)
#64 artiste_violet 22:53:50 26/08/2006
I liked this game when i first got it, but now its kinda boring.
#63 Black Minx 23:02:51 25/08/2006
I`m probibly going to get it for my berthday. I`m not completly sure thoe.
#62 Dragginwings 21:17:24 25/08/2006
Yeah, me too. Sept I KNOW dat I'll NEVER get a DS.
#61 Bianca 10:09:07 22/08/2006
Can someone who played tell me how was it? I'm afraid I might never get a DS...
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