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Spyro: Shadow Legacy

Spyro: Shadow Legacy

Another new console debut for Spyro, this time the Nintendo DS; the successor to the GameBoy Advance (well, close enough).

Experience the magic, live the adventure! Spyro returns home to the dragon realms to find them in ruins. He soon discovers that a powerful magic force has banished everyone to the mysterious Shadow Realm. Spyro must master the use of magic and hone his skills - take touch-screen control of the fire-breathing dragon and save the day!
Spyro: Shadow Legacy Spyro: Shadow Legacy
North America Oct 18th 2005 European Union Nov 4th 2005

Spyro: Shadow Legacy takes use of the DS's touchscreen by way of inputting spells which are shapes and symbols. One screen shows the action, the other the menu. Originally it was announced that the wireless feature would also be utlised by way of trading collectable creatures though this didn't make it to the final game. Shadow Legacy features a levelling system for the first time in the Spyro series, the more enemies you defeat the more skill points you earn to put into Spyro's strength and abilities, you'll also be able to put your experience towards building Spyro's collection of magical powers and martial arts combat abilities.

#1170 skylandersspyro 04:37:15 21/06/2014
Wow this Game is crab. Its so Boring But the my Friend likes this game so Yeah...2 stars
#1169 Brokensoul 06:58:08 09/06/2014
This game was a lot of fun the first time around, but it slows down and gets a little boring afterwards. Personally I liked it.
#1168 shadowstarcat 10:57:24 27/05/2014
personaly i liked this game. one of the reasons why i got it was because i made it my goal to own every spyro game in existance. So far i only have Year of the dragon and trap team left. (i dont have a gameboy advance so yeah...
#1167 Sparxspade 14:33:24 01/04/2014
I can barely get anywhere in this game. By far going to be the most challenging in the most annoying way. Even more so than Enter the Dragonfly, which I love, but some of the glitches make it difficult to play.
#1166 SaphiDragoness 23:01:41 05/03/2014
I already have it, but I STILL never completed the game.
#1165 LocoGuy107 00:21:54 04/03/2014
I got this game and was vey confused at first......HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW TO GO NORTH IN THE BEGINNING!!?!!?!?? I WAS DYSLEXIC!!!!

(I had many other problems with this game, but when I got over them, they were REWARDING!!!!!)
#1164 DragonDog 20:38:28 15/02/2014
I got this game today! So far I am enjoying it! The graphics should of had more work done to them but the rest is awesome! It looks like this game gets 50/50 of good and bad reviews. I guess I am on the good. If you enjoy the older Spyro games/design but like the gameplay of the Legend of Spyro series you should get it! (Best part is it is portable and can go on vacation with you!) Don't forget that Nintindo DS games work on Nintindo 3DS! (Unless it has to have the microphone thingy then your kinda out of luck....) That's it for my review! -DragonDog smilie

It was $10.85 and I had a gift card with 10.86 on it. Now I have a penny on a gift card I don't know what to do with! smilie
#1163 DragonDog 02:44:35 15/02/2014
I'm going to find this and buy it....
#1162 Hawaii Five o 01:48:48 16/12/2013
this one sounds more interesting than the others! its cool its called shadow for goodness sakes!
#1161 joinim 20:58:13 11/11/2013
Ill have to buy this game.
#1160 Jaggedstar 12:30:13 10/11/2013
This game


In my opinion. It's so hard and confusing!
#1159 rfishi 01:31:59 06/11/2013
With that said... This game has my favorite cover art. What's yours?
#1158 Spyrocouture01 00:01:53 21/10/2013
I don't think I'm getting this game because I don't think it seems all that fun ._. , but I may try it on an emulator. I can always delete it if i wanted to
#1157 LoneWolf 17:38:16 18/09/2013
V nether do i but i dont think i want to because the last spyro game i had on ds it wasnt that good to tell u the truth
#1156 FireShadowLover 09:59:25 16/09/2013
I don't know this game smilie
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