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Required to open the boss doors, you earn these magical items by completing certain quests for certain people.

  1. Old One Horn gives you it for opening the gate to Dragon Shores by switching all of the switches on.
  2. Fonsworthy will give you this for finding the Fountain Talisman in the cave and getting the fountain working again.
  3. Moneybags gives you this for turning the distribution centre back on.
  4. Pastemolle bestows upon you this relic for relighting the heating crystals for the cauldron.
  5. Find the three items for Isabel in Cliff Town (Plump Grub, Wriggling Worm and Boll Weevil Juice).
  6. Free Hunter from the jail by giving Akello his medicine.
  7. Find Zoe's Magic Wand and give it to Amp, she'll give you the relic in reward.
  8. Lumpy the Caveman will give you this as you approach the elevator after doing the tasks in Skelos Badlands.
  9. Bruno the Bunny will give you this in thanks for fixing his drainage system.
  10. Bianca gives you this after you 'defeat' Red in Moleville.

#12 DARKANGEL07 03:03:44 11/02/2010
It's easy beating the fire minion. he says he cant be beaten but he can. I've already beaten him twice. I cant wait to try out this banish spell on the sorcerer; it's going to be so much fun.
#11 xxCynderxx 20:10:09 16/11/2008
Woo hoo I was stuck not any more....But now I need 2 find my ds lol.
#10 Ross 21:08:35 26/08/2008
The juice is selling at Maxwell's store.

After getting the quest to put out all the fires, go left and past two fires to find a dimension portal. Phase to the Shadow Realm with it and defeat the knights around here. Back in the real world, a chest containing the wand will appear.
#9 spyrofan 09:37:44 17/05/2008
i cant find zoez wand
#8 American Spyro 21:01:47 26/04/2008
where's the Boll weevile juice. I can't find it.
#7 spyroplayer z 19:36:17 27/12/2007
its not good detaled
#6 Dragginwings 15:01:05 18/06/2007
I kinda did too....
#5 Danjcb 23:10:03 10/02/2007
I got a DS just for this game like I got a PS2 for Enter the Dragonfly (Which I was really dissapointed with!!! The Game not the PS2).

#4 Lover of Spyro 08:51:15 09/12/2006
i got a DS when it first came out!
#3 Dragginwings 22:44:24 15/10/2006
I know... IT LOOX SOOOOOOOOCOOL!!!!!!!!!!! Right???????????? smilie
#2 artiste_violet 15:59:18 24/09/2006
I think we get it, dragginwing
#1 Dragginwings 21:43:10 20/09/2006
I have GOT to get a DS!!!

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