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Dragon Realms

Dragon Shores

The game begins with Hunter waking Spyro from his sleep. Once he has gone downstairs you gain control of the little dragon.

[Meet Hunter at the dock]

Unfortunately you're currently locked into your room, a room which contains a few items to familiarise yourself with. On the right of the bed is a book called 'And Along Came Ripto', you'll find many books dotted around the world but they're a completely optional extra so you can read it if you want to but it's not really necessary.

In the bottom right corner of the room you can find a chest, to break it open either breath on it using your flame breath or charge into it. Inside this one are some gems though other chests can contain items, crystals, keys or even eggs but they usually contain some gems as well.

Jump up onto the shelving on the right and follow the gems up there to the other end. Jump over the small gap to land on the ledge above your bed where you'll find the key you need to escape. Pick it up, drop down to the floor and go over and unlock the door. Keys are a one time use item so you can't get into the other two locked rooms up here at the moment, instead head down the stairs on the right.v

Upon walking a little further, Artigan will ask you to help him relight the fire of his stove and Hunter will wander off to the docks all ready for you to meet him in a bit. The room north of the stairs has a couple of chests in, the first on the floor contains a key but the second just has some gems, you'll need to jump up on the bookcases to reach it though. On the far side of the building you'll find a locked chest with which to use your new-found key, inside of which is a random crystal. Just above that is the first dimension portal which at the moment does not work.

Head over to Artigan and light the stove, it might take a few attempts to get it right as the game seems to have a little bit of a strange sense of needing perfection for lighting things like the stove. For doing so you'll get a 50XP reward. All done? Exit the Dragon's Arms Inn via the door in the bottom lefthand corner.

Head right towards the docks, kill any crabs you might see on the way, and talk to Hunter who is standing on a boat destined for Avalar along with Blink. He'll ask you to find Bianca and you'll a 100XP reward for finding him.

[Find Bianca]

If you speak to Hunter again he'll give you a clue as to where Bianca is, she's up on the hill north of the inn of course. Go back to the inn and go north a bit but go right at the rock faces. You should be able to see Bianca up above so just walk around and go up the steps behind her and talk to her. She'll ask you to meet her by the docks. The chest here has a key inside so smash it to get it before heading back to the docks.

Once there, talk to Bianca and they'll eventually set sail leaving poor Spyro behind. You'll then appear next to Artigan on the beach where Spyro falls asleep once again. The game begins proper.

Once you regain control run away from the Shadow creatures going north as you don't yet have any powers that can even hurt them. Tomas will contact you telepathically and tell you to find a portal to the Dragon Dojo. Head north- west to a point north of the Dragon's Arms Inn and walk into the swirly purple portal there.

Dragon Dojo

[Help Tomas]

Safe in the normal world, go north-west a little to find Tomas trapped under a wooden beam, use your fire breath on it to free him. Follow him to the Dojo and then inside. Tomas will give you the Shadowstone, an amulet that will sharpen and focus Spyro's magic. He will also introduce you to Dimension Portals. Phase into the Shadow Realm and Tomas will again speak to you from the real world. He'll inform you that your fire breath is useless in the Shadow Realm and that you cannot open doors or chests there either though some doors or solid objects you will be able to walk right through (though this information isn't entirely accurate as you can indeed smash chests that are in the Shadow Realm and the barrier issue is a little weird in concerns to the real world). Return to the real world once he's done.

[Rescue Sensei]

Tomas will now send you on your first rescue mission, to save Ragnar or Sensei as he prefers to be called. There are a few chests and baskets around the Dojo building but they're all just full of gems. Once outside, go over the bridge on the right, then north over a second bridge and then north-west a little to get to the front of the Dragon Mouth Cave. Use the stepped platforms on each side of the dragon's head and light the torches in its eyes, the door will then fall open.

Inside the cave you'll find a Yeti just up some steps, use your flame attack to kill it and move on past. Jump over the small gap and pick up the egg by the dimension portal though there's no need to use the portal itself. Go back a little bit and jump over to the right a couple of times where you'll need to kill another Yeti.

Jump up a couple of platforms to the north to smash a chest with an egg inside. Jump back down and continue on through the cave. Another Yeti to kill, go to the right and charge through the small boulders blocking the way to another Yeti, the third Dimension Portal and a third egg. Retreat back out and instead of going right, go left and exit the cave.

Go south and smash the chest there for a few gems before jumping to the right to grab an egg. Jump back and walk towards Sensei's house. Use the Dimension Portal as instructed and then head inside. Walk to the far end of the room where Sensei is trapped behind a barrier. He'll then teach you some dragon kata, Horn Jab, and once you've successfully practiced it three Long Legs will teleport in. What timing. Attack them using Horn Jab repeatedly until they explode into an assortment of gems and a blue mushroom which will restore MP which is used by spells and Chi moves.

Once all three Long Legs have been slaughtered the cage around Sensei will vanish and he'll be free to teleport back to the real world once you touch him. He'll teach you a tail move, Tail Hammer, before he teleports off though which is a move that can destroy armour.

Exit the house and go back through into the cave. To the right you'll find some more Long Legs and a chest with a crystal inside. Use the dimension portal and carry on back through the cave to the next dimension portal. Switch back to the Shadow Realm and go through the barrier on the right, kill the three Long Legs in here to get to a chest with some gems in, your fire breath won't work here so use one of your other moves.

Stay in the Shadow Realm and work your way over the next two gaps to where yet another Long Legs is found along with a chest next to the dimension portal, inside of which is a key. Now run all the way back out of the cave.

[Rescue 4 Elders]

Tomas will speak to you again and you'll then briefly see the locations of the four Elders that you are required to set free. You only get the one chance at seeing their locations but it's generally not too difficult to find them by wandering around aimlessly.

Anyway, first up, Magnus. Head right and over the non-wooden bridge towards a Dimension Portal. Carry on past the house (it's Cho Lei's but the sign doesn't appear in the Shadow Dimension) and follow the path along to the end where you'll need to jump over the water a few times to reach where Magnus is being guarded by three Long Legs. Defeat them then walk over to him to send him on his way.

Head back towards the Dragon Mouth Cave and go over the south wooden bridge, then west to the Dojo. Go around the Dojo and over the bridge, kill the two Long Legs right away and then cross the bridge to reach the third in order to free Astor. Go south along the path until you reach a place with several buildings around a well. Enter the one with the open door. Inside you'll find three more Long Legs and the Dragon Elder Cho Lei.

Go out of the house again and head east, past the bridge out of the area and to another small gathering of buildings. Go inside the open one to find Titan guarded by yet another trio of Long Legs. Once Titan is free use the Dimension Portal and head back into the real world where you'll want to now head on over to the Dojo to talk with Tomas and the rest of the elders.

After the rather long conversation you'll be given the ability to teleport to locations with a teleport pad that are within range and that you have activated already. You'll probably have levelled up shortly before finishing the rescue of the four elders so go talk to Titan who will teach you how to Double Jump. With that and the teleport ability you're done getting abilities for this level.

Head out of the Dojo and go south over the small wooden bridge and then over the much larger stone bridge which leads to a small piece of Wilderness before reaching the Dragon Village. Kill the Yetis and Goats along the path to the south-east exit.

Dragon Village

[Rescue 6 Dragons]

Even if you're in the real world you will still be treated to a glance at where the six dragons are to be found in the village. As you wander forwards a bit you'll be trapped by a barrier and sent to the Shadow Realm. Tomas will teach you about how to destroy the new type of creature, hereafter known as a Shelly, you need to flip it and then attack its weak point for massive damage. That's a horn attack then tail attack. The barrier will then vanish again but carry on the same way as you were going before.

As you reach the southern gate you'll see a pair of Long Legs which are the guards of Old One Horn who is on the roof of the building on the left of the stairs. There's also another shadow creature (Lookout) on the roof to the left of Old One Horn which isn't essential to kill.

Stay on the lowest level and continue right all the way along until you reach the end of the stone path where you'll see a Shelly and Long Legs guarding Kaitlin. Kill them of course. Go back to the stairs, go up them to the next sector of Village.

Walk over the teleport pad for later use and head right, go inside the end building with a Lookout on the roof. Inside you'll find a pair of Long Legs and a Lookout on the table, you can ignore these if you wish as the three you actually need to kill are in the far right of the building, it's a pair of Long Legs and a Shelly over there. Free Conan.

Back outside again head to the far left of this level and enter the far house there. Inside you'll find four unnecessary creatures (three Shellys and a Lookout) but on the right you'll find four Long Legs that need killing to free Ember and send her back to the real world.

And outside again. Go a little to the right and use the stone block to jump up onto the roof of the building, kill the Lookout (or run past it) and then use the two stone blocks to get up to the top level. Kill the two Long Legs and Shelly and free Flame. Go to the right and kill the three Long Legs + one Shelly to free little Zinc. Return to the real world using the Dimension Portal in the centre.

If you've levelled up go back to the Dragon Dojo first to learn Move, a spell which allows you to move solid objects. You will need this to move on through the game and it's another forced choice. I'd suggest getting Battering Ram Charge from Titan next as it will allow you to complete a quest in the village.

Head down to the lower level of the village and talk to Old One Horn.

[Open gate for One Horn]

He'll ask you to throw all of the switches in order to open the gate to Dragon Shores. The first is over to the left by the western gate.

[Open western gate]

Tomas will tell you to open the gate using your new Move spell which you might as well do now though you don't want to be going that way just yet.

Turn back and go towards the far right of this lower level, talk to Flame on the way.

[Break boulders for Flame]

He'll set you on a task to break the boulders that have blocked off parts of the village. If you did indeed choose to upgrade your charge then this will be no problem. Move on a little further right to talk to Kaitlin.

[Find dragon eggs for Kaitlin]

If you've managed to pick up any eggs already then she'll take one off your hands and then ask you to bring her 30 more. Just beyond her is the second switch to throw. The boulder here is not necessary for Flame's quest as it covers a tiny hole which you can't even access right now. Head up to the next level of the village.

Grab the egg on the right of the stairs if you want, then go to the right. Talk to Conan and Zinc.

[Find Zinc's Octopus]

Conan will ask you to find little Zinc's Stuffed Octopus for him. Move on to the left past Ember (she doesn't have a quest for you) and you'll meet Stranger. After that conversation jump up onto the roof on the right using the stone block. Jump to the left and pick up the Plush Octopus Toy and a pair of Sunglasses.

Jump off the roof and go up the steps on the left, charge into the boulders to smash them with the upgraded charge. Press the two buttons in the middle of the next layer up and charge the boulders blocking the middle steps. Go to the far right and smash the final boulders.

Walk down the stairs and hand the octopus into Conan to recieve a free crystal. Next, go down another layer and talk to Old One Horn who will then open the gate. He will also give you your first Relic. Talk to the nearby Flame now and he'll give you some gems and XP as a reward.

With all of the quests finished in Dragon Village you should now move on down to where you first started, Dragon Shores. Go through the newly opened south gate.

Dragon Shores

[Rescue 6 dragons]

First things first, get into the Shadow Realm again using the portal just south of the entrance. You'll be surrounded by Long Legs so kill the one on the right, kill the Shelly behind the building and then advance up the stairs towards the trapped dragon, killing the Long Legs and Lookout. Fonsworthy is safe.

Drop down and go left and into the inn. Kill the two Long Legs, Shelly and Lookout dotted around the room where Artigan is being held captive. Once you've killed all four he'll be free again.

Outside again, go left just past the inn and to a group of shadow creatures. Kill the two Long Legs and two Shellys to free Laird. Go over to the righthand side of Dragon Shores now and enter the righthand house north-east of the fountain. Kill the Shelly and two Long Legs followed by the other two Long Legs just above them. Mrs Funderlic is free.

As you exit the house, go to the right and jump over the islands leading off- screen. You'll then see the dragon you need to free here. Advance along the platforms to the Lookout, kill it and move on to the larger island here. Kill the next Lookout and two Shellys and then finally one more Shelly and two Long Legs up right next to the cage to free Brigid.

Return to the main part of Dragon Shores and go to the shop just below where you went off just now. Kill the Long Legs, Shelly and Lookout and you'll free Mr Funderlic, the last of the dragons. You'll then be teleported to a meeting between them by the fountain.

Go get some new moves from the Elders (you have levelled up, right?) but you'll probably need to walk to Dragon Village to get into range of the Dojo for teleporting. You'll be forced into Titan giving you the ability to Glide and then the Shock Spell off Cho Lei.

Head back to Dragon Shores and talk to Brigid over to the left of the fountain.

[Deliver invite to Mrs Funderlic from Brigid]

She'll ask you to deliver the invite to Mrs Funderlic who will be found on the east island. Go into the inn and talk to Artigan.

[Clean up inn for Artigan]

Wander around the lower level of the inn and flame all of the debris of which there are six pieces. Back outside again go south to where Laird is.

[Retrieve lotion from Laird's room]

He'll ask you to get his suntan lotion from his room in the inn. Go right and talk to Fonsworthy.

[Find fountain talisman for Fonsworthy]

He wants you to find the missing talisman for the fountain. Continue on right and jump over to the eastern island off from the main part of Dragon Shores. Talk to Mrs Funderlic on the large island to deliver the invite. Now go all the way back to Dragon Shores again. Go left past the two houses north-east of the fountain and jump up to the cave above them, pick up the Dragon Egg if you like.

Walk upwards until you reach a Dimension Portal then switch to the Shadow Realm. Go down again and kill the new enemy, a Knight. To do this you need to first destroy his armour by using your tail attack and then just kill him any which way you like. Walk through the barrier on the right and go north.

Jump over the gap and transfer to the real world again. Go through the now less than solid barrier down to the right and jump up onto the platform with a missing bridge, or just use a key on the locked chest here. Otherwise glide upwards to a chest, smash it and you get a key. Glide back and open the chest to find the missing talisman.

Head back out of the cave and transfer back into the real world again. Talk to Brigid to finish her quest and then to Fonsworthy to finish his. He'll give you another talisman in return. If you still have a key on you then you can finish Laird's quest, getting the suntan lotion from his room in the inn, otherwise it's time to move on. Go back through to the Dragon Village and exit via the western gate.

You'll see a short story advancement then just move on left. Along this short bit of wilderness you'll see your first Goat. A strange creature that requires flaming before you can actually harm it (later on this'll change). You'll also see a huge boulder that will require another upgrade to your charge to smash. Once you reach a point where five roads meet, take the south road into Big Forest which is basically a maze.

Bear Forest

Just follow the blue mushrooms through the maze until you reach the exit and into the bear area which I'll call Bear Forest.

[Rescue 6 bears]

Transfer into the Shadow Realm and go down to the right. You'll see Moneybags all trapped and a brand new enemy, the Tail Whack. To kill this thing you need to keep hitting it but jumping out of the way of its tail when it whacks it at you. Kill the two Tail Whacks and one Long Legs to free Moneybags. Once that's done continue down the path to the right until you get to a place with five stone pillars (make sure to activate the teleport pad). Keep using the move spell until the path is clear, just make sure not to be standing in the way of what you're moving.

Kill the two Long Legs and Tail Whack and free Marshall, Marvin and Merton. Go back down and head over to the left side of Bear Forest now where you'll see Maxwell infront of the house. Jump up on the tree trunk to the left of the house and get onto the roof. Kill the Long Legs and advance to the left towards Mrs Moneybags who is herself guarded by two Long Legs and a Shelly. Free her and then go free Maxwell by killing the Lookout at the other end of the roof. With Maxwell free, go back to the real world via the portal to the right.

Talk to Mrs Moneybags who is just on your left now.

[Clean Mrs. Moneybags' garden]

Starting from end with the tree trunk you'll find two weeds just to the leff of it, three to the right and five in the central part (and a Delicious Boll Weevil you'll want to be picking up). Talk to Mrs Moneybags again to get your reward of a free crystal. Next, head up to the right a bit and talk to Maxwell.

[Find bolweevils for Maxwell]

Transfer to the Shadow Realm up to the right and jump up onto the top of the large platform on the right by way of the glowy purple platforms only visible in the Shadow Realm. At the top ignore the pair of Periscopes and just transfer back to the real world. On the left of the main part of this platform you'll find the Fresh Boll Weevil. In the normal chests up here you'll find a Dragon Egg and a key. In the locked chest you'll find a crystal.

Jump back down and head over to Moneybags and Merton to the right of Maxwell.

[Power up the conveyors for Merton]

Go up north a little to where a Dimension Portal is and switch the two switches there to on. Go back down and through the path you created earlier with the stone blocks. Use the Move Spell on the next stone block and take it out of the gutter and out of the way of the gutter. Jump up and pick up the Tasty Boll Weevil, then smash the vase and baskets here, the top one has a Dragon Egg inside. Switch the two switches up here as well.

Drop down to the left and talk to Moneybags again. He'll give you a relic for your efforts and then walk off, never to be seen again. Go talk to Maxwell and finish his quest. You can now use the shops that you've seen abandoned and others across the world. With Bear Forest now complete, it's time to leave. You'll probably have levelled up so head back to the Dojo to get your new skills. Sensei will teach you how to perform the Chi Wings move, useful as it will allow you to break through stronger protective shields which you haven't yet encountered. Choose any other skill you like, I recommend either upgrading your General Magic with Tomas to get more range on your teleport spell or to get the Unstoppable Super Charge from Titan, they're both good.

Also with the shops open, now is a good time to head back to Dragon Shores and finish the Laird quest if you haven't already. In Dragon Shores is the newly opened Marshall Moneybags' Miniporium where you can buy a larger wallet which will be necessary for completing the game. Purchasing Keychains/Mushroom Bags/Butterfly Bottles is also recommended but not necessary ever really. Anyway, back on through to the five road metting point, head north to Wizard Peak, or the Mountain of Magic as it's known.

Wizard Peak

[Rescue 5 wizards]

As usual you'll see a brief glimpse at the trapped Wizards upon entering the area. Walk along and work your way to the top of the platforms where you'll probably want to transfer to the Shadow Realm. Straight away you'll spot Panthanitis being guarded by three Long Legs and a Shelly. Transfer back to the real world, smash the boulder coving the updraft and kill the Yeti at the top. Go through the rooms in the cliff ahead where you'll find four Dragon Eggs in total as well as an Eyeball Potion Quality inside the room second from the right (you'll need a key as it's inside a locked chest). Jump back down and transfer back into the Shadow Realm once again.

Go left after freeing him and to an updraft (active the teleport pad first though) and kill the Long Legs. Jump onto the smaller platform north of you (beward of the gap inbetween) and jump up to the left.

Kill the Periscope using your new Chi Wings attack then turn around and kill the Shelly as well. Go further north and jump again, kill the Shelly and Long Legs and then at the northern end jump and glide to the right, kill the Shelly and the wall will vanish which is all good and well but you don't need to go that way just yet. Jump down below you and step onto the floating platform on the right. Use the Move Spell to get it closer to the Aviary (or just glide over, it's easy enough) and head inside.

You'll see the trapped wizards Longorin and his friend Pastemolle. Wipe the ground floor of creatures; Tail Whacks, Lookouts and Long Legs and the barrier will amazingly disappear just like every other time. Jump up towards the wizards on the lefthand side, kill the Lookout and free them. Transfer back to the real world and you'll teleport to a meeting on the floor of the Aviary. You probably won't have spotted them up in the righthand corner just now but you'll meet Pullosin and Midian.

[Help Pastemolle cast a spell]

You'll be asked to relight some heating crystals, you'll have seen them when you rescued Panthanitis. Head outside and jump down to the plateu below where you'll see the heating crystals and a Goat. Light them (and kill the Goat) and go back to the Aviary again. Talk to Pastemolle (the green one) to complete the quest. You'll get a relic for your troubles.

Talk to Pullosin (yellow). [Find eyeball for Pullosin]

He'll ask you to get an eyeball from his home which you should already have picked up, if not head back there and grab the eyeball from inside the locked chest in the second room from the right, I don't think there's actually a time limit to worry about. Head outside and talk to Longorin.

[Free minidragons for Longorin]

He wants to help the fairies and free the minidragons. Use the platform on the left to get over to an updraft, use it to get higher and then kill the goat. Use the platform to jump the gap and kill another Goat. Smash the boulder coving another updraft and go right (left to get an egg first though if you want), kill the Goat, jump the gap, kill the Yeti, kill the Goat and flip the two switches to turn off the shield infront of the Aviary.

Go inside the Aviary and transfer to the Shadow Realm so as to avoid the guard, Midian. Jump up on the left and transfer back to the real world to flip the switch. Then glide over the cauldron and flip the second switch. You'll get a crystal for your troubles.

All done in Wizard Peak, time to leave. And upon leaving the area you'll see a series of story advancing images and text. Time for Cliff Town! Take the lefthand road at the five-way meetup, you'll want to make sure that you have learnt the Chi Wings move if you haven't yet, it's quite necessary here.

Cliff Town

[Rescue 5 armadillos]

Walk over the teleport pad on the left and glide down to the left. Charge into the boulder blocking a hole in the ground and enter that very same hole. Walk to the left, kill the Yeti and transfer into the Shadow Realm. Walk left beyond the barrier and use your Chi Wings attack to destroy the Long Legs' forcefield allowing you to actually hurt it. Continue upwards and up the ladder.

Smash the large boulder up here and pick up the Wriggling Worm before killing the three Long Legs guarding Pablo. Move to the far left end of this area and jump around the end barrier to where a Knight is standing, a guard of Sofia. Kill the Knight and Tail Whack to free her. Go to the left end of this area and glide south to a platform below with several Shadow creatures on it.

Kill the two Long Legs (Chi Wings required of course) and free Isabel. Jump down to the right and go further right. Smash the medium boulder here to pick up a Plump Grub. Then of course, you know, kill the three Long Legs and the Knight to free Bandit. One more armadillo to go. Head further right and over to the Dimension Portal in the corner, the game will show you where to leap over the water so do so to reach Fransisco, a Knight and a Tail Whack. Jump back over the water and return to the real world.

[Escort Bandit to Dragon Village]

After the conversation Bandit will ask you to escort him to Dragon Village, he'll then wander off to the right so follow him. Keep following him and some Yetis will attack as you pass a large boulder. Kill them and Bandit will move on right through to Dragon Village. Follow him into Dragon Village and listen to the converstation. Afterwards go back to Cliff Town (teleport if you're lazy) and talk to Bandit again.

[Deliver letter to Ember for Bandit]

He'll give you a Letter to Ember From Bandit so run on back to Dragon Village and deliver the letter to Ember who is to the left on the middle layer of the village. Even though she says to tell him something, you don't need to and you don't get anything for talking to him when you go back, but go you should though on the way stop off at Maxwell's shop and purchase the Boll Weevil Juice for 500 gems. Go back into Cliff Town and jump down to the left and talk to Sofia and Isabel to the left of the cave to the cliffs.

[Get 3 ingredients for Isabel]

You should already have the three items required as you should have picked them up whilst freeing the armadillos, the grub and worm are underneath medium boulders outside and on the cliff and the juice is for sale at Maxwell's store. And you get a nice free Relic for the three items. Jump up to the left, kill the new enemy, a Monkey, and then go into the cave here to talk to Pablo and Fransisco.

[Find digging tools for Pablo & Francisco]

They'll ask you to find them some digging tools, this won't be completed for quite a long while yet so you can conveniently forget all about this for now. Head out of Cliff Town (get any new spells and such if you've levelled up, like Tomas I won't mention it again but I recommend getting either both the Chi moves or upgrading your fire breath to full in order to be able to smash locked chests without a key) and go northwest to the ferry, the Sea Dragon, which is currently still frozen in place.

Jump up to the building on the left and unlock it which will use two of your five relics up. Then press again to open the door and go into the boss fight. You might need to walk away from the door and go back or be in the real world in order for it to work properly.

Boss: Ice Minion

[Defeat Shadow Minion]

The Ice Minion will arrive as soon as Spyro walks inside so get ready! Each time you die in here Tomas will give you a hint as how to defeat the Ice Minion, you don't need to die to get advice off me though. Run around it until he smashes his sword into the ground and it sticks, use your flame breath on it towards his hand constantly until he lifts his hand up without the sword any more.

Run over to the left and transfer into the Shadow Realm. Double jump and glide over his shadow claw attack and he'll drop his hand down to the ground. Attack it several times with your charge/horn/tail attacks and he'll collapse on the floor. Again smash into his body with your attacks and he'll get up then explode, defeated. Walk into the floating blue icon and you'll earn Ice Breath, an attack that you probably won't use often. Walk towards the door to exit. Congratulations on saving the Dragon Realms. Onto Avalar now (as long as you have 300 gems that is)!

#31 yelvy 20:18:39 19/04/2016
I had to restart the game because I couldn't get out of Cliff Town smilie
#30 bash fan 10:48:34 14/09/2012
There are levers on the sides of Dragon Village then when you push the levers speak to Old One Horn.
#29 schappert 23:27:29 26/08/2012
how do you open west gate
#28 bash fan 05:21:45 12/05/2012
There is a big wizard house in the middle of the Wizard Peak and the rest of the wizards are in there, and do you know the four Wizard Huts, in one of them there is a chest and if you smash it you get gems, then go back outside and go back in the same Wizard Hut and the chest will come back again!! It's handy for getting lots of gems for shopping.
#27 Spyrofan37 20:39:49 26/08/2011
I can't hit the shadow minions claw or arm, no matter how much i try. What do I do???
#26 PurpleEye 06:39:32 10/06/2011
Where are all the wizards!

I keep going round and round wizard peak in shadow realm but I cant find any!

I have only found panthanitis! HULP!
#25 Sparky5 21:10:32 28/12/2010
Where do I find the tools for Pablo and Francisco?
#24 DARKANGEL07 18:11:55 08/02/2010
Explain the tools to me again. need them for armadillios
#23 ariarce10101 21:21:27 28/12/2008
i keep putting in the two relics but the door wont say unlock
#22 rupesh 22:12:23 27/12/2008
sasha all you have to do is go through the cave and you have a bunch of houses jump on them and glide to the cliff
#21 Selene 00:06:31 02/10/2008
Oh my gosh!!!!! In this very realm I DID A PROXY JUMP!!!!!!!!smilie
#20 Celtianna 16:04:33 29/08/2008
You made the best Spyro web site EVER!!!!!!!!smilie
#19 pikachu 11:54:05 08/08/2008
ive put both the relics in the door for the 1st boss but it wont let me in. apparetly an enter button appears but nothing =[
#18 cool guy 19:41:09 23/06/2008
hey i have 2 relics i've saved everyone finised all my quest but i still can't open the door on the buliding which has the boss fidhts can u please help me ??????????????????
#17 nermm 06:45:07 14/04/2008
hey i have 2 relics i've saved everyone finised all my quest but i still can't open the door on the buliding which has the boss fidhts can u please help me ?????????????????? by the way ur walkthrough really helprd
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