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Welcome to my brand new walkthrough to the 2005 Nintendo DS game Spyro: Shadow Legacy. I hope to be able to solve any and all of your problems and to guide you through the entire game from start to finish and beyond.


Here are all of the controls for all of the moves in the game, most of which you will need to earn by levelling up or just moving on with the adventure.

Button Action
R (hold) + Dpad Charge
X Horn Jab/Action
X + Up Horn Flip
X (hold until sound) Horn Slide
Y Fire Breath
R + Y Ice Breath
A Tail Hammer
A + A Tail Swipe
A + Right Tail Stab
A + Down Tail Thunder
B Jump
B + B Double Jump
B + B (hold) + Dpad Glide
L Shield
D-Pad Move
X (hold) + A (hold) + Right Chi Wings
X (hold) + A (hold) + Up Chi Punch
X (hold) + A (hold) + Left Chi Roar

This game also uses the Nintendo DS's most unique feature, the touchscreen, to cast spells and such.

Shape Spell
Lightning Bolt Shock
Equals Sign Move
Triangle Teleport
Cross Banish
V Cyclone
Circle Turn into an egg


Once you've unlocked them by saving the bears you can purchase things from four shops around the world. Along with the basics such as keys, butterflies and mushrooms they each sell a different selection of more advanced items and you'll need to visit them all to get everything.

The keychains, wallets, bottles and bags will not stack their totals as they replace each other as you upgrade them.

Marshall - Dragon Shores
Small Keychain300
Crystal of Ferocity4400
Small Butterfly Bottle500
Crystal of Duckfeathers2500
Crystal of Luck2500
Small Wallet500
Maxwell - Dragon Realms
Large Keychain1400
Boll Weevil Juice500
Small Mushroom Bag500
Medium Butterfly Bottle1400
Crystal of Intelligence2800
Crystal of Strength2900
Marvin - Avalar
Large Butterfly Bottle 2500
Crystal of Fortuity3500
Crystal of Power3500
Crystal of Elusiveness2700
Large Mushroom Bag1200
Kerfuffle Leaf1000
Merton - Forgotten Worlds
Large Butterfly Bag2600
Crystal of Shadow4500
Crystal of Dragonskin4500
Large Wallet2400
Ice Cream800

Anyway, on with the game! To the Dragon Realms!

#21 Sparxspade 14:11:58 28/11/2015
Forgot to re step on the warp pad in lost fleet smilie
#20 bash fan 11:18:38 19/10/2012
You talk to Old One Horn then he will ask you about some switches and you accept his mission, then you look around the castle and open the switches.
#19 schappert 23:05:19 26/08/2012
how do you open the west gate please help me please
#18 Thericadragon 04:12:54 26/07/2009
You will love this game if you get it!
#17 super spyro 16:51:54 26/10/2008
I love love LOVE this game!! It's great!
#16 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 20:56:59 19/10/2008
If you have enough relics and can't seem to open the door, try resetting the DS and loading up your game again and attempting it again. If the X still won't appear on screen even after moving around against the door a lot then you may have to just start over and hope that it works on your next go through.
#15 SPYRO LOVER 17:47:08 19/10/2008
cante geta toa the firsta bossa goda help me!!!plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!
#14 Anonymous 14:20:32 11/10/2008
cant get to the first boss
#13 Dragon Claw 15:28:35 10/07/2008
You have and awesome site dark52; long live Spyro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#12 somebody 15:13:14 02/07/2008
I have a question. Ok i put two relics in the ice minions door and unlocked it but now the thing won't appear that says open, do any of you know why?
#11 fear12324 00:09:05 24/06/2008
I cant get to the first boss, my freind said that i need to get a eye or something like that. Can you help?
#10 Anonymous 02:57:38 15/06/2008
I don't get how u kil the long legs in the houses????????????

Help Me Plz smilie
#9 Unhappy person 21:09:45 30/03/2008
i don't know how to get to the first boss!!!
#8 game geek 22:12:16 29/06/2007
i was just playing this 10 mins. ago
#7 Dragginwings 23:07:23 18/05/2007
I believe it's a he. And I found this to be rather handy, as I just HAD to get it! Sorry people, I wanted the complete Spyro game collection (which I now have.)
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