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Spyro: Shadow Legacy

Spyro: Shadow Legacy

Another new console debut for Spyro, this time the Nintendo DS; the successor to the GameBoy Advance (well, close enough).

Experience the magic, live the adventure! Spyro returns home to the dragon realms to find them in ruins. He soon discovers that a powerful magic force has banished everyone to the mysterious Shadow Realm. Spyro must master the use of magic and hone his skills - take touch-screen control of the fire-breathing dragon and save the day!
Spyro: Shadow Legacy Spyro: Shadow Legacy
North America Oct 18th 2005 European Union Nov 4th 2005

Spyro: Shadow Legacy takes use of the DS's touchscreen by way of inputting spells which are shapes and symbols. One screen shows the action, the other the menu. Originally it was announced that the wireless feature would also be utlised by way of trading collectable creatures though this didn't make it to the final game. Shadow Legacy features a levelling system for the first time in the Spyro series, the more enemies you defeat the more skill points you earn to put into Spyro's strength and abilities, you'll also be able to put your experience towards building Spyro's collection of magical powers and martial arts combat abilities.

#45 Umbra 01:08:37 22/06/2006
I finally got this game. Though it is much better then the GBA versions, I still enjoy the ones for non-handheld systems much better.
#44 Vivien 19:10:05 14/06/2006
Verry Cool!!! smilie
#43 tat 21:56:16 12/06/2006
i love smilie and smilie
#42 bahamutjedi 14:03:18 09/06/2006
I haven`t played this, and I am not going to, because this game sounds quite bad. I have heard that Spyro can use kickboxing and magic smilie, that sounds cool. But there are bad things that I have heard. First bad thing:No more Byrd flight levels, I liked them so much smilie . Second bad thing: Ember is now dating that egotistical armadillo Bandit instead of Spyro, ewww smilie. And the third and the worst thing: Red has become a good guy! NOOOO! smilie (I hope in the next game Spyro and Bandit will have a dramatic sword fight or a duel of some sort, that would be cool).
#41 Dancinkayley 10:39:55 08/06/2006
You should try to get this game, it's really good. One of my favourite DS games (tied with Nintendogs). smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie
#40 Agent9 23:39:48 04/06/2006
smilie Heeehooooo! Time to kick some bad guy butt!!!
#39 Spyro 01:06:35 04/06/2006
Dear firedragon,yes, Hunter and Bianca are my real friends. What made you think they weren't???
#38 Black Minx 12:01:41 01/06/2006
I`m wanting to know what the story line is plllleeeesssee somone tell me. smilie
#37 spyroledragon 15:45:38 21/05/2006
my favourite game!
#36 Wert 20:44:14 06/05/2006
Great game, but, the ending was corney smilie

The boss scenes were awesome, but the game was a weeeeeeee bit glitchy...but that was probably just mine when I had to leave it in the car -.-
But this is a great game with a lot of possibilities, and it is kind-of RPG-ish what with the inventory, and I like how there are a lot of side quests AS part of the town quest AS part of the big quest...but some are optionalsmilie
#35 firedragon 20:19:20 06/05/2006
Dear Spyro
Are hunter and Bianca your real friends?

Your Friend
#34 firedragon 20:12:21 06/05/2006
its relly fun and my 11 year old brother liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#33 firedragon 20:08:57 06/05/2006
#32 ih8u2 20:40:24 04/05/2006
interesting...i'll have to look into buying this ds. I was going to go for the PSP, but i hated their racist commercials and high price tag. it costs over half as much as a PS2, i believe. plus, spyro's abondoned the sony and jumped onto nintendo, so i'm missing out on so many games!
#31 Michael 17:19:30 04/05/2006
Reply to ih8u2
The game is worth the buy, and yes Red was mind controlled. And you should get a DS as it is cheaper than the PSP but still just as good as. Also, the game has small books( all of which are on this very site) that are hidden through out the game.One of these is about the weather, another is promoting a novel and some even say a little about the original three Spyro games from the PSone and even A Hero's Tail.
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