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Dotted around the world of Spyro: Shadow Legacy are many short books that you can read. Here are those very books.

Legend of the Sea Dragon

Legend tells us that Dragon Realms was discovered by the Great Sea Dragon. She swam here from the ancient homeland with her babies on her back. Tired from the swim, she passed away on the shore, right where our fountain stands today.

She wore the fountain talisman around her neck, the magic from this talisman powers the fountain's jets today.

Dragon Daily News

Home Prices Fall in Dragon Shores
Long-time residents of Dragon Shores are upset that their home values are dropping. "We blame the increase of tourism, dragons and other people alike.

We are petitioning the town council to halt development of the area," complained homeowner R. Funderlic. Tourist hotels like "Dragon Arms Inn" have sprung up recently, changing the feel of the old coastal community.

Surf Report

2 feet, winds out of the west at 5 mph. Sorry dudes, surf is definitely not up.

"Two Dragons, One Love"

A thrilling romance from the author of "Wrap My Wings Around You", "Wings of Desire", and "How Hot is My Breath?" comes this tale of a lonely housewife who finds adventure and true love on a tiny island.

Financial Times

Market Just Keeps Going Up!
An economic boom is underway in Dragon Realms, with no end in sight. All technology stocks are rated "Buy." Analysts say, "This will go on forever."

Care of Baby Dragons

Chapter One. When will an egg hatch?
Since dragon eggs can sit around for years before they decide to hatch, it is useful to determine when they are ready. To do this, find a bare, flat, hard surface such as a wooden floor.

Avoid surfaces that are high off the ground, like tables. Place the egg on the surface and give it a good spin. If the egg stands up straight while it spins, it will not hatch anytime soon.

If it lies down and wobbles excessively, then it will most likely hatch within the next 60 days.

Engineering Quarterly

The Amazing Dragon Village Gates
The gate system in Dragon Village is a marvel of engineering. The gates replaced the original system back in 1128. Comprised of two composite sliding doors weighing 2.5 tons apiece.

An underground system of hydraulics operates the gates, powered by a series of failsafe breakers spread throughout town.

The Ink-Quirer

Armadillos Up to No Good! Reports trickle in that armadillos, who reside in far west Dragon Realms, are really nasty creatures! According to our sources, they eat bugs, dig holes deep in the ground, and generally smell.

If you see one snooping around nearby, please discourage them from returning.

The Fall of Red

In the year 1293, an Elder named Red, a powerful magician, had an argument with Tomas, the 12th leader of the Council of Elders. Red believed that dark magic could be harnassed for the greater good of dragonkind, while Tomas discouraged any contact with dark magic. Red continued his experiments in secret. One day he summoned a creature from another dimension, but lost control of it.

The monster rampaged around Dragonfly Dojo and smashed Tomas's house. The Elders joined together to send the monster away, but everyone knew Red was the culprit. Tomas sent Red away and told him to never return. Red left, cursing the other Elders.

The Magic of Dragons

Magic is all around us. It swirls around in everything we can see or touch. However, most people are unaware of it. Dragons and other magical creatures have an innate sense of magic. If taught how, they can harness its power.

Sadly, many dragons have lost their magical sense, having grown apart from nature and preoccupied with social matters.

Legends of Dragonkind

Legends tell of an ancient dragon race that fled a natural catastrophy in Forgotten Worlds. Braving a perilous journey across the oceans, they found a new land, what we now call Dragon Realms.

These pioneer dragons started rebuilding their civilization in the new world. They used their magic and advanced stonemasonry to build Dragon Village. Then the most senior dragons secluded themselves in the nearby hills and formed a Council of Elders.

This group has governed the dragon people for many thousands of years.

Magical Runes

It has long been known that magic can be shaped through the tracing or drawing of runes. These figures, if drawn on a piece of parchment for instance, channel the nearby magic energy and form that energy into magical manifestations.

This art requires the utmost concentration from the person tracing the rune, or the magic effect could be dangerous.

Basic Carpentry for Dragons

The building of any structure that will be inhabited requires the utmost care, lest the building collapse while the occupants are inside.

The supporting wooden beams must be anchored to the ground, preferably with a gravel and mortar mixture, in a 3-foot deep hole.

Minidragon Recipe

1 Dragonfly of exceptional size
1 Dragon scale, different colors give varying results
1 Eyeball
13 Newt tails
and a pinch of garlic

Ode to Dragons

It is widely acknowledged that Dragons are the perfect beings. As wizards, we should strive to be more dragon-like in all our endeavours. Repeat this poem each morning, noon, and night to place yourself on the right path:

Oh Great Dragon, allow me to breathe as you do, to grip the earth with strong talons as you do, to beat the air with wings only you have,
and to feel the magic as only you can.

Laws of the Cheetah

1. Obey your father.
2. Obey your mother.
3. If in doubt, see law number 1.

Neema's Notebook

Property of Neema. Private! Keep out!
Neema luvs Hunter!

To Zoe: Confidential!

Dear Zoe, I am writing to submit my resignation. I am sick of waiting around all day for someone to happen by, just so I can zap them with my wand and save their "progress". In this day and age, who needs it!
Best wishes, Amp


Ugh ugh. Me want food.
Ugh ugh. Me want food.


Spyro's First Calling

In the beginning, life in the Dragon Worlds was peaceful, blissful, and utterly free from care for five families of Dragons, including the smallest one of all, Spyro.

But some rotten souls - jealous, foul, downright unsavory characters - just can't stand to see others happy. Such was the case with Gnasty Gnorc, who resented Spyro's pluck almost as much as he loathed catching sight of his own ugly mug.

And being a greedy gnorc, Gnasty frequently scared himself silly as he glimpsed his own reflection in the Dragon families' shiny jewels that he coveted and frequently gazed upon.

Driven by his greed and downright meanness, Gnasty devised a magic spell, a wicked, jealous, awful one to end all Dragon happiness once and for all.

From his foul perch in Gnasty's World, he froze all the Dragons in crystal and changed their beautiful jewels into Gnorc soldiers. Only Spyro, the smallest Dragon, escaped Gnasty's spell.

And it was he who freed the frozen Dragons, rescued their stolen treasures, and taught Gnasty Gnorc some manners once and for all.

And Along Came Ripto

After saving the Dragon families from Gnasty Gnorc's sinister spell, Spyro thought he earned a little vacation. But there's no rest for the heroes, no matter how small they are.

Shattering Spyro's and his friend Sparx's dreams of rest and relaxation was Ripto, another little guy like our hero.

But contrary to Spyro, this dinosaur-riding trouble-maker despised his small stature, and he took it out on the world to prove that his wrath was much bigger and scarier than his modest size suggested.

Frustrated, short tempered and spiteful, Ripto pulled off deception and trouble befitting a much larger creature. Poor Spyro! He only wanted a vacation. Instead, he received a pain in the flames.

It all came out well in the end, as Spyro defeated him and his henchmen in a tumultuous battle!

The Sorceress and the Eggs

Every twelve years, the Dragon Kingdom hosts its most precious event, the Year of the Dragon Festival. Dancing, feasting, and frolicking surrounded the delivery of 150 dazzling dragon eggs by the Fairies.

And who was the first in line to see the magic eggs? Our brave but tired hero Spyro, of course.

Festivals don't please everyone, though, no matter how many eggs they have. Far away, on the opposite side of the world, hid a kingdom long since forgotten by all dragonkind -- so forgotten, in fact, that even the legends about these "Forgotten Worlds" had been forgotten.

Amidst this cold, barren - and did we mention forgotten? - wasteland sat the Sorceress, who, quite frankly, was fed up with being forgotten.

From atop her forgotten throne, the Sorceress hatched a deliciously evil plan - a plan to restore devious magic to her forgotten realm, a plan to conquer the dragons once and for all.

All she needed was a little help from her army of horn-nosed rhynocs, her mysterious minion Bianca, and, of course, those 150 magical dragon eggs.

Stealing them right out from under the dragons' snouts was no problem, but fending off that go-getter purple dragon Spyro would prove another matter indeed. Spyro vanquished the Sorceress, and Bianca played a key role in defeating her mistress!

Red's Dark Gems

Red once was a good dragon not all that unlike Spyro. But his power got the better of his judgment, and he harmed those he was sworn to protect.

In response, the Dragon Council banished Red. Driven mad with anger and his delusions of grandeur, Red vowed revenge against the Council and he meant it.

Enlisting Gnasty Gnorc and Ineptune, the nefarious queen of the Seven Seas, Red riddled the Dragon Realm with Dark Gems.

Potent little balls of wickedness, the Dark Gems sucked light and goodness from the world, contorting Dragon Realms into a putrid, scary den just right for Red's domination.

There was but one dragon who has the courage and fortitude to tackle Red and thwart his sinister plan. And that was the mighty Spyro! Along with his friends, Hunter the Cheetah, Blink the Mole, and Sgt. Byrd the Penguin, Spyro, destroyed Red's plans. He even shut down Gnasty, who Red enlisted as an ally.

#19 awesomespyros10 22:40:06 06/01/2012
besides from looking at this from the past, why do i recognize the "Legend of the Sea Dragon" story? no, not the story but the title.
#18 Ice Dragoness 16:41:49 13/09/2009
Some of these books don't even exist.
#17 sapphix 16:29:30 08/01/2009
dark 52 why dont you put the chronicler and dark masters styles on the dragon generator and maybe even the evilcynder style and a few more backgrounds P.S just asking
#16 SFRB 01:02:17 08/08/2008
goooooooooo Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeed *pokes wrinkles* smilie HAHA
#15 Cynderfyre 12:21:18 29/07/2008
I cant find half the books!!!
I haven't ever found-
Red's Dark Gems
The Sorceress and the Eggs
To Zoe: Confidential!
Neema's Notebook
Laws of the Cheetah
Minidragon Recipe
Basic Carpentry for Dragons
Magical Runes
The Magic of Dragons
The Fall of Red
Care of Baby Dragons
Dragon Daily News
Where do I find these? I'm just interested in them
#14 Crush 12:21:06 03/01/2008
WTF!!? Is he that old OO
#13 redthedragon 18:38:20 04/08/2007
Red was banished 700 years ago! smilie
#12 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 11:54:30 23/05/2007
They were extracted from the game's code so some might not actually exist in-game, I've never bothered to check.
#11 Joe 00:21:48 21/05/2007
Anybody know just where some of these are?
I have not seen the one about Amp's Resignation or Dark Gems, just to name a few. I found the ones in the houses in the Dragon areas. Also, where is the book for Dragon Daily News? It sounds like it should be in Dragon Shores, but I can't find that, either.
#10 Dragginwings 05:15:45 10/02/2007
No big deal now. I got one. smilie HA HA ON YOU, LoS!! And Pink is better than black.
#9 Black Minx 22:16:17 04/02/2007
hey! be nice!
#8 Lover of Spyro 08:58:27 09/12/2006
ha!ha! you avent got a DS!!!
#7 Dragginwings 14:08:32 27/08/2006
(still crying because of no DS.) Cool.... I wanna DS sooo badly!!!!
#6 Dancinkayley 04:44:10 17/07/2006
Cleveland Wiltz look around to find the books. Some are in the inn you start in and the rest are pretty much just in houses.
#5 Black Minx 12:08:17 08/07/2006
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