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You'll arrive on the shore of Savannah, the cheetah's home. Kill the new enemy on the left, a LizHard, which requires you to avoid its tounge and use a Chi attack if it has curled up into a ball. To the left you'll find an egg then turn around and go right. Jump over the water, kill the LizHard and then onto the main part of Savannah where you'll get the glimpse of the cheetahs you've been waiting for.

[Rescue 5 cheetahs]

Just to the left is a Dimension Portal for you to use. Go to the left and kill the Shellys via the usual method and then the Knight. Use your new Ice Breath on the small puddle of water and jump up to the platform above. Kill the remaining Shelly and free Adama. Freeze the puddle just beyond him and jump up to where Tomas will give you a gliding hint, that you can glide further in the Shadow Realm. Glide to where he indicated and then again further left to where you'll find the trapped cheetahs Akello and Kasi. Kill the two Shellys and Knight.

Jump down to the south and kill the Shelly. Go past some stone blocks and free Neema from her cage. Then go right a bit to the teleport pad which you'll want to activate and then north to where Hunter is trapped. Kill the two Shellys and three Knights guarding him. You'll then be transported to the real world and a meeting of the cheetahs.

[Get Hunter out of jail]

After that conversation you'll be thrown in jail. Luckily you can use your Move spell to move the stone block and then use the cave to escape. Jump down to the left and run over to where Hunter is being held. He'll give you a note to give to his dad.

[Deliver note to Akello] [Talk to Neema]

First things first, go down to the left and talk to Neema, she'll first ask you to move the blocks so as to let her reach the ground easliy. Use you Move spell to put them in the right places and she'll walk down. Talk to her again and she'll ask for proof of Hunter really sending you. Go back to Hunter, give you Hunter's Arrow, now go back to Neema again. She'll go distract Kali for you. Go to the other side of the Savannah, freeze the puddle, freeze the next puddle, transfer into the Shadow Realm and glide to the left twice before transfering back into the real world again. Talk to Akello. He'll ask for some medicine from Adama.

[Deliver medicine to Akello]

Switch back to the Shadow Realm, glide right twice and switch back to the real world again. She wants some Sulfur Powder, Pine Needles and Mercury.

[Find medicine ingredients for Adama]

To get these jump down and go to the caves in the south of Savannah. You'll find the Vial of Mercury in the far left cave (you'll need to burn the weeds to get in first). The Pine Needles are inside the top locked chest in the cave behind the medium boulder. And the Sulfur Powder is in the third from the left cave, you'll need to be in the Shadow Realm in order to get in properly. Smash the basket and pick it up.

Before going back to Adama go talk to Neema again, who once again will require you to get Hunter's Arrow from him to prove he sent you. Do that and then talk to Adama to complete her quest. Transfer to the Shadow Realm, glide left twice, transfer back and talk to Akello. And you'll earn the area's Relic for finally finishing the quests here.

Jump down to the left (smash the chest for an egg) and exit the Savannah by smashing the boulders. In this wilderness you'll see Stranger again before he teleports off.

[Defeat Shadow Minion]

Kill the LizHard and the Moth here before talking to Marvin and purchasing his Kerfuffle Leaf for 1000 gems, you'll need this in a little bit. Transfer into the Shadow Realm using the portal above the shop, kill the Long Legs to the left and continue on west and into Treetops, home of the fairies (quite why Treetops is in Avalar rather than in the Dragon Realms I don't know but there you are).


[Rescue 4 fairies]

Glide left and use the updraft there. Kill the Knight, use the next updraft to rise high and then glide to the left where you'll want to go north. Kill the Long Legs and then you'll see Zoe trapped. Kill the three Long Legs + one Knight to send her back to the real world. Also activate the teleport pad as you go past it. Go south again and use the updraft on the left to get to where Trina is being held. Kill the Long Legs and Shelly that are required, free her, and kill the Shellys past her.

Amp next, kill the rest of the shadow creatures around here, that's another Shelly, Long Legs and a Knight. And use the updraft to reach Aqua above. With Aqua free you've saved all of the fairies. Jump down and transfer back to the real world again.

[Find medicine leaves for fairies]

Give your current Kerfuffle Leaf to Zoe right away as for some reason you can only carry three of them at a time and now's as good a time as any. Use the updraft on the left then to the far end of this platform, use the updraft here to get up to where Aqua was being held and step onto the updraft here. Glide to the right and you'll land on the first of the three remaining Kerkuffle Leaves.

Jump back down to the left and switch to the Shadow Realm. Use the updraft to get again back to where Aqua was and glide to the right where the Kerfuffle Leaf was. Glide again to the right and switch back to the real world and pick up the second Kerfuffle Leaf.

Jump down to the right and then into the updraft. Jump a little to the right and then switch to the Shadow Realm. Jump right and then glide right and again switch back. Pick up the final Kerfuffle Leaf and return to Zoe and the fairies. Talk to Amp south of you, Aqua aabove the updraft on the right and Trina on the left.

[Retrieve Zoe's wand for Amp] [Put out fires for Aqua] [Find ice cream for Trina/Zoe]

You won't be finishing that third one for a little while. Use the updraft on the left to go left. Put out the first fire here with your Ice Breath, then move along the path and put out the second one. Transfer into the Shadow Realm and kill the mob of Shellys and the Knight. Once they die you'll be transfered to the real world and a locked chest will appear. Open it and you'll find Zoe's Magic Wand inside.

Jump down to the left and put out the fire there as well as picking up a dragon egg. Use the updraft to get back up and head back towards the fairies again. Use the righthand updraft and you'll reach the fourth fire to put out. Kill the monkey and jump to the right to put out the fifth and final fire. Now go back to the fairies and talk to Aqua who'll give you a dragon egg. Talk to Amp next and she'll give you a Relic in reward.

That's this place done for now, head east out of Treetops and then north into Skelos Badlands.

Skelos Badlands

[Rescue 4 cavemen]

Pick up the key infront of you and open the chest to the right for a free crystal though a better use for the key would be for a chest you're about to find. Walk up a little and then glide to the right onto a rib bone, glide further right and jump to where there is a locked chest with a Booga-Booga Mask inside (well, under but whatever) which you'll need later. Portalise into the Shadow Realm but not before picking up the skull to the right, Large Bone.

Kill the Knight and glide up to the left where you'll find Ooga trapped by a Lookout and two Knights. Head back to the start of the level after freeing him and go right, through the barrier to where they are keeping Gronk captive. Jump up to the right now and continue jumping over the small platforms till you get to another crop of Knights. Kill them all, activate the teleport pad and free Lumpy.

Use the updraft on the left to get up to a dimension portal and an elevator at the top. Don't bother attempting to use it as although it is possible to you'll end up with a messed up world map as the quests up there will remain on your map forever. Anyway, jump down to the left onto another updraft and use it to glide far to the left where the last of the cavemen is being held. Kill the Lookout and two Knights to free Dirt. Return to the real world.

[Find mask for Gronk]

A simple challenge if you picked the mask up earlier to the left of the entrance in a locked chest. Talk to Gronk above you and you'll set Lumpy free.

[Rescue Professor]

Not right now though. Pick up the Large Bone on the left and go help Lumpy cross the laval.

[Help Lumpy Across Lava]

Use your Move spell to move the stone platforms into place so Lumpy can pass. Turn around and use the updraft to get to the other updraft on the other side. Glide over the large gap (yes, in the real world) and pick up the Large Bone. Go back to the very start of the level and go right. Flame the two torches to open the barrier and talk to Dirt on the other side.

[Build altar for Dirt]

You'll need the three Large Bones you've picked up around Skelos Badlands to complete this. Talk to him again and he'll give you a Dragon Egg. It's time to do that Professor rescuing now. Go to the elevator up near the teleport pad. Lumpy will then appear and give you a Relic. Step on to the elevator now.

Jump forwards and talk to the Professor who's trapped behind a barrier. Unlock the door to the boss and head inside.

Boss: Fire Minion

Much like his weakling brother after two swings of his sword it'll stick into the ground. Use your ice breath to attack his hand. Once his sword has vanished, go into the Shadow Realm and stand back from his mace attack. He'll get tired so smash into him as before. This one will fall to the ground as well so smash him up as fast as you can to defeat him. Pick up the Cyclone Spell from the middle of the room, practise it and then exit.

The Professor is now free and will help you get to the third main area, the Forgotten Worlds. Switch to the Shadow Realm on the right and go up the steps on the right. Kill the two Long Legs and switch back again to the real world. Go right (left will lead to a dragon egg in a locked chest) and talk to the Professor in his airship. To the Forgotten Worlds!

#18 Gengar Guy 00:49:58 21/02/2017
Omg, didn't know you were still doing this!
#17 GillGrunt4Ever 22:43:32 04/01/2017
Location 19
More locations coming soon!
#16 crashdragon 21:46:35 02/04/2012
Because some one in the village who was a rival to Hunter and ruler to the village because Hunter's father was sick put him to jail, as you remember its because hes Hunter's rival.
#15 trentd78 23:09:19 04/03/2012
hunter got put in jail? why? what did he do?
#14 Purple 22:43:36 10/03/2011
um im still in dragon realms because this game is kinda crazy to me.:/
#13 mrknark100 13:59:01 05/01/2011
im stucked in get hunter out of jail. i have got the ingredients , but adama always says ┬┤wow, that dark realm was tough. dark magic┬┤.
#12 cynderlightlife 05:05:35 10/05/2009
Who's Marvin? O.o I still need to know that. >.>
#11 bulbasaur 15:52:12 15/02/2009
there is another way you can teleport out of jail
#10 supermalefor 04:39:27 31/01/2009
Probably messin around with Bianca in public....
#9 wanderist 10:15:17 28/01/2009
Hunter gets put in jail?
I wonder how that happened.
#8 14141414 01:34:39 02/11/2008
i want this game!!!!!!!
#7 Cynder28 16:11:48 03/04/2008
WAIT!!Hunter is a cheetah??
#6 talulahbridge 18:55:58 27/12/2007
I'm stuck at the beginning of savannah, I keep trying to freeze the water but it's not working and I can't get to the higher platforms
#5 CynderLightLife 09:09:23 11/06/2007
I might get one, too! Im planning to get $20 a week, so wish me luck on this one!

#4 spyro_lover17 22:44:18 23/04/2007
when i was getting thesecond ingedient for the medicane i didnt no which one it was and i picked the wrong one now i dont have a key to open the other chest and yes i know it said top chest
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