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Dragon Eggs

You'll find these little eggs all over the world of Shadow Legacy. Inside chests, vases, baskets or just lying about on the floor. Collect 30 of these beasties and you'll be able to learn a brand new magic spell which will turn you into an egg.

Dragon Dojo

  1. Inside the Dragon Mouth Cave by the first Dimension Portal.
  2. Inside a flammable chest on a platform north of the second Dimension Portal in the Dragon Mouth Cave.
  3. Inside the Dragon Mouth Cave next to the third Dimension Portal.
  4. Outside Sensei's house on a platform off to the right in the south part.
  5. In the Dragon Dojo area, light four torches on a small island to the north-west of the Dojo itself.
  6. Inside a jar which is inside Elder Titan's house in the Dragon Dojo area.

Dragon Village

  1. On the roof of a building in the Dragon Village to the right of the lowest set of stairs.
  2. In a chest on top of the high platform on the island at the top of Dragon Village.

Dragon Shores

  1. In a locked chest in the cave at the north of Dragon Shores, at the end of the left portion of it.
  2. Just outside the cave at the north of Dragon Shores.
  3. Laird will give you an egg for bringing him his Suntan Lotion.
  4. On the desk in the righthand room in the inn.
  5. In the island section of Dragon Shores glide to the far left across several small islands to a the egg on the ground.
  6. Glide north of the previous island to one with a pair of crabs on. Smash the chest to get the egg.

Bear Forest

  1. In the Big Forest maze from the wilderness entrance go right, down, right to find a vase with a Dragon Egg inside.
  2. In Bear Forest in the second from the left chest on the high platform.
  3. In Bear Forest in the north-most basket in the Distribution Center with conveyor belts.

Wizard Peak

  1. Inside a vase in the second door from the right in the cliff in the Mountain of Magic (Wizard Peak).
  2. Inside a vase in the third door from the right in the cliff in the Mountain of Magic (Wizard Peak).
  3. Inside a vase in the fourth door from the right in the cliff in the Mountain of Magic (Wizard Peak).
  4. On the floor in the fourth door from the right in the cliff in the Mountain of Magic (Wizard Peak).
  5. Inside a locked chest on the far right of the inside of the Aviary.
  6. Inside a locked chest on the top lefthand platform of the Mountain of Magic.
  7. Inside a chest at the lefthand side of the very top-middle platform in the Mountain of Magic.

Cliff Town

  1. Inside a locked chest beind some ice barriers near the entrance to Cliff Town.
  2. Inside a chest at the far right end of the cave which leads to the top of the cliffs.
  3. On the most far left roof in Cliff Town on the high up cliffs.
  4. Inside a basket in the south caves right before the first barrier.


  1. On the shore of Savannah to the left of where the Sea Dragon is.
  2. On top of a platform in the eastern part of Savannah, use some movable stone blocks to get there.
  3. Inside a chest down to the left of where Akello is. A Monkey seems to guard it.


  1. On a platform right of the updraft location next to the teleport pad in Treetops.
  2. At the lower left end of Treetops, inside a basket.
  3. Given to you by Aqua for putting out the five fires in Treetops.

Skelos Badlands

  1. In a chest on the level below and to the left of the elevator in Skelos Badlands.
  2. Dirt will give you an egg for building his altar.
  3. On the far left of the top layer around where the Fire Minion is located in Skelos Badlands.

Lost Fleet

  1. Inside a basket to the left of the leftmost house in Lost Fleet.
  2. Lucia will give you an egg for killing all of the chickens on the farm.


  1. On the floor in Moleville in the southern area where you found part of the Magic Detector by defeating a Knight.

#22 AirSuperiority 00:41:39 25/11/2013
I had egg # 28 despawn on me while I was stuck in a wall (The same glitch got me stuck in the same spot multiple times already, and its only my 2nd day playing the game). Is there any way to recover the egg?
#21 L Cynder 11:31:22 10/08/2012
I'm a little disaponted that there isn't much bonuses for getting all of the eggs in this game. Oh well, At least the turning into an egg spell is cool.
#20 Iganagor 10:28:40 12/07/2012
whats this ?? i know what is hope this game is cool (NEVER SEEN IT IN STORES)
hello folks
im smilie
#19 Doomdrao 10:54:36 21/06/2012
@Purple: he's listed 40 so there are 40 eggs in total
#18 Purple 22:38:32 10/03/2011
How many eggs are their total? if thirty grants you EGG POWER than would what would happen if you get all the eggs?
#17 ravenouscynder 16:50:15 05/01/2010
if you save all the fairies and go to aqua and the her request she'llgive u an egg but then you leave and go see another part of he world then come back and see aqua and she'll give you another egg! weird lol must be glitched
#16 cynder21 23:33:49 16/10/2008
that would be cool
#15 veona ray 16:55:46 27/09/2008
I love all Spyro games but I do wish they would make one game only about Cynder
#14 Ross 20:58:57 26/08/2008
I can't track down two eggs. One I don't know which one, but I think the other may be Egg #30. Could you explain that one more, please?
#13 nermm 06:51:03 14/04/2008
joe could u tell me the giltched location the one u where talking about
#12 Cynder28 13:33:02 13/04/2008
YAY!Got all the Dragon eggs smilie 40 of them
#11 SD-King 23:36:54 10/01/2008
Why to turn into an egg though/for?
#10 Dragginwings 15:08:01 18/06/2007
Yeah, Joe, I noticed that the hole near Kaitlin had two sheep, and when you killed them, a spark appeared. I wonder what that was about. Maybe a chest appeared, but it was invisible? Because at Dragon Village, at the highest point in the Village by the bridge after you fly across, when I broke the vases up there the gems were invisible...
#9 Joe 02:42:55 21/05/2007
Hmm. The two holes in Forgotten don't give eggs. It must have been a glitch. With the other wierd things in this game, I wouldn't doubt it.
#8 Joe 00:44:26 21/05/2007
I remember it to be in Forgotten Worlds. I'm doing another playthrough, almost there. I'll get back to you in a few hours.

Also, do you think that the holes have challenges to be performed in a certain order? The tiny hole near Kaitlin had two sheep, I killed those and it did a spark like something happened. I didn't try checking out the holes around it though. Maybe a chain puzzle?
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