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Collections Star

Cradle of Creation

Primordial Plateau

Treasure Chest 1To the right when you encounter the first few Chompies.

Voracious Clearing

Wheel of Augmentation

Cliffs of Emergence

Lost Ledge

Soul Gem 1 AmbushAfter using the key go to the left, smash through some bamboo and step onto the wooden section.

Stone Hollow

Brawler Shrine

Balcony of Formation

Maze of the Mind

Circle of Ascension

Battle Gong

Puzzle of the Id

Path of Adaptation

Treasure Chest 2To the right after the first two moving platforms.
Soul Gem 2 BarbellaIn the bottom left corner of the second set of moving platforms.

Bridge of Regression

Legendary Selfie Frame SorcererDown the first moving platform.
Soul Gem 3 SorcererDown the second moving platform.

Visualization Chamber

Treasure Chest 3To the left after the bridge you create with mind magic.

Eye of Mastery

Mushroom River

Mushroom Hollow

Mushroom Room

Egg Rescue 1
Selfie Spot
Legendary Selfie FrameIn the waterfall next to the start of the bouncy mushrooms.

The Old Mill

Creation Clash (Buddy)
Troll Radio
Treasure Chest 1To the left of the third blue bouncy mushrooms.

River Raft Junction

Soul Gem 1 ChopscotchDown river to the left as you get on the river rafts.

Pirate's Hideout

Soul Gem 2 Pit Boss
Treasure Chest 2

River Mist Apartments

Selfie Spot

Forger's Retreat

Selfie Spot
Soul Gem 3 BrawlerInside a wooden crate at the back of the room.

Rolling Barrel Bay

Treasure Chest 3On the near end of the platform with the beehive after the cannonballs. Opposite the Ninja Shrine.
Ninja ShrineOn the second platform after the cannonballs, before the rapids.

Lilypad Lagoon

Sunken Schooner Docks

Battle Gong

Bugwood Banks

Whitewater Plunge

Toadstool Landing


Scholar Town Square

Scholarville Library

Treasure Chest 1In an alcove in the back of the room.
Selfie SpotBlow up some TNT in front of a Master Eon statue.

Aquatic Studies

Troll Radio
Selfie Spot

Philosopher's Fort

Treasure Chest 2Behind a Lock Puzzle.
Soul Gem 1 Tri-TipTowards the screen when you fall down in front of the cannon.

Hermit's Hideaway

Treasure Chest 3Turn the cannon to shoot you to "Secret Island" instead of "Command Ship A".

Command Ship A

Battle Gong

Spar Deck

Legendary Selfie FrameThrough the right door at the Battle Gong.
Creation Clash (Hanks)

The Engine Room

Academic Islands

Sorcerer ShrineJump to the right off the first moving wooden platform.

Insect Studies

Soul Gem 2 EmberInside the building next to the Sorcerer Shrine.

The Mine

Soul Gem 3 BazookerBlow up some TNT above a cracked rock on some tracks just before the second moving wooden platform.
Egg Rescue 2

Forgotten Islands

Command Ship B

The Cannon Maze

Cloud Shroud Lookout

Vine Grind Gulf

Vine Down Landing

Selfie Spot
Sentinel ShrineSmash through some vines on the right before the drawbridge.

Castle Sewer

Shellmont Shores

Lonely Cove

Treasure Chest 1To the left at the fork in the path before the first large rotating stone wheel with a button in the middle.
Treasure Chest 2To the left of the steps up to the building Blobbers comes out of.

Blobbers' House

Soul Gem 1 MysticatAfter completing the maze walk to the back of the room.
Knight ShrineJust after using the key.
Selfie SpotOpposite the Shrine.

Sandy Shores

Soul Gem 2 SwashbucklerBacktrack with the explosive barrel to use on the ruins to the right of the fight area.
Treasure Chest 3Use the explosive barrel on the left at the bottom of the ramp.
Bowslinger ShrineOn top of the building with the Gillman elevator platform.
Creation Clash (Grumus)To the right of the first of the big rotating wheels.
Legendary Selfie FrameTo the left of the second of the big rotating wheels.

The Kelp Forest

Soul Gem 3 Dr. KrankcaseOut the door to the right when you go inside to the button room.
Selfie SpotAt the top of the timed steps.

Upper Spire

Egg Rescue
Troll RadioUse the second bounce pad to get over the barrier.

Heart of the Vortex

Battle Gong

Top of the Vortex

Sky Fortress

Skybaron Docks

Selfie SpotOn the Vulture Ship.

Tugboat Anchorage

Treasure Chest 1To the right after you drop down to the area.
Smasher ShrineAt the back right of the area.

Skybird Crane Yard

Selfie SpotBeneath some crates in front of the light beam puzzle room.

Dockside Powerhouse

Treasure Chest 2On the right as you go up the steps to the lever at the back.
Soul Gem 1 KnightAlong the left side of the room after you pull the lever.

Hawkeye Customs

Troll RadioIn the room that the vulture pairing of Squawk and Awe comes out of.
Creation Clash (Sky Baron Robot)
Egg Rescue
Soul Gem 2 StarcastTo the right immediately after completing the crane.
Quickshot ShrineTo the left just before you enter the hangar.

Main Hangar

Soul Gem 3 Blaster-TronAt the end of a 2D platform tilting section that you get to by pulling a lever under some crates before dropping onto the Battleship.

Main Deck

Engine Room

Treasure Chest 3Back outside on the higher ledge, press a button on the left after releasing the first clamp.

Shock Cannon Control

Auxiliary Gizmo Room

Legendary Selfie Frame KnightPress the two blue buttons at the front of the battleship and jump down the exhaust pipe. Pull the two levers in here to activate the two tilting platforms, ride one to the back ledge.

Aft Staging Area

Gong BattleJust past the final clamp.
Selfie SpotTo the left of the gong battle area.

Command Bridge


Front Access to the Fizz Lab

The Codd Memorial

Selfie Spot

Fuzzy Forest Pass

Carbonation Chamber

Troll Radio
Treasure Chest 1

Mixing Lab

Soul Gem 1 Flare WolfInside a room off the ledge where you get the key.

Bubble Farm

Egg RescueIn the left corner of the first area.
Treasure Chest 2On a platform in the right corner, switch to normal world to reach it.
Soul Gem 2 Bad JujuAt the back of the maze room, right before standing on the red button press one of the rune buttons again to double back and burn the crate blocking the way.
Swashbuckler ShrineTo the right of the field of spinning balls.
Creation Clash (Flynn)Next to the Shrine.

Carbonation Crossing

Fizz Enhancement Testing Area

Legendary Selfie Frame NinjaOn a floating platform to the right.
Battle GongAppears after defeating the first Bottle Beast.

Tasting Room

Treasure Chest 3In a room down to the left of the battle area.
Soul Gem 3 NinjaIn a room down to the left of the battle area.

Syrup Sorting Section

Selfie SpotTo the right of the sorting machine.

Gauntlet of Danger

Fizzlab Front Entrance

The Golden Arcade

Private Entrance

Behind the Sign

Treasure Chest 1Shoot the Trigger Happy dancers on the sign before shooting down the balloon.

Golden Arcade

Treasure Chest 2To the left immediately, before you even talk to Sal.
Troll RadioBehind where you play Creation Clasher.
Creation Clash (Creation Clasher)

Noob Testing

Leaky Gold Pile

Legendary Selfie Frame SmasherShoot a target to the left of the game before finishing.

Winner's Circle

Selfie Spot
Grind Challenge

Plushy Plaza

Bazooker ShrineTo the right of the Creation Clash match.
Creation Clash (Loose Cannon)

Plushie Spillover

Selfie SpotOnce you've unlocked Dragon Wings in the next level come back and glide down to the left.

Defective Vaults

Treasure Chest 3In a room below the Plushy Plaza.
Soul Gem 1 Pain-YattaAfter assembling the three fruit machine blocks go through the door then drop off the ledge to the left.

Awesome Player Tier

Selfie Spot
Soul Gem 2 SmasherBlow up a cage next to where Sal waits after jumping across the fruit machine blocks.

Challenge Pit

Soul Gem 3 Chain ReactionUnder a pile of plushies at the bottom of the slide.

Candy Kaos Land of Doom

Battle GongAppears after defeating the Doomlander.

The Vault

Dragon Temple

Floating Foothills

Soul Gem 1 Grave ClobberCarry the bamboo bridge to the left of the bounce pad stack.
Soul Gem 2 BowslingerIn a room behind a Lock Puzzle up a bounce pad underneath a vase to the right at the top of the bounce pad stack.

The Fork of Fire and Ice

Treasure Chest 1Go down the slope before you choose either door.

Trail of Fire

Selfie Spot

Trail of Ice

Selfie Spot

Stepping-Stone Isles

Treasure Chest 2After pushing the first block off a platform jump down after it.

The Fork of Brains and Brawn

Legendary Selfie Frame BowslingerIn front of the heads push a block so that you can use it to reach a bounce pad.

The Trail of Brains

Troll Radio
Creation Crash (Flynn)

The Trail of Brawn

Battle Gong

Alpine Ascent

Treasure Chest 3After crossing the bamboo bridge moved from the triple bridge spot drop down a hole in the floor while carrying the metal bridge, you'll also need the wooden bridge.

Frozen Heights

The Dragon Temple

Aerial Descent

Selfie Spot

Abandoned Amusement Park

Haunted Overlook

Creepy Crypt

Peg Leg Landing

Selfie Spot

The Belfry Arena

Soul Gem 1 TidepoolGo through the ship's cabin and solve a Lock Puzzle, appears after defeating the enemies inside.

Submarine Spinner Spans

Upper Submarine Interior

Treasure Chest 1Inside the first rotating submarine.

Lower Submarine Interior

Soul Gem 2 QuickshotInside the second rotating submarine, just behind Eruptor.

Frosting Cannon Terrace

Selfie Spot

Galaxy Arena

Egg RescueTo the left of the ferris wheel.

Space Lab Storage

Battle GongInside the building to the right of the ferris wheel.

Cosmic Crane

Treasure Chest 2A the top of the crane before you move it.
Legendary Selfie Frame QuickshotAt the top of the crane after you move it.

Winterland Adventure

Creation Clash (Tessa)

Lower Ridge Arena

Selfie Spot Jump off the first rotating cog wheel to the area below.
Treasure Chest 3Push a battery block off from in front of a pair of rotating cog wheels to the area below, push the batteries down there now into place.

Upper Ridge Arena

Engine Room Challenge

Troll RadioNext to the key.

Summit Arena

The Lair of Kaos

Path of Fangs

Light's Beginning

Treasure Chest 1To the right.

Light's Crossing

Soul Gem 1 KaosNext to the light crystal on the left.

The Time Out Room

Treasure Chest 2In the tower to the right.
Selfie Spot

Kaos's Knot

Battle GongAppears after solving the light puzzle.

The Grand Entrance

Selfie Spot

Kaos Ball Run

Treasure Chest 3In the middle up the steps.

Kaos' Game Room

Legendary Selfie Frame SentinelIn a tower to the left.
Troll RadioNext to the Selfie Frame.
Creation Clash (Glumshanks)
Soul Gem 2 SentinelLet yourself be flung by the floor flipper just before the Bonus Round area.
Selfie SpotStep on the lower of the two teleporters where you get flung to.

Bonus Round

Enchanted Elven Forest

The Lower Landing Platform (Life)

The Sleepy Sloth

Creation ClashInside the building to the right.
Snail ChallengeAfter the monster gate.

The Wind Rise

Treasure Chest 1Below the path at the start, jump down after moving the weights.
Soul Gem Boom BloomAround to the right midway up the tree.

Red Leaf Courtyard (Life)

Selfie SpotAfter riding the vine down.

The Elven Treasury (Magic)

Selfie SpotAfter clearing out the boxes.

The Red Stair (Life)

The Elven Hideaway

Egg RescueInside a building next to the grind challenge.
Troll RadioBehind some enemies if you continue around past the grind challenge.

The Plushie Palace

Grind Challenge

The Overgrown Commons

Selfie SpotTo the right after using the bounce pad.
Treasure Chest 2Further to the right of the Selfie Spot.

The Fire Rise

Orange Light Quarter

Treasure Chest 3On the right side of the area.
Grind Challenge

Fallen Log Outpost

Lock PuzzleOn door on the left side of area.

Thom's Training Quarters

Grind Challenge

The Master's Hut (Sensei)

Battle GongRight in the middle.

The Ordeal (Tech)

The High Court (Water)

Gryphon Park Observatory

Observation Island

Treasure Chest 1On the platform that the observatory bridge points to by default.

Tower Accommodations

Creation Clash (Rizzo)Downstairs.
Egg Rescue
Troll Radio


Selfie SpotKey inside pot outside. Random.


Jungle Trail

Ancient Tunnel

Tunnel Side-Chamber

Crumbling Pathway

Ancient Ruins

Jungle Brook

Gong BattleAppears after defeating the enemies in the camp area.

Jungle Ruins Nesting-Site

Underground Ruins

Treasure Chest 2Take a torch from the gryphon nests to see in the dark.

Jungle Trail

Lost Ruins

Waterfall Caves

Hidden Nook

Subterranean Waterfall

Secret Ledge

Soul Gem Air StrikeOn top of a small waterfall to the right of the two block puzzle.

Mineral Grottos

Treasure Chest 3Along the right side in the darkness just before the eggs.

Cliffside Nests

Selfie Spot

Cave Chute

Mountain Trail

Rocky Spires

Selfie Spot

Firefly Landing

Secret Spire

Mountain Den

Mountaintop Nests

Thumpin' Wumpa Islands

Wumpa Jungle Vibes

Infamous Choir Statues

Boom Box 1Down the path to the right of the steps.

Jiving Falls

Selfie Spot
Treasure Chest 1To the left of the Selfie Spot.

Wumpa Valley

Boom Box 2Back and to the right after dropping down into the area.

Pau Pau Village

Selfie Spot

Wumpa and Buster's

Creation Clash (Cello)

Dance Party Cave

Smashin' Rockers

Upper Wumpa Valley

Treasure Chest 2Get 25 crates in the Chili Run.
Soul Gem 1 Dr. Neo CortexGet 50 crates in the Chili Run.
Treasure Chest 3Defeat 60 enemies in Cortex's Peril.
Soul Gem 2 Crash BandicootDefeat 75 enemies in Cortex's Peril.

The Funky Climb

Boom Box 3Before you start the climb, to the right of it.
Treasure Chest 4Get 25 crates in the second Chili Run.
Boom Box 4Beneath the moving statues right at the end.

Celebration Hall Vista

Selfie Spot

Wumpa's Grooving Stones

Treasure Chest 5Double back on the bridge towards the big green forcefield ball.
Boom Box 5To the right after the first music block puzzle, behind some crates.
Treasure Chest 6Defeat 40 enemies in the second Cortex's Peril game just after the first music block puzzle.

Fire Realm

Archipelago of Embers

Pyroxene Pools

Treasure Chest 1Defeat a wave of enemies over a lava pool on the other side of the steps.

Cavernous Cache

Treasure Chest 2In the cave after freezing the three geysers.

Rimstone Rise

Soul Gem Tae Kwon CrowArrange the fire platforms on the bottom row.
Troll Radio
Selfie Spot
Treasure Chest 3Along a ledge to the right of the vault.

Vault of Valuables

Water Realm

Water Realm

Fishy Fountains

Soul Gem King PenAt the far left end.
Treasure Chest 1Use the water switch at the far left end to reorder the water platforms.
Troll RadioTo the left of the second set of water platforms.

Trickster's Terrace

Treasure Chest 2Off the left end.

See? Tricked You!

Treasure Chest 3After solving the fountain some water platforms will appear on the previous island.
Selfie Spot

Gillmen's Temple

Tech Realm

Toy Factory

Prototype Head Hanger

Storage Room Victor

Soul Gem RO-BOWRoll a head into the gear door then solve a Lock Puzzle.
Treasure Chest 1Next to the Soul Gem.
Troll RadioUp on the ledge behind the moving hexagon platforms to the right.

Arkeyan Robot Disposal Site

Treasure Chest 2At the far right end of the moving hexagon platforms, behind a Lock Puzzle.
Selfie Spot

Prototype Body Balcony

Treasure Chest 3At the back.

Undead Realm

Antechamber of a Few Dangers

Dungeon of a Dozen Dangers

Level is randomly arranged, the following three can be found in the main portion before entering the arena door.

Treasure Chest 1
Treasure Chest 2
Troll Radio

Arena of All the Dangers

Soul Gem WolfgangBeat the arena for the first time.
Treasure Chest 3Beat the arena on a second go through.

Earth Realm

Mines of Mischief

Treasure Chest 1Up some rocks at the back, left of the crate steps.

Chattering Cavern

Troll RadioIn cave behind Lock Puzzle.

Unclaimed Motherlode

Soul Gem Golden QueenAt the back of the smashable blocks.
Treasure Chest 2On the left side of the smashable blocks.
Selfie SpotBehind the back of the smashable blocks.

Glittering Grotto

Treasure Chest 3Inside a cave behind a Lock Puzzle behind the right side of the smashable blocks.

Comminution Chamber

Argon Arena

Light Realm

Cradle of Light

Radiant Reach

Soul Gem AuroraFire the laser at the red gem door.

Crystalline Canopy

Treasure Chest 1Off the side next to the green laser crystal.

Sapling Storehouse

Respelendent Reserve

Selfie Spot
Treasure Chest 2Jump off the edge next to the exit spiral staircase.

Master Blaster Balcony

Treasure Chest 3Push a block off the left side and jump down into the Resplendent Reserve.
Troll RadioPush two blocks into the right corner to get up onto the wall.

Core of Light

Magic Realm

Mouse's Mystical Mayhem

Puzzle of Purple Perplexity

Treasure Chest 1Behind a green gate on the right side of the maze. You can get to it after the Tangential Tangle fight.

The Tangential Tangle

Treasure Chest 2In some purple gas to the right.

The Vengeance Vortex

Selfie SpotOver a blue light bridge.
Troll RadioOn a platform to the left at the end of the maze area.

The Voluminous Void

Irrational Interior Inversion

Soul Gem BuckshotThrough the door on the left side of the area.

The Reasonable Retreat

Treasure Chest 3Through the door that opens after defeating the Bottle Beast.
Grind Challenge

Life Realm

Caterpillar Garden

Vaulted Vistas

Treasure Chest 1Up a bounce pad behind a rat wall to the left.
Soul Gem Chompy MageBehind the wall of rats by the large cannon plant location.
Troll RadioNext to the Soul Gem.

Treasure Terrace

Hanging Gardens

Treasure Chest 2Behind the rat wall.
Selfie SpotDrop off the back behind the rat wall.

Topiary Trail

Treasure Chest 3To the right of the final rat wall, go around the back to reach it.

Dark Realm

Dark Realm

Shadow Spans

Inner Depths

Treasure Chest 1Behind a locked door to the left. Key is behind the wall on the left.
Treasure Chest 2Behind a locked door to the right. Key is behind the wall opposite.

Lower Path

Troll RadioPush the left block into the dip to climb up.

Upper Path

Soul Gem Hood SickleJump off the right end to defeat some enemies below, appears when you bounce back up.

Deeper Depths

Selfie Spot
Treasure Chest 3Take the ball the left direction, smash through a wall towards the camera before going up the moving platforms.

Nightmare Arena

Selfie Spot
Grind Challenge

Air Realm

Air Realm

Troll RadioTo the left at the very start.
Treasure Chest 1To the left after the first fan switch.
Soul Gem Wild StormOn the moving balloons.
Treasure Chest 2Take the right then the left path after the moving balloons.


Selfie SpotTo the right along the curved path.

Hazy Maze

The Really Big Fan

Treasure Chest 3To the right just before the bouncy balloon.

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Thanks, corrected those.
#7 kagedoragon 02:20:00 11/11/2016
The knight shrine is mislabeled as swashbuckler shrine in the Shellmont Shores section.
#6 BetaGames 04:40:31 07/11/2016
on griffin park observatory their are two treasure chest one
#5 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 20:35:18 04/11/2016
The most commonly missed location for that level seems to be the side part of the dark tunnel you go through at the beginning of the righthand area, you have to go back into the cave with a torch from outside. "Tunnel Side-Chamber"
#4 blastermindROB 20:22:07 04/11/2016
I can't find the 26th area for the Gryphon Park Obseratory
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This page is great! I like this better than a walk though.
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olso I cant find the solgem for hood cycle
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Also, First! smilie

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