Cursed Tiki Temple

Story Goals Collections Dares
Ride the airship to the Cursed Tiki Temple
Enter the Cursed Tiki Temple
Get to the Throne
Treasure Chests3
Troll Radio1
Battle Gong
No Lives Lost
Defeat Enemies110
Find All Areas8
Speed Run12:00
Firefly Voodoo Mask Voodoo Axe Voodoo Armor

You'll need Wild Storm in order to first enter the Cursed Tiki Temple level, it's located over a bridge on the left side of the Adventure Pack area of the M.A.P..

1/8 - Haunted Tiki Village

Walk straight forwards and the Talking Head will introduce a new type of block, the chopping block. This is similar to a block in that you push it around but it will also spin a blade around itself every so often so make sure not to be too close when it starts glowing red.

This ability is used in puzzles as you must push it near a rope for it to cut it for you. Push this first block back and then to the left to cut the rope, it'll swing a platform around into position for you to use as a bridge. Push the block to the right and then across the bridge you formed, this will let you use it to get up to a house.

Troll Radio Troll Radio
Inside the building reached with the first chopping block, unlocks the Spooky Voice Effect.

Drop down outside and go across the bridge to the right, there's a chopping block for you to push left and then forwards towards the rope, that'll bring up some stairs. You can use an airship on the right to go get some extra coins if you like but the main path is down those steps.

Jump across the carefully balanced tilting rock platforms to meet the first group of enemies of the level. The first is a ranged enemy wearing a Double Trouble style tiki mask, his attack is to bounce a bomb into the air landing in the marked circle. Once he's defeated a pair of Grim Creeper looking enemies will appear, they carry a double sided axe and perform the pretty standard overhead slam attack.

After clearing out a wave with both types of enemy the Monster Gate will open and a Battle Gong will appear.

Battle Gong Battle Gong
After defeating the enemies after the tilting rock platforms. A new large enemy type will appear, it has two attacks, first one is to fire a laser (signal for it is to raise both hands into the air) and the second is to do a charged uppercut punch (you'll easily see the energy around him while he's starting that). There are just two of them in the 32 enemies.

Cross over the large tiki head platforms and drop down to a pair of chopping blocks. On the right is a Snail Challenge that runs around the blocks so it's actually a little more of a challenge than usual. Push the right-hand block to the back of the platform and then to the right to cut the rope. Cross over and press the button on the island at the back.

Now go push the other block to the left along the bases of the tiki head platforms one at a time. Once the ropes beneath all four of them are cut a bounce pad will appear to let you bounce back up on top of them. Cross the wooden bridge towards some beam blocks. Push both sides to the back and then push the right one to the left so they're touching - this will cause them to explode.

Behind the large pineapple that they just destroyed is a game of Creation Clasher with Clobbers if you want a game. Otherwise just take the airship to the next part of the level.

2/8 - Flying Dragon Path

As you walk forwards notice that the bridge moves up and down and that there's two possible platforms to jump to on the other side. Jump to the lower one.

Treasure Chest 1/3 Treasure Chest 1/3
In the water behind a rock.

There's also another secret hidden in here:

Imaginite Chest Chameleon Set Imaginite Chest Chameleon Set
If you push the gem block to the right, the beam block to the left, the gem block down, beam block up and then the gem block to the right and up you'll cause it to explode the wall on the right revealing an [Imaginite Chest], the first time you open this it will contain the entire Chameleon Set.

Go back out the way you came in and wait for the bridge to move into a position for you to jump back to the first island and then back across to the top path. Wait for the spike traps to lower as you go towards another moving bridge, this time it's just the one platform to jump to though.

Jump over the rolling spiky logs and just before the bridge go to the left up some stone steps. This will lead you to an area behind the rocks on the left, jump over another log back here and off the right-hand side to a bridge below, jump further down and into a room beneath.

Imaginite Chest Plane Set Imaginite Chest Plane Set
All there is in here is an [Imaginite Chest] that on the first opening contains the Plane Set.

Go up the path and back out to the rolling logs. Cross the moving bridge, after you walk off the stone steps they'll crumble so you can't go back now.

A load of enemies to fight ahead, watch out for the projectiles being thrown down by the enemies on the ledge at the back, you won't be able to get up there until you've taken out the enemies on the floor first, once you do some wooden steps will rise.

On the left is a [Selfie Spot] to take a snap of the Tiki Temple.

Imaginite Chest Flower Power Set Imaginite Chest Flower Power Set
And on the right side is an [Imaginite Chest] with the Flower Power Set inside the first time you open it.

To get into the temple push one of the gem blocks towards the other to blow them up.

3/8 - Tri Passage Antechamber

Place Bob in the pedestal on the right to open up a small door to the right of the dragon head, go on through.

4/8 - Wyvern Skull Entrance

Pick Bob up from the pedestal on the right once you get in, he'll now have the ability to dispel illusions in front of you. Before you go through the mouth of the stone skull go to the left.

Treasure Chest 2/3 Treasure Chest 2/3
Behind a false wall on the left side of the first room.

Walk forwards through the water and the mask will reveal which sections of the dragon body are illusions that you can just walk through starting on the left side.

Before you place the mask on the pedestal go just to the left of the large dragon head.

Imaginite Chest Train Set Imaginite Chest Train Set
There's a false wall hiding an [Imaginite Chest] that on your first gathering will unlock the Train Set.

Place the mask on the pedestal to go through the stone skull.

5/8 - Netherworld Battle

Make sure to pick up Bob at the start then walk forwards around the purple fires. I'd recommend going all the way over to the ranged tiki mask at the back as otherwise it'll just keep throwing them at you the whole time. Then go focus on the grim creepers on the floor while trying to not step in the fires. There are a lot of them, if they seem to have stopped appearing and the Monster Gate at the back hasn't dropped then try going back towards the start to see if any have wandered over there.

Up the slope use Bob on the pedestal to open up the exit.

And now use him on the left pedestal to go through the left doorway.

6/8 - Snap Trap Labyrinth

Pick him up and walk over the first trap, you'll want to time it so you start moving right as the tenderisers go up. Place Bob on a pedestal and then double back heading along the path to the left that has just opened up.

Grab Bob again and go past another couple of traps this time with rotating circles for a base. After the second one there's another pedestal, put Bob in and go around to the right to pick him up again. Carry on forwards all the way to a lava pool.

Treasure Chest 3/3 Treasure Chest 3/3
Down a path of false vines on the right.

On the left side of the lava pool are the platforms that are actually there and safe to walk on.

Go through the first trap and take a left through an illusion, loop around to a pedestal past a couple more traps. Get Bob from the next pedestal and continue to the right, at the end go towards the screen through some illusionary thorns. This leads to a pedestal that will open up the wall at the back right. Grab Bob on the way through the traps to get back to it.

The safe platforms over the tiny bit of lava are the top left and bottom right corners. Use Bob on the pedestal on the right to leave the area.

7/8 - Treacherous Side Path

A sidescrolling section, bounce up to the left and then up again to the right. Jump over and then wait for the platforms to pop out of the wall so you can jump along them. Jump down and then bounce back up and continue along the retracting platforms all the way to the end of the section, making sure not to stand on any of the illusion boxes in the gaps. Use Bob to get back to the antechamber.

Take Bob up to the top pedestal and head on in. The path over the lava field starts on the left side and curls around to the other side with the last bit being a jump over the lava. Stick Bob on the pedestal on the other side to go through.

8/8 - Cursed Throne Room

Immediately start attacking the grim creepers, try to stay off the parts that glow pink as that's where the energy balls from the tiki heads that pop up will be fired. And if you lead the enemies over to the chopping block you can get it to hurt them, and if you push it into them it'll instantly defeat them.

Push the chopping block to the left and then to the back where there's a single rope to cut. Follow the path to the right avoiding the tiki head blasts along it to get to a second fighting area. Defeat a load of enemies as you push the chopping block back and to the right to chop the two ropes.

And in the third section there's two chopping blocks to push around, push the near one to the right and then to the back to get the single rope there, and push the central block up and to the left to get both of the middle ropes.

Once all of the enemies are defeated go over the bridge, collect Bob and up to the top of the temple to finish the level.

Repeatable Imaginite Chests

  1. Battle Gong
  2. Snail Challenge by two chopping blocks before the airship.
  3. Chest behind beam block wall in cave on second dragon island.
  4. Chest in cave under third dragon island.
  5. Chest on the right before the temple.
  6. Chest behind false wall next to the entrance to the Netherworld Battle.

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Any tips for the speed run?
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I think the enemies in this level should be called voodoo witchdoctors soul smashers and The big guys are called spirit spewers
#2 JLrosen 23:24:51 20/03/2017
Do I dare spoil myself?
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