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Enchanted Elven Forest

Story Goals Collections Dares
Save the Elven Village
Treasure Chests3
Soul Gems1
Troll Radio1
Battle Gong
No Lives Lost
Defeat Enemies25
Find All Areas16
Porcupine Arrow Tail Rope-a-Dope Cactopus

1/16 - The Lower Landing Platform

Over the bridge you'll be attacked by some little Porcupine enemies, they will roll towards you and stop to stick out their spines and become invulnerable. You can attack them while they're moving around but once they've stopped you have to wait for them to start moving again before you can damage them.

After clearing the area of all the Porcupine enemies the Monster Gate at the back will open up. Head into the doorway to the right of it.

2/16 - The Sleepy Sloth

Inside the building to the right of the Monster Gate is a game of [Creation Clash] but nothing else.

Head back out and go up the slope behind the Monster Gate. There is a Snail Challenge for an [Imaginite Chest] but oddly this is a one time thing and will not reappear if you replay the level.

3/16 - The Wind Rise

Push the weight off the edge into the basket to raise a bouncy platform up.

Treasure Chest 1/3 Treasure Chest 1/3
Jump over the first bouncy platform and go underneath it, along to the right is the Treasure Chest.
Soul Gem 1/1 - Boom Bloom Soul Gem 1/1 - Boom Bloom
Bounce up the bounce pads going to the third yellow window, then bounce to the right twice up to a purple window. Go down to the right diagonally to find the Soul Gem.

Bounce down to the left over to the yellow windows, follow them up to the left and before the last one go down to the left. Push a weight off the edge to raise a gate that's blocking the door above. Continue the bounce up there to go through.

4/16 - Red Leaf Courtyard

A new bunch of enemies to attack now, these green, one-eyed, spike-tailed monsters will run towards you then leap into the air and spike into the ground where you're standing. If you move out of the way of that they'll get stuck in the ground for a few moments leaving them vulnerable.

After clearing out the enemies here Cami Flage will turn up and you'll have to then put out some fires. Pick up the bucket of water and throw it at each bench in turn. A direct hit will put out each fire in one go but you may need a couple of throws if you only manage to splash it.

After putting out the fires ride the vine down to a [Selfie Spot] and another new enemy type. This Rope-a-Dope will whip its tail over its head and start skipping towards you, get out of the way or you're going to take a few hits. Once you've defeated it head through the door by the [Selfie Spot].

5/16 - The Elven Treasury

Smash all the boxes in here, there's some enemies inside some of them so watch out! After completing it you get some coins (failure just means a smaller reward) and a [Selfie Spot] will appear. Leave through the back door.

6/16 - The Red Stair

Outside you'll be attacked by a few waves of enemies, defeating them all will get you an [Imaginite Chest] but it's totally optional. At the back right there are some mushroom steps to go up to a single moveable block, push it towards the wall so it falls into a small gap and you can jump up it.

Heading to the left there's another block to push off the edge and use as a quick step immediately followed by another. Ignore Stealth Elf and the grind rail for the moment and head into the doorway on the right.

7/16 - The Elven Hideaway

Egg Rescue Egg Rescue
Inside the building next to the grind challenge.

After completing the rescue go back outside and head to the right, still ignoring Stealth Elf.

Troll Radio Troll Radio
Behind some enemies if you continue around past the grind challenge. Gives Machine effects and Underwater voice effect.

After defeating the enemies here go through the door on the left.

8/16 - The Plushie Palace

Pretty much the same as that box challenge earlier, smash all the crates to free the plushies and get a 100+ coin reward. The back door will also open to let you into an area with an XP ball.

Go back out and walk over to Stealth Elf waiting by the Grind Challenge. After the seventh piece switch to the left vine, then after two on there switch back to the middle. As the vines go back to being three jump to the right for two pieces before returning to the middle all the way to the end for your [Imaginite Chest].

9/16 - The Overgrown Commons

Time to meet the Cactopus. This large cactus enemy will flip over on his back slamming down and causing a green shockwave that you will want to jump over if you're nearby. He's got a lot of health so just keep on attacking. After you defeat him a second one will drop in, defeat that one too as well as all the Porcupines to get an [Imaginite Chest] and the way out will appear.

Use the bounce pad to get across to another large tree. Walk to the right past a [Selfie Spot].

Treasure Chest 2/3 Treasure Chest 2/3
Further to the right of the Selfie Spot.

And back towards the great tree.

10/16 - The Fire Rise

There's nothing to collect or find or push or do this time so just follow the yellow windows up to the exit.

11/16 - Orange Light Quarter

Treasure Chest 3/3 Treasure Chest 3/3
On the right side of the area.

As we did before grab a bucket of water from the pump in the middle and throw it at the benches. Once all the benches are out a grind rail will appear with another Grind Challenge to take part in.

First three are on the middle path, then two on the left before switching back to the middle for the remaining six. Jump over the obstacles on the track if you want to avoid getting hurt.

12/16 - Fallen Log Outpost

On the left side of the area is a Lock Puzzle on a door. To get the [Imaginite Chest] you can go: Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Right, Up, Left, Up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left. And then to finish it off just go: Right, Up, Left.

13/16 - Thom's Training Quarters

Inside is just an XP ball. Go back out.

Push the block towards the back into the little hole so you can use it to step up to the line of three blocks. Push the front two to the sides so the back one can be pushed all the way to the left into the hole. And move the next load of blocks in a similar manner but also pushing the first block against the wall to make two steps up to reach some weights that you can push into a basket and open up a gate.

Jump back down and start the Grind Challenge. As soon as you get to the part where it splits into three jump to the right path to get the second piece, back to the middle for the third and then back to the right for the fourth. Immediately return to the middle and then as soon as you reach the second set of three paths jump to the left. Back to the middle then the right then the middle and then left before going back to the middle. Go to the left and then the middle all the way to the end. Simple.

14/16 - The Master's Hut

A few of those cyclops enemies to defeat before the door opens at the back.

Battle Gong Battle Gong
There's also the Battle Gong right in the middle. 28 enemies with plenty of Porcupines to annoy in such tight quarters as well as two Cactopuses to make it hard to see.

15/16 - The Ordeal

The Ordeal is a maze-like area where you have to walk fast enough to avoid getting hit by the spear traps. Go clockwise in this first part. If you press the button along the top edge and continue going around you can find an [Imaginite Chest] on the right side.

At the top of the first part is a button, which opens the gate next to it. Go through and over the spears to another button, you'll notice that opening this one closes off a gem, that opens back up when you press the next button so you'll have to walk back over the spear traps if you want to get it. Same with all the other gems you see on the way to the exit. If you're not fussed about the extra coins you can just ignore the buttons completely.

Outside there's a bunch of enemies to defeat (for me an enemy gets stuck over on the left behind an object so if they've stopped appearing go check over there) but there's no chest reward for doing so. The rail grind is not a challenge but you do need to ride it out of here.

16/16 - The High Court

Use the Water Cannon to put out the bench fires in front of it.

Then use another Water Cannon to put out the fires on the swaying roots. After putting out these first two you'll rail grind over to another cannon but there's a few enemies to defeat next to it. Put out the roots and slide over to a third to put those fires out too.

Now for the boss fight. Defeat the Porcupines that roll out and you'll see something moving under the ground towards you. This won't harm you as it'll pop out right in front of you, walk to the side of it though as it's about to slam down. Attack it while it does that.

Defeat a few of the cyclops enemies then repeat with the root, then some Rope-a-Dopes, the root again, and then finally with some Cactopuses. Defeat the last root and then throw some water at the Angry Mutant Tree to save the day.

Repeatable Imaginite Chests

  1. Enemies outside after the box room
  2. Grind Challenge before you meet the first Cactopus
  3. Enemies where you meet the first Cactopus
  4. Grind Challenge after putting out the second set of fires
  5. Grind Challenge before the Gong Battle
  6. Gong Battle outside the Ordeal
  7. Chest on the right side of the first part of the Ordeal

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2nd yay
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