The Lair of Kaos

Story Goals Collections Dares
Approach Kaos' Fortress
Play Kaos' Game Show!
Finish the Bonus Round!
Treasure Chests3
Legendary Selfie Frame1
Soul Gems2
Troll Radio1
Battle Gong
No Lives Lost
Find All Areas9
Speed Run3:30
Browncoat Kaos Bomb Kaos Gargamel Kaos Large Kaos Sentinel Doomlander

To reach the Lair of Kaos you must use the Dragon Wings to the left of the Abandoned Amusement Park.

1/9 - Path of Fangs

Attack the Kaos clones that come down the stairs, defeating them all will open up the gate at the top.

2/9 - Light's Beginning

Treasure Chest 1/3 Treasure Chest 1/3
On the right side of this area.

The enemies here are actually optional, you only need to solve the light puzzle to move on. To do that you activate the left crystal and then turn the central crystal four times so that it points at the splitter at the back.

3/9 - Light's Crossing

Again the enemies here are optional, you just have to solve another light puzzle. To do that go up the left path to activate the first crystal.

Soul Gem 1/2 - Kaos Soul Gem 1/2 - Kaos
The Soul Gem is right next to the the crystal.

Quickly run down the steps and over to the right to get the second crystal, turn it twice. And go into the tower here before you move on.

4/9 - The Time Out Room

Inside this tower is a Snail Challenge for an [Imaginite Chest].

Treasure Chest 2/3 Treasure Chest 2/3
And a the back is a Treasure Chest.

Back outside go up the paths that have now opened up, there's a [Selfie Spot] in the middle if you want to take a shot of the castle.

5/9 - Kaos's Knot

And again the enemies are optional, you can ignore them entirely. To solve the light crystal puzzle activate the first crystal then rotate the central crystal three times so that it hits a splitter on the right. Finally turn the back left crystal four times to solve it.

Battle Gong Battle Gong
After solving the puzzle the Battle Gong will appear if you want to earn yourself another [Imaginite Chest] by defeating 28 Kaos clones. You really need to keep an eye out for the ranged attackers as their attacks are dark and can blend in with the floor.

Once you're done with the Battle Gong step onto the platform at the back to be taken to the next area.

6/9 - The Grand Entrance

The circular section in the middle with the runes on will actually heal you if you stand on it for a while so heal up before walking up the steps to the first set of enemies.

The points thing is not actually important unless you're going for the "Big Winner!" Achievement/Trophy for getting too many points. In that case you'll want to defeat all these enemies but otherwise you can just ignore them as you continue up the stairs past a [Selfie Spot] with an [Imaginite Chest] just sitting next to it.

7/9 - Kaos Ball Run

The only enemy you absolutely need to defeat here is the large Kaos clone, defeat him and the gates will open up.

Treasure Chest 3/3 Treasure Chest 3/3
Up the steps you'll find a Treasure Chest in the middle.

There's also an XP ball and a healing pad in the middle. Go to the left of where the chest was to enter a tower.

8/9 - Kaos' Game Room

Inside this tower is a game of [Creation Clash] with Glumshanks.

Legendary Selfie Frame - Sentinel Legendary Selfie Frame - Sentinel
In the middle.
Troll Radio Troll Radio
And on the right, it gives you Squishy Effects and Tiny Voice Effect.

Advancing forwards, at the point where the two paths join up before the next area is a circular section that flips up if you stand on it.

Soul Gem 2/2 - Sentinel Soul Gem 2/2 - Sentinel
Simply let yourself get flipped by the flipper and you'll land over on a tower to the right (sometimes it won't flip you fully so just keep trying).
If you step into the teleporter off the side you can get to a [Selfie Spot] above. Use the other teleporter to get back to the path.

9/9 - Bonus Round

The enemies are optional but they will infinitely respawn (until you complete the light puzzle) as you defeat them here so you can use them to get more and more points (if they stop appearing it is likely they have gathered back towards where you started the game show part).

Activate the crystal at the start of the area then turn the left crystal three times and then the right one four times to open the gate and finish the level.

Super Kaos

The fight with Kaos begins. He'll summon a couple of Doomlanders to attack you, you'll want to take them out as you wait for him to come back down into range. They are very much the basic level Doomlanders with a small amount of health (but health that is tied to Kaos, doing damage to them hurts his health). After a while Kaos will float back down and begin his own attack, that is to create a purple damage circle around him blasting out pulses of damage across the arena you have to jump over.

A ranged character can continue to shoot him during this but a melee one should stand back and wait for the purple circle to vanish as he prepares to move to another spot. After a few attacks he'll summon another couple of Doomlanders. This will keep repeating over and over until you get him to about 50% health, he'll be slowly adding more Doomlanders to each summon (up to four). Luckily Kaos's own attacks will damage the Doomlanders so if you can lure them in close to him he'll get rid of them for you while hurting himself.

The second stage of the fight he'll summon a circle of eight identical Doomlanders and start attacking again. No need to defeat these ones as they'll vanish out of existence after they perform a few attacks. Just keep focusing on Kaos in the middle of it all when you can.

At about 25% health you'll enter the third stage of the fight. Not all that much different to the second stage but now your Imaginators will get double their usual bonus damage against Kaos directly so it is well worth switching to one if you aren't already using one.

The set rewards for defeating Kaos are: Sentinel Secret Technique "Grand Slam", Catchphrase Start "Knock Knock. Who's There?", Catchphrase End "Doom", Arm Guards "Saw Gauntlets", Headgear "See Saw Hat", and Sentinel Weapon "Saw Staff".

If this is your first time completing the game you will also unlock Nightmare mode difficulty, to play in Nightmare mode you must start a new save file as you cannot switch to it on an already established save (and you cannot lower the difficulty on that save once you start it).

Now that you've completed the story mode you now have access to Adventures, much like how you gathered cake parts earlier on if you talk to the Brain he'll give you a couple of options for where to go. If you don't want to do any of the options he presents you can get a new selection by going into a level and exiting straight away (going into the Academy or Card Shack does not help with this). Going to the same adventure that you have been to before does not mean it'll be the exact same thing you've already done as each one has several different scenarios.

Other than that there's the Adventure Packs, Sensei Elemental Realms, Battle Arena, Racing, book finding, the Rat Kingdom, and of course going back to finish off anything in the story levels that you missed.

Repeatable Imaginite Chests

  1. Snail Challenge in tower to the right of second crystal puzzle
  2. Gong Battle
  3. Chest in front of painting Selfie Spot
  4. Defeat Kaos (x1)

#6 Peppins 21:29:46 09/12/2017
Health amount of Kaos is around 110.000, tested on hard difficulty but I think will be the same on nightmare, will test.
#5 Skylander2116 20:15:52 31/08/2017
#4 Peppins 07:03:15 15/07/2017
How much is the health amount of super kaos?
#3 Braveheart2015 23:06:52 26/12/2016
Did anyone else think Super Sayain when they got to the boss battle?
#2 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 12:56:18 24/12/2016
Whoops, keep getting those two locations mixed up, thanks.
#1 blastermindROB 11:19:58 24/12/2016
Golden Arcade ?
It's the Abandoned Amusement Park not the Goldem Arcade

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