Malefor's Lair

0 x Blue Gem Cluster 0 x Red Life Crystal 0 x Green Magic Crystal 0 x Armour 0 x Elite Enemy

Malefor's Lair

Malefor's attacks will alternate between a single fireball and a burst of several. As they get close simply roll out of the way. Get close to Malefor and attack him with both your melee and elemental attacks, he should give off plenty of gems to help you. Dodge occasionally when he swipes or breathes a purple breath and keep on hitting him. Each time he zooms off just fly over to his new location and resume the attack.

Once his health bar is depleted you'll start a quick time event. Jump and then light melee to avoid Malefor's attacks. If you fail you'll just need to redo a bit of health and try the quick time event again. There'll be a brief cutscene and we continue.

Much the same as the previous section. Fly over to Malefor and continue the assault. He's got a new purple attack very similar to the multi-fireballs but they seek you out a bit better. Roll to dodge them a couple of times. Another new attack is an Ice one, it's quite strong so make sure to avoid it, it doesn't seek you out but it does have a wide spread when it detonates.

Same as before, once the health bar is depleted it's quick time event time. Jump to dodge his punch, jump again, light melee and then rapidly tap heavy melee. Again failure just adds a bit of health back and you try again.

It's not over yet, he'll cast a purple bubble around himself which will now protect him from all your attacks. Well, nearly all. Keep attacking the bubble with your melee until your Fury Meter is full. Activate your Fury and finish him off.

Rapidly tap light melee to activate a purple burst from Cynder and then a light melee from Spyro to hit Malefor. Rapidly jump to get away from Malefor's grasp and then finally hit heavy melee to complete the fight and the game.

#105 Cynder4life 11:16:05 25/08/2011
what does he look like?(malefor) i'm still re-playing lvls to get all bonuses. i look him up on google images but it doesn't cum up with very good photos + he always has cynder with him... in all the pics! all i know that he is purple,big,bulky,evil and has a really deep voice.................
#104 Spyrofan37 15:01:48 10/08/2011
smilie smilie smilie and smilie are the dragon guardians, and it was sad when smilie died thinking of the fact that smilie was so upset...
#103 TheSoupDrinkah 02:19:37 20/07/2011
Oh gawd. Malefor has gotta be the coolest Spyro antagonist/ overall dragon to ever exist! :D
#102 miniquiny999 18:25:25 07/07/2011
this is my fav level
#101 Cynderlover168 20:35:55 25/06/2011
I miss spelled Cynder idk why my iPad does this.
#100 Cynderlover168 20:34:43 25/06/2011
Malefor was the most hardest enemy boss ever but when I kept hitting him his health went down surprisingly fast cause he gave green gems for mana sk I use element the hit him. Funded can finish him off quickly with maxed up fear.
#99 PurpleEye 06:39:57 16/06/2011
I remember when I got stuck on this level.

I had just finished floating islands and I went on to Malefore's lair.
I watched the cutscene and started the battle. When I used some of my elements the mana bar went out and so did Cynders.
I was like OH CRAP! Then after half a year I remembered that you can hit him.

Thats how I completed malafore's lair!
*E O Flashback*
#98 Nikola 08:31:02 21/04/2011
It just got to Spyro.But I know how to do it.
#97 dark dragon1 22:40:35 15/04/2011
nikola you need a last bit of armor to activate the fury element on both dragons.
#96 Nikola 18:20:52 31/03/2011
I managed it even though I had little life and energy.
P. S. hurts my finger on it.
#95 dark dragon1 21:22:03 15/03/2011
He is probably the most difficult boss in all of spyro gaming history!!!
#94 dark dragon1 21:07:34 15/03/2011
now that the game is finished-who is you favorite character overall? is it smilie
smilie smilie :volter: cyril: terrador: smilie or smilie?
#93 dark dragon1 20:48:38 15/03/2011
He is probably the most difficult boss in all of spyro gaming history!!!
#92 Nikola 17:26:20 14/03/2011
I need it on PS2
#91 Nikola 17:25:08 14/03/2011
no go
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