Green Magic Crystals

The reward for collecting these is a piece of crystal for each character. For every five you collect Spyro's magic bar increases in size and for every four Cynder's does the same.

The Catacombs

  1. Along a series of platforms at the bottom of the large open area.

Twilight Falls

  1. In the area where you push a tree over.
  2. In the cave in the area where you push a tree over leading to a wind gust and an Elite Enemy.

Valley of Avalar

  1. Up on a ledge in the area after talking to Hermit, use some vines opposite the save point to reach it.
  2. Inside a locked adamantite orb door near the Elite Enemy.
  3. On a central plateau, get to it via a long glide from some platforms across the river.

Dragon City

  1. In an alcove in the area where you fill the pool.
  2. On the ramparts, near the where the right-hand siege tower appears.

Attack of the Golem

  1. At the top of the steps after the first save point.

Ruins of Warfang

  1. Lower left, behind some vines next to the first group of Shadows.
  2. Upper left, behind a Shadow Door at the end.
  3. Upper right, after the climbing zones with falling rocks.

The Dam

  1. On a wooden platform at the bottom of the dam on the left.
  2. Behind some rocks next to the last orb, smash them with an Earth swing.

The Destroyer

  1. Up from the exit of the tunnel in the Destroyer's arm.
  2. One of the Destroyer's teeth.

Burned Lands

  1. Appears after defeating the large enemy on an island near the Elite Enemy.
  2. On an outcrop on the righthand wall in the climbing zone area.
  3. Underneath the bridge after the top of the lava waterfall that you climb, jump off right before the two Blue Gem Clusters on it.

Floating Islands

  1. Underneath a circular grass platform in the area where you light the torches.

#4 Spyrosparx 07:41:39 02/08/2009
I can't find one.
#3 sparx rules 04:35:17 29/03/2009
I beat it!!!! 100/100
#2 spyro183 23:12:48 23/01/2009
kool ive got like 98%
#1 green spyro 17:37:44 18/01/2009
i got evrey thing it says i only got 99%

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