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Catacombs 1

After a bit of dialogue with Cynder, follow the large orange marker and go right. Boom! Hunter appears to teach you how to jump, just carry on going right until you reach some platforms going upwards, jump up them and go left at the top.

Time to learn to attack, after Hunter's little chat and gift of Fire Breath continue left. An enemy will popup out of the ground which you should be able to kill quite easily, either attack from a distance using your breath or close using melee (both the same button).

Jump up the platforms after it and you're now going to the right. Time to learn about gems. Go further right and walk up to the green crystal, use your melee attack on it to smash it and you'll find a gem inside, nice.

Further on to the right and it's time to learn how to glide. Simply follow the arrows downwards to the ground, smashing the crystals on the way down. Go right at the bottom (the way might seem blocked but that's actually in the foreground and you just go behind it, you'll see a lot of that).

Another gameplay tip from Hunter about platforms, step onto the platform behind him and it'll start going upwards. At the top go left (right is blocked with a barrier for now) and melee the switch behind Hunter. The barrier on the right will vanish allowing you past. Step onto the platform beyond it and it'll lower.

Going right at the bottom and Hunter will teach wall jumping. You just jump at the wall and if you can you'll grab on automatically then you just press 5 a few times to reach the top. Go left when you get there and you'll eventually reach the first checkpoint (the tip glows a bit once you've activated it).

Hit the switch on the wall ahead and the platform you're standing on will rise upwards. To the right at the apex and talk with Hunter again. Time to smash the wall on the right, there's really no clear identifier for such walls so smash into any that has a lot of wall behind it. Smash the crystal behind it to earn this level's Seal of Perfection. Continue right and you finish this first level.

Catacombs 2

Go right and jump up over the gap, kill the enemy up there and smash the crystal. Turn around and just jump down that hole. To the right is a barrier so go left, jumping over the water (it'll hurt you!) on the platform above it (don't stay too long!) and further left dropping down a load of small platforms to the bottom.

Go right at the bottom and you'll meet another enemy to kill, keep on going right and jump up some small platforms just after, there's an arrow pointing upwards to show you where to wall jump.

Once you reach the top your control will shift to Cynder back at the start. Take her down the first hole and up to the barrier, Spyro will lower it for you. Before meeting up with him jump up the small platforms above and to the left side opposite the switch he just hit. Charge into the wall to smash it and find another crystal.

Go down and talk to Spyro and Cynder will learn Shadow Breath. Now go right past Spyro, over a platform and to a Checkpoint. Hit the switch on the wall and go back to the platform you just walked over as it will now move. It'll stop partway down so jump to the left and hit a switch on the wall there.

Wait for the platform to arrive and jump onto it, wait for it to take you all the way to the right then jump up and smash the crystal and hit the switch. Drop down a few platforms near the bottom and onto a moving platform floating on the water to the right. Get to the checkpoint.

Hit the switch and the platform will rise, make sure to hit the crystal on the left as you jump upwards and onto another moving platform. Get back onto it and go up another level. Kill the enemy on the left at the top and carry on walking past him. Jump up onto the platform above the water and then up onto solid land on the other side. Keep going left (ignore the first platforms) and then up some small platforms going left at the top, hit the switch at the end and turn around. Now go up those first small platforms, kill the enemy and go through the now off barrier all the way to the end.

Catacombs Boss

It's time to face the Shadow Guardian! For the first part of this fight all you need to do is avoid his attacks, he'll move to one side off the screen and come charging back in with his fist along the ground, you need to time your jump to avoid it. He'll sit around after a few and allow you to attack him if you want, you can't hurt him so he'll just carry on again. You'll eventually switch over to Cynder to attack.

Jump over the Shadow Guardian's fists as before, breathing Shadow Breath as you jump to try and hit the orange heart on his lower right. Watch the bar at the top beneath your own health and breath to see how many more times you need to hit him on his heart. Once you get his health to zero you have to enter a sequence of numbers that the game tells you to do, if you fail he starts up his attack sequence again and you need to attack him once more and you'll get to enter another sequence.

Bone Valley 1

A flight level similar to those seen in Spyro: Season of Ice except there's less to do and it's very easy as the game is very forgiving when you die, you just start exactly where you died except with full health. Getting through in one go without dying requires a bit more effort though as you need to be good at firing at the flying enemies.

There are three parts to the flying level, you'll see each one more than once though. The first part of the level involves you avoiding rocks, getting hit will take away some of your health but otherwise there's nothing to do.

The second part is where you attack enemies, fly so that the crosshair that appears goes over the enemies (you can usually sit in one spot for each group to pass over it themselves) and Spyro will fire by himself.

And the third part involves trying to fly through some rings, this boosts your speed and refills your breath (you crash if it empties) which is quite helpful.

Just keep on selecting Try Again if you keep dying and you'll eventually make it.

Dream Forest 1

There's no action here, just dialogue.

Dream Forest 2

And the game now reveals itself to be a dumbed down version of the previous two mobile games. Hunter gives you Earth Breath but tells you that the game will automatically select the correct breath to use for you, how nice of it.

Once you've finished talking to him go right and you'll eventually come to a spot where a creature will appear out of the darkness, hit it a couple of times as the previous enemies you've encountered. All the way to the right and you'll find a switch on the wall to hit, now go back to the left and up the now moving platform.

Jump off it to the right and hit the switch on the wall, head to the left, ignore the platform you just activated and smash a couple of crystals on the ground. The first one will give you more breath and the second will just give a gem. Now go up on that platform, kill the flying enemy as you go up and jump up all the platforms here.

The crystal at the top left has a health upgrade in it, head to the right and through the gap and into another place with platforms. Head to the right and smash another crystal next to a switch. Jump down to the left all the way and then to the right down a moving platform and through the barrier you just turned off. Checkpoint!

Continue going right and kill the two enemies near each other, then jump and glide over the thorns. Glide over some more thorns and hit another switch. Jump onto the moving platform behind you. At the top go left onto another moving platform, transfer to another and then up to a crystal with a switch on the wall behind.

After hitting that switch jump onto the platform to the right, go up and to the right to a crystal by itself. Smash it and then the wall behind it to find a Seal of Perfection at the far end. Go back to the moving platform up to the top and then to the right. Jump over the thorns and go through the deactivated barrier to finish.

Dream Forest 3

Cynder will appear quickly followed by Hunter who gives her Poison Breath. Walk to the right and hit the switch on the wall, turn around and use the moving platform to go down. Head right and drop down to the ground continuing right. You'll spot a switch on the wall ahead. Hit it and a moving platform will activate.

Turn around and jump on a moving platform above some thorns, jump up onto a stationary platform then onto the newly moving platform above that. Smash the crystal at the top on the left to get an upgrade to your health. Go right and hit a switch on the wall there. Again turn around and drop down onto the moving platform and go to the right along the platforms towards the barrier you just turned off.

Pass the checkpoint and jump onto a platform then onto a rising platform, at the top jump to the left and hit the switch on the wall there. Now just drop down and go through that barrier at the bottom on the left. Go through and drop down to a barrier and Spyro will take over.

Again go down through the barrier you just went through as Cynder and jump up the platforms, as you reach the top of the wall jump the game will take over, hit the switch and transfer control back to Cynder again.

Cross the thorns and go into the section on the same level, the crystal here has a breath powerup to collect. Now go up on the moving platform above the thorns. Going right there's a hidden enemy to kill and then climb the platforms going right to a switch on the wall. Drop down and through the barrier to finish.

Dream Forest Boss

And now we fight the Elder Tree Ent. As Cynder says you'll be using Fire Breath, not that you can change it anyway. Watch out for the branches on either side as you jump up the platforms and hit the head of the Ent with your fire breath. Just keep repeating this until you get to enter another sequence of numbers to win.

Dream Forest 4

Another dialogue filled level.

Dragon City 1

Huh, that one too.

Dragon City 2

Mother Mole will ask you to help find her child, as it's on your way you might as well. Once you've talked to her move on to the right and kill an archer enemy with your poison breath, watching out for the arrows it'll fire. Continue on right and kill another standing in front of a switch, then as you'd expect, step onto the platform behind you.

At the top go left, smash a crystal, step down onto a platform that starts moving left. At the end get off and continue on your journey left. Kill the archer and smash the crystal behind it, it'll increase your health. Jump up the platforms and kill yet another archer to the left.

Turn around and go right to jump onto a really low platform that'll start moving once you get on it. Jump and glide to the left where there's another moving platform waiting. Checkpoint. Continue onwards heading to the right, Cynder will pause for dramatic effect, and kill another archer. Just beyond it is a teleport pad you'll need to use.

Once you arrive in the new location go left and kill the archer you just saw as the bubble floated by. Jump over the moving platform and hit the switch on the wall. Now drop down to the right and the crystal at the bottom on the left has a breath upgrade inside (don't drop down the gap here, it'll just take you to earlier in the level).

Go right and up to the barrier you turned off before, dropping down the gap beyond and you'll find the Child Mole. Now Spyro takes over again. Checkpoint.

Go right and jump across some platforms to a crystal. Inside is a health powerup. Drop down and kill the archer on the ground before heading right and then up a moving platform. Jump up onto another platform above to reach a wall kick point.

Hit the switch at the top and then drop down (double tap 8) through the platforms to get back to the ground. Go left and up the moving platform at the end. Now go right at the top and get onto that newly moving platform. At the top of its movement go right and onto another mover. At the top go right, kill one more archer and you've finished.

Dragon City 3

Mother Mole gives you Ice Breath and Fear Breath as thanks for saving her child.

Dragon City 4

After the brief chat step onto the platform on the right above the gap, wait for it to collapse and fall through. Try and land on the first layer down but if you fall to the bottom use the switch on the wall to get back up.

Go to the right and jump onto a platform hanging in the air to the right and wait for it to take you up. At the top jump to the left and hit the switch on the wall. Now jump all the way down to the bottom and go to the right through the barrier you opened.

Jump onto the platform and try and kill the archer, once you've killed him (you might need to go up and down a few times) hit the wall behind him to open it up. The Seal of Perfection of the Dragon City is inside, yay. Now head back out and go down that moving platform and to the left, kill the archer and jump up to the checkpoint.

Glide to the left onto a platform in the air (make sure not to drop down as it'll kill you) and then left again to solid ground. Activate the teleport then hit the switch to the right of where you end up. This opens the barrier to the left (how convenient). Step onto the moving platform on the left and hit the crystal at the top on the left, inside is a breath powerup for Spyro. Go to the right and continue on as Cynder. Checkpoint!

Just past the checkpoint drop down a collapsing platform and go left, kill the archer and hit the switch behind him. This will open the barrier on the right for you to go through. There's another collapsing platform to drop through now, drop down and go down on the moving platform you land on. At the bottom go left, kill the archer and hit the switch behind him. Turn around and go back up the moving platform and head left through the barrier you opened. Checkpoint reached.

Drop down the gap ahead and Spyro takes control. Head to the right and get the enemy to appear out of the darkness. Kill it. Once you do that head over to the other side of the room and kill the hidden enemy there. Once you've done that it's the level over.

Dragon City 5

More dialogue.

Dragon City Boss

Next up is the Golem. To fight him you need to stand around and wait for him to raise a fist. As it reaches the top move a bit to one side, turn around and quickly use Ice Breath on his fist as it smashes into the ground next to you. You shouldn't get hit by the flames or the fist if you time it right. Repeat until that fist vanishes, then the same for the next fist.

The next part gives you control of Cynder. Avoid the fireballs by standing inbetween two of them, there's plenty of room to do so. After that he'll attempt to headbutt you so as he does that move out of the way and jump and attack his head. Once you've done that he'll lower his head again allowing you to attack again. He'll do this once more (if you manage to hit him, otherwise he goes back to the fireballs again) and then you get to do the number sequence part.

Bone Valley 2

Another flight sequence, and it's exactly the same as the previous one.

Scorched Lands 1

It's time to gain Electric Breath and Wind Breath as well as a breath upgrade which makes them twice as powerful. Say goodbye and we're off to 2.

Scorched Lands 2

Forced romance alert! Go right and jump down over some lava, avoid the fireball that pops up out of the lava and then a steam vent at the other end of the platform. Jump over that and down onto a collapsing platform, jump up to the right and hit the wall. Behind it is nothing worth finding though.

Continue on the path down to the left and to the far wall. Jump onto a moving platform at the end going up and down. Take it down to an area with a wall to smash and a breath powerup behind it. Then take it up to a switch at the top. Go back down to the middle and go right, stepping onto a moving platform beneath where you came down.

Avoid the fireball as it takes you along to the platform you just activated with the switch.

Step onto the moving platform and go right, glide over a series of lava gaps going right. Kill an enemy at the end and smash the crystal behind it, inside is the final powerup for Spyro, a health one. Now jump up to the switch and then after along the high up platforms going left towards a checkpoint and then through the barrier.

Jump over the gap and then up past an enemy to a teleport pad. Once you arrive go right, kill an enemy and jump over a gap to another checkpoint. Smash the crystal and then going right jump gaps all the way to a switch on the wall. Jump onto the moving platform behind you and go right at the top.

If you want to get that crystal you might have seen when getting that switch you'll need to step onto a crumbly platform fall down it. Glide to the left over some lava and smash the crystal for the amazing red gem. Ride the moving platform back up and then to the right and meet Cynder.

And now take Cynder to the right. Level done.

Scorched Lands 3

Jump up to the right and over some lava. Smash the crystal below to get to the max breath for Cynder. Keep on going right and hit the switch on the wall. Take the moving platform up and to the left. Kill an enemy and jump over some lava to a teleporter.

Go down the moving platform on the left and then to the right at the bottom, smashing the crystal and killing the enemy as you go. Just ahead is a another crystal and inside is Cynder's final health powerup. That's all of them. Jump over the lava and hit a switch to allow Spyro to get through a barrier.

Jump over the lava and then over some more lava to a wallkick point with some lava at the bottom. Time your jump up so that you're not hitting the fireball. At the top to the left is the final Seal of Perfection. Congratulations you found them all. Not that it does anything in the game.

Jump to the right and down the gap to the right of the wall kick you just jumped up. Checkpoint. Jump over yet more lava and then onto a crumbling platform, as you fall glide to the right to avoid the lava beneath. Jump over some more lava all the way to a switch on the wall. Turn around and go through the barrier you just deactivated.

Kill the enemy on the other side of it and jump over the lava to meet up with Cynder. Go through the teleporter pad and jump over some lava. Kill an enemy and then hit the switch on the wall to activate a moving platform. Go up it and jump up to the left, all the way to a switch at the end of a few jumps and one turn upwards. Now go back and through the barrier to finish the level.

Scorched Lands Boss

The big bad, Malefor at last. First your task is to smash the four crystals, two on either side of the area, avoid Malefor's fists as you do so. Now it's Cynder's turn to fight.

He'll make a move lowering his head towards you and then he'll lift his head up and start firing a laser towards the ground. Jump up onto the nearest platform at the side and jump and send a shot of wind breath at his head as it zooms around. This'll hurt him a bit, now jump into the middle of the area beneath him, avoiding any tail attacks that might come from either side. He'll drop his head and raise it to fire another laser. Jump to a platform and repeat this process until you get to the number sequence section.

Congratulations, you have completed the game. And that's it. You can go back to the previous levels but only with the same stuff that you had at the time you played that level.

#59 Spyrodark9 18:56:16 12/02/2017
Nice mobile game smilie :/ smilie
#58 flashwing1 20:57:28 31/12/2012
hunter looks so different in this game! smilie
#57 TLoS fan 4ever 22:19:20 25/03/2012
Hope you read this and hope it helped smilie
#56 TLoS fan 4ever 22:16:51 25/03/2012
At least on Playstation you double click on a button where you chose your element(s). For example: choosing fire then again fire, then you should access the fury breath. ( remember to wear the exactly right armour smilie )
#55 SpyroTheDragon1 12:29:45 19/09/2009
Great mobile game!
#54 SkyTheDragon 17:51:44 08/01/2009
Hey, I tried looking everywhere for this answer, but I can't find it.
When you have the whole third set of armor (red and black for Spyro, and yellow and black for Cynder), and you put it on them, it says you unlocked the Fury Breath. How do you access that breath? Cuz I have no idea.... Please PM me with the answer if you know; I probably won't be checking back here.
#53 spyro lover 03:53:11 30/12/2008
duh-uh i love spyro he da best i total freak spyro he is my favourite guy i need help i have to find the rupees to awaken the dragon in the ruins of warfang or something and what scorched lands is that or what is it i need help
#52 spyroluver 20:19:20 29/12/2008
I've already beaten the game so I can help. Cynder has to use her shadow power to slide under those gates.
#51 Anonymous 23:33:31 28/12/2008
ok i am stuck on finding the fourth crystal becuz it is behind the wall thingy and i cant figure out how to get in there!!!!! ive been stuck on that part for days and i cant seem to figure it out so plzzzzzz sumone help me out!!!!!
#50 sparx 22:26:37 28/12/2008
does anyone know how to beat the part where you have to "awaken the four dragon guardians" by using rubies so u can get the gate open in dragon city?? i'm having trouble getting 2 of the rubies.....
#49 tejeda77 20:13:16 28/12/2008
hello people, well i need help!!!! im at the part were u have to wake up the four drangons with the crystals, i have three of them but i cant get by this huge wall thats in the way, ive tried everything but i cant get by it. please someone help me!!!!
#48 lolirocksoobad 21:31:55 27/12/2008
wtf?!?!?!?! this is nothing like my game!!!!! i am stuck on the part where U hav 2 find the 4 crystal keys! i can't find da 4th!! well... i c it, but i don't kno wat to do to get it. som1 better help me!!!
#47 lizzie XP 01:06:51 20/12/2008
ello again ppl!! i finally beat teh whole game!
omg i thought spyro died in tht one me and my buddie were likee about to cry but my dad was there and he wouldve made fun of us smilie''
me and my buddie r spyro freaks i soooo hope they make another one or else >.> smilieD
#46 lizzie XP 23:52:56 17/12/2008
umm ello ppl i reelly reelly need help umm im stuck at teh part w/ the part where its like a castle and its floating in the air o..o
and yuii go past those doors and theres tht big monster thing dude and then yuii got those things tht shoot out of rocks and locks on to tha chain thingy o.e anyways how do yuii get past tht part ive been looking for cheats and everything and still nothing! D: heelp!!
Game- Spyro- dawn of the dragon <--- <.< e.e
#45 cooljunior 05:27:27 17/12/2008
Help me i'm stuck on the dragon city boss, when u have to hit the golem on the head.
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