Malefor's Lair

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Malefor's Lair

Malefor's attacks will alternate between a single fireball and a burst of several. As they get close simply roll out of the way. Get close to Malefor and attack him with both your melee and elemental attacks, he should give off plenty of gems to help you. Dodge occasionally when he swipes or breathes a purple breath and keep on hitting him. Each time he zooms off just fly over to his new location and resume the attack.

Once his health bar is depleted you'll start a quick time event. Jump and then light melee to avoid Malefor's attacks. If you fail you'll just need to redo a bit of health and try the quick time event again. There'll be a brief cutscene and we continue.

Much the same as the previous section. Fly over to Malefor and continue the assault. He's got a new purple attack very similar to the multi-fireballs but they seek you out a bit better. Roll to dodge them a couple of times. Another new attack is an Ice one, it's quite strong so make sure to avoid it, it doesn't seek you out but it does have a wide spread when it detonates.

Same as before, once the health bar is depleted it's quick time event time. Jump to dodge his punch, jump again, light melee and then rapidly tap heavy melee. Again failure just adds a bit of health back and you try again.

It's not over yet, he'll cast a purple bubble around himself which will now protect him from all your attacks. Well, nearly all. Keep attacking the bubble with your melee until your Fury Meter is full. Activate your Fury and finish him off.

Rapidly tap light melee to activate a purple burst from Cynder and then a light melee from Spyro to hit Malefor. Rapidly jump to get away from Malefor's grasp and then finally hit heavy melee to complete the fight and the game.

#30 wspyro 03:58:31 02/05/2009
Hey guys what do u think of this idea for the next spyro.
The story goes:
It's about spyro having a secret hidden brother that was train by melafor at the same time as cynder(cynder couln't remeber this because malefor erased her memory) .But instead he petrayed the dark master and instead chose his own mission to become the dark master himself. Luckly he knew all the dark master moves and elemental powers,with those powers he train to make them more powerfull. He seceded in increasing his powers. When he figured out the dark master was killed by Spyro he decided to destroy him(He cares more for power than family).
While Spyro is with cynder Spyro see this purple dragon(his brother) running into sparx and takes him.Spyro react quick and tries to save sparx. The whole story continues by Spyro and Cynder trying to save sparx AND Spyro gets to figured out that his brother.

Tell me wat u think guys.
BTW none of the other dragons knew spyro had a brother.
#29 wspyro 02:38:48 01/05/2009
i din't like the ending now spyro's love for cynder mith get in the way of his mission.i still want them to make another game, when i finished i tougth to my self "i looks like there going to make another one"smilie
#28 Cynder-fan 17:28:41 27/04/2009
My Fav level in game.
#27 HyperVolteer 22:09:46 26/04/2009
the ending is moving smilie
they have proved that there is no limit on how awesome something can be
#26 FearCynder 19:28:21 10/04/2009
smilie and smilie VS smilie

This is my favorite level of this game. It's awsome!
#25 dragonlover11 23:56:51 05/04/2009
Im kinda mad that they did not use Cyril or Volteer much.... they both said a whopping 5 or 6 words and thats it.
#24 CinderLover 23:29:22 25/03/2009
I can't beleve that smilie said that she loves smilie in the end!!!
#23 CinderLover 23:24:12 25/03/2009
smilie, smilie, smilie, smilie, smilie, smilie, smilie, VS smilie
This is the best game so far! (In my opinian smilie)
#22 YellowBananas 02:00:38 22/03/2009
spyro freak look in the cheat section to the left
#21 spyro_freak88 22:20:09 08/03/2009
HEYYY GUYZ!!!!!!do you guyz know if there is a cheat for un limeded health and fury???? please respond!!!!smiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmilie
#20 Cynder33 21:07:56 18/02/2009
Hey just to let yall no its harder to fight Him with 2 people cuase if one dies its game over
#19 hero orc max 01:34:20 08/02/2009
#18 draconiangem 00:49:27 03/02/2009
ok... finally got him! The trick here is all in the light melee. Strong ones, because they are all aerial, are just too slow and don't give you even half the return gems. Also... at the end you don't need a fury, just fury breath if you have been keeping to you armors of course. That's all I used was fury breath every chance I got... also opened the battle with a full fury mode. It's easier to get his with fire balls far away... and easier to get hit with that purple stuff close up, no running from it there. Hope this helps to all. Second parts are not as hard because you have land to stand on if you wish, not slow attack in the sky with barriers. I hope this helps.
#17 draconiangem 00:03:34 03/02/2009
Furys at the end of the battle!!?????? I just spend an hour just trying to build up a fury attack just to get past the first part!!!! Are you kidding me? I can't stop dieing in the first phase... this is a bunch of crap! An for anyone wondering, I have all upgrades, all armor AND I'm using unlocked fury breath and still am having problems. =(
#16 cynder_rules_1 18:40:26 24/01/2009
i luv this game but one porblem i cant find a way to get the last red cristal in one part of the game can any one help me and give me some help on that part
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