All 50 of the Xbox 360 Achievements.

Escaped the Catacombs Escaped the Catacombs 20 points
Complete the Catacombs
Enchanted Forest Enchanted Forest 10 points
Complete the Twilight Falls
Freed Hunter Freed Hunter 30 points
Complete the Valley of Avalar
Close Warfang Gate Close Warfang Gate 30 points
Complete the City of Warfang
Killed the Golem Killed the Golem 40 points
Complete Dragon City Golem
Underground City Doors Underground City Doors 20 points
Complete the Underground Ruins
Flood the Valley Flood the Valley 30 points
Complete the Dragon Dam
Stop the Destroyer Stop the Destroyer 30 points
Complete the Destroyer
Burned Lands crossed Burned Lands crossed 40 points
Complete the Burned Lands
Reached Malefor's Lair Reached Malefor's Lair 20 points
Complete the Floating Islands
Destroy Malefor Destroy Malefor 30 points
Complete Malefor's Lair
Complete the game Complete the game 130 points
Complete the game a 100%
Entrepreneur Entrepreneur 50 points
Upgrade all your elements to Max Level
Buddy System Buddy System 50 points
Complete the game with at least 90% of the time in 2 Players Mode
One Large Step One Large Step 15 points
Complete one Armor Set
Armory Armory 15 points
Complete all Armor Sets
Bodyguard Bodyguard 5 points
Bring the Artilleryman back to his catapult in less than 5 minutes
Grublin Slayer Grublin Slayer 15 points
Kill 225 Grublins
Grublin Bane Grublin Bane 20 points
Kill 450 Grublins
Orc Slayer Orc Slayer 15 points
Kill 100 Orcs
Orc Demolisher Orc Demolisher 20 points
Kill 200 Orcs
Last Rampart Last Rampart 5 points
Close Warfang Gate without dying once
Troll Slayer Troll Slayer 10 points
Kill 10 Trolls
Wyvern Slayer Wyvern Slayer 5 points
Kill 45 Wyverns
Dark Knight Dark Knight 10 points
Kill 70 Shadows
Elitist Elitist 15 points
Upgrade one element to Max Level
Dragon Spirit Dragon Spirit 25 points
Find all Elemental Upgrades
Elite Destroyer Elite Destroyer 15 points
Kill all Elite Enemies
Grappler Grappler 5 points
Perform 100 Enemy Grabs
Air Grappler Air Grappler 5 points
Perform 100 Enemy Air Grabs
Juggler Juggler 10 points
Throw 200 Enemies into the Air
Combo Maker Combo Maker 5 points
Perform a 70 hit Combo string
Combo Master Combo Master 5 points
Perform a 125 hit Combo string
Button Smasher Button Smasher 10 points
Perform a 300 hit Combo string
Unattainable Unattainable 10 points
Dodge all Golem attacks in Chamber of Retribution
Dragon Heart Dragon Heart 25 points
Find all Health Upgrades
Berserker Berserker 5 points
Launch 20 Fury attacks
Savior Savior 5 points
Protect all the Cheetah's houses in the village
Master of Fire Master of Fire 5 points
Eliminate 75 Enemies with a Fire attack
Master of Electricity Master of Electricity 5 points
Eliminate 75 Enemies with an Electric attack
Master of Wind Master of Wind 5 points
Eliminate 75 Enemies with a Wind attack
Master of Poison Master of Poison 5 points
Eliminate 75 Enemies with a Poison attack
Master of Ice Master of Ice 5 points
Eliminate 75 Enemies with an Ice attack
Master of Fear Master of Fear 5 points
Eliminate 75 Enemies with a Fear attack
Executioner Executioner 10 points
Kill 625 Enemies
Army Slayer Army Slayer 20 points
Kill 1000 Enemies
Dragon Mind Dragon Mind 25 points
Find all XP Crystals
Unlocked Bonus Unlocked Bonus 40 points
Unlocked all Bonus galleries
Golem Wrecker Golem Wrecker 30 points
Kill the Golem without dying once
Dragon Assassin Dragon Assassin 40 points
Kill Malefor without dying once

#27 MusicalDinomite 06:22:45 11/01/2013
I wonder if you can get the "buddy system" achievement by just activating the two players button and not plugging in a second controller.
#26 evalutionspyro 00:31:23 10/10/2012
half of the achievements, and my first time playing, WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#25 MaleforSxC 16:35:56 25/04/2012
I finished this game and I've nearly got all the achievements! I'm playing it again for the 3rd time! My favorite is Cynder! I love her Fear Breath! Especially that Phantom Fright ability! That saved my butt on countless occasions (especially against elites!) I love smilie , smilie & smilie ! smilie only because he is too evil and I like those guys!
#24 bisylizzie 14:44:43 25/01/2012
Thrice is three timessmilie

I need to pick this game up...
#23 cowpowa23 02:51:16 25/11/2011
Twice is a word you know.
but for some reason people like saying "Thrice"......................
#22 GamingMaster_76 12:18:12 04/02/2011
I mean thrice, sorry. smilie
#21 GamingMaster_76 12:17:42 04/02/2011
I kinda find it hard to believe I finished all of them twice now because of how much I dislike the game. Seriously, I play the DS version more(which is highly underrated IMHO).
#20 AvaXRaven 10:49:05 09/08/2010
how can i get those achievements?
#19 CynderFan23 15:07:16 08/07/2010
i got a 999 hit combo with cynder's tornado in the catacombs on chapter mode. i swear! i got like 45 of the achievements
#18 Cynders sister 14:45:05 26/05/2010
i have all the achievments and i love this game. My fav is cynder, er powers are so cool!
#17 GamingMaster_76 02:33:29 15/05/2010
I have all achievements- wait for it- TWICE! On my original file and on my newer file.
#16 Tufu911 17:18:12 30/03/2010
Yeah unless if your buddy is your brother and just to tell you my brother isn't that good at all
#15 gaul2 20:36:36 18/03/2010
Buddy System was really fun to play
#14 Tufu911 03:19:22 14/03/2010
i have them all Except " Buddy System "
#13 Pinkdesi101 01:23:51 08/03/2010
i wish i had an Xbox360 then i could get all of them. smilie
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