Malefor's Lair

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Malefor's Lair

Malefor's attacks will alternate between a single fireball and a burst of several. As they get close simply roll out of the way. Get close to Malefor and attack him with both your melee and elemental attacks, he should give off plenty of gems to help you. Dodge occasionally when he swipes or breathes a purple breath and keep on hitting him. Each time he zooms off just fly over to his new location and resume the attack.

Once his health bar is depleted you'll start a quick time event. Jump and then light melee to avoid Malefor's attacks. If you fail you'll just need to redo a bit of health and try the quick time event again. There'll be a brief cutscene and we continue.

Much the same as the previous section. Fly over to Malefor and continue the assault. He's got a new purple attack very similar to the multi-fireballs but they seek you out a bit better. Roll to dodge them a couple of times. Another new attack is an Ice one, it's quite strong so make sure to avoid it, it doesn't seek you out but it does have a wide spread when it detonates.

Same as before, once the health bar is depleted it's quick time event time. Jump to dodge his punch, jump again, light melee and then rapidly tap heavy melee. Again failure just adds a bit of health back and you try again.

It's not over yet, he'll cast a purple bubble around himself which will now protect him from all your attacks. Well, nearly all. Keep attacking the bubble with your melee until your Fury Meter is full. Activate your Fury and finish him off.

Rapidly tap light melee to activate a purple burst from Cynder and then a light melee from Spyro to hit Malefor. Rapidly jump to get away from Malefor's grasp and then finally hit heavy melee to complete the fight and the game.

#137 FuryBeam136 22:16:03 11/07/2014
I love defeating Malefor so much! It's so fun! I love the ending too. I thought Spyro was dead when he did that purpley bubbley majigger, but then you see him flying over Avalar and it's so cool. I first defeated him alone, but now I love defeating him with my sister!
#136 ToxicShadow 02:16:43 26/01/2014
I've finished this game several times in the past. Well now I'm stuck! I can't beat him. ;-;
#135 PurpleEye 11:51:18 02/09/2013
The best way is to melee him and not use elements too much because strangely it does more and quicker damage
#134 spyroOracle2000 00:36:52 17/05/2013

Scab is from TEN(the eternal night) not DOD(dawn of the dragon)
#133 cynder fan47 12:17:32 03/02/2013
#132 cynder fan47 21:26:26 20/01/2013
oppes ment :mf:
#131 cynder fan47 21:25:45 20/01/2013
use cheats on :ma:
#130 cynder fan47 00:48:57 08/01/2013

read the guide.
#129 CynderSpyro456 15:51:19 28/12/2012
Can someone tell me how to defeat Malefor?
#128 coolspyrocynder 19:58:33 20/12/2012
i am stuck on destroyer i cant wait for smilie
#127 cynderlover265 06:18:44 10/12/2012
i died a 100 time
#126 DarkSideKyp 14:22:28 28/11/2012
Am I the only one who found it harder the 2nd time to kill him? I got through the forst time 1 death, the 2nd time, I wouldn't stop dying smilie
#125 SpyroCynderLove 11:00:43 26/09/2012
When I 1st played this level, I SOMEHOW found it.... almost easy! I think I only died once... but after I finished it. I then went back 2 it (SO I CAN C THE ENDING AGAIN!!!!!!! <3) I died about a thousand times.
#124 JamesFakeman 12:28:26 16/09/2012
Pretty difficult for final boss! It's just as hard as Eternal Night's Final Boss!
#123 darkcinder12 18:36:00 17/07/2012
And cynders so awsome she could poke malefor and he would turn 2 dust
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