Red Life Crystals

The reward for collecting these is a piece of crystal for each character. For every four you collect Spyro's health bar increases in size and for every five Cynder's does the same.

The Catacombs

  1. On a ledge high up in the room where you open a door with an Adamantite Orb, it's opposite the exit.

Twilight Falls

  1. In the side of the cliff at the end of the level.

Valley of Avalar

  1. In the roots of the tree over the river from the village.
  2. At the end of a long cave in the Hermit area.
  3. Over a bottomless pit up next to the Elite Enemy.

Dragon City

  1. Inside a Shadow Door in the first area on ground level.
  2. Behind a door in the area with the buckets, light three torches to open it.
  3. On the ramparts, at the far end where the left siege tower appears.

Attack of the Golem

  1. On the right hand side of the starting area.

Ruins of Warfang

  1. Upper left, smash a wooden circle and jump down the hole underneath.
  2. Lower right, behind some vines after pulling the platform.
  3. Upper right, beneath the platform after the second big earth wall.

The Dam

  1. Behind a Shadow Door at the bottom left of the dam.
  2. Behind a Shadow Door in the area through the tunnel after the elevator.

The Destroyer

  1. Below the platform with the first Purple Crystal, around the back.
  2. Up from the exit of the tunnel in the Destroyer's arm, above the first Green Magic Crystal.

Burned Lands

  1. Defeat the Elite Enemy.
  2. On the large place opposite the entrance to the Elite Enemy.

Floating Islands

  1. Under a canopy on a medium sized platform near the start.
  2. On the second Elite Enemy platform at the top in the corner.

#9 miniquiny999 21:23:02 21/01/2013
@ tye-dye dragon
#8 cynder fan47 15:33:02 06/01/2013
everyone look it up on youtube!
#7 Spyrosparx 07:42:10 02/08/2009
I can't find one.
#6 shadows 20:19:40 05/06/2009
You wil find the red crystal life in the part before you opened the door, it's just you fly around in the second floor.
#5 hero orc max 15:16:01 17/03/2009
isnt that a green one? smiliesmiliesmilie
#4 tye-dye dragon 16:54:58 12/03/2009
I can't find the catacomb red either. (How do you pronounce "catacomb"?)
#3 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 15:05:07 28/01/2009
You know that part where you carry an orb up some platforms to open a door? Fly around up high in there and you'll find it opposite where the door is.
#2 spyro cooly 07:15:35 28/01/2009
sorry dark 52 when ur talking about the catacombs red gem i still kinda dont really no were ur talking about im really stuck on that.
#1 Cynder28 13:23:35 13/01/2009
Thank you,dark52!

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