Blue Gem Clusters

Blue Gem Clusters are the most common of the collectibles, there are 99 in total, but you will still need to look hard for them. They give you 2000 experience, 1000 for each character, when you smash them. To gain 100% you need to have found all 99 clusters.

The Catacombs

  1. Straight after the vine flaming.
  2. Down to the right of the large door opened using an Orb.
  3. On a platform to the far side of the large open area.
  4. In the large open area high up on the wall during the gliding section.
  5. On the platform directly after the one with number four.
  6. Right at the top in the corner of the large open area, get to it via a large Climbing Zone.
  7. At the exit to the large open area by the save point after the Golem loses its hand.
  8. After the Golem loses its hand, in the corner of the large open area.
  9. After the Golem loses its hand, right next to the previous cluster.
  10. In a windy room right after the save point "The Waterfall Cave".

Twilight Falls

  1. Halfway down the initial waterfall, on the right in a small extra section of waterfall.
  2. At the foot of the initial waterfall, on the left.
  3. By the save point.
  4. Behind some vines on the right hand side of the level.
  5. Defeat the enemies before the tree you push over.
  6. At the base of a cliff in the area where you push a tree over.
  7. At the top of the final cliff.

Valley of Avalar

  1. Behind the fence at the righthand end of the village.
  2. Behind some trees just before the waterfall cave with Meadow inside.
  3. On top of the waterfall cave where you find Meadow.
  4. Near the village, around the large rocky part.
  5. Next to the waterfall with the door to the hermit.
  6. Also next to the waterfall with the door to the hermit.
  7. In a cave right after the passageway to the hermit.
  8. In the corner of the area where you meet the Hermit.
  9. Directly across the main part of the river from the entrance to the Hermit's area.
  10. On some stepped platforms near the Adamantite Orb room.
  11. Directly across from the Adamantite Orb room.
  12. Behind some trees in the corner near the middle waterfall.
  13. Beneath a rock outcrop on the bend in the section of the river you don't take the raft along.
  14. Up next to the Elite Enemy.
  15. Directly above number thirteen.
  16. On a plateau in the middle of the level, glide from where you find number fifteen.
  17. In the trees to the right of the entrance to the Hermit's area, past the tree you push over.
  18. In the trees nearby to number seventeen.
  19. At the end of the river near the raft.

Dragon City

  1. On top of the building on fire with the moles inside.
  2. In the corner by the three torch door in the area with the buckets.
  3. At the top of some steps in the area with the buckets, just before the save point.
  4. At the top of the stairs to the ramparts.
  5. Next to the catapult's reload lever.
  6. On the first level up from the floor after destroying all the siege towers.
  7. Above number six.
  8. In the corner on the floor near the save point just after defeating the Siege Towers.
  9. Behind a Shadow Door in the final area with the door you need to keep shut, it's up in the left corner.

Ruins of Warfang

  1. Directly infront of the gates, go towards the camera.
  2. Just a bit further towards the camera from the first one.
  3. Lower left, down after the first platform.
  4. Lower left, on a platform at the bottom of the first climbing zone.
  5. Lower left, from the top of the first climbing zone fly back along the wall a short distance.
  6. Lower left, on a small platform round from the fourth cluster beneath the first climbing zone.
  7. Lower left, climb a second climbing zone and it's near the top of it.
  8. Lower left, after number seven continue climbing and run along the wall to the right, you'll find it at the far end of this platform.
  9. Lower right, just before the first platform.
  10. Lower right, on a small platform in the section where you pull a platform.
  11. Lower right, on another small platform in the section where you pull a platform.
  12. Lower right, below the tuning fork bridge.
  13. Upper right, hidden in an alcove right at the end.

The Dam

  1. At the bottom of the dam in the middle, before the second floodgate is opened.
  2. Halfway up the lift.
  3. Next to the second cluster, halfway up the lift.
  4. Next to the last Orb.
  5. At the top.

The Destroyer

  1. At the start just before the first purple crystal.
  2. On the back of the front right leg.
  3. Next to the previous one.
  4. At the back of the Destroyer, below a Purple Crystal.
  5. At the back of the Destroyer, above a Purple Crystal.
  6. Left behind after smashing the tenth Purple Crystal on the Destroyer's arm.
  7. Off to the left when on the top of the Destroyer, wall run to clear the gap.
  8. Right next to number seven.

Burned Lands

  1. Opposite the entrance to the Elite Enemy.
  2. Near the first one, just around the corner.
  3. By the far wall of the same area of the first two.
  4. In the far corner of the same area as the previous three.
  5. On a broken bridge after the top of the climbing zones.
  6. On a broken bridge after the top of the climbing zones, just after the fifth.
  7. Appears after defeating two trolls near the end.
  8. Appears after defeating two trolls near the end.
  9. On the left on the last platform.
  10. On the right on the last platform.

Floating Islands

  1. Defeat the three enemies at the start, rises out of the ground.
  2. On top of the wall with the eight torches.
  3. On the platform nearest the start.
  4. On a tiny bit of stonework just up from three.
  5. On a medium sized platform with a canopy near the start.
  6. On a medium sized platform with a canopy near the start.
  7. Under a canopy on a medium sized platform near the start.
  8. On a medium sized platform with a canopy near the start.
  9. Under a medium sized platform with a canopy near the start, round the back.
  10. On a bit of bridge with a piece leaning off, next to the fifth torch.
  11. Underneath number 10, next to a save point.
  12. Under a long bit of bridge.
  13. Under a little bit shorter bit of bridge near number twelve.
  14. Underneath a torch, just up from the circular grass platform.
  15. On the left of the area through the two doors.
  16. Above the level exit, fly up the blue wall.
  17. On the second Elite Enemy's platform at the top.
  18. On the second Elite Enemy's platform below number seventeen.

#18 cynder fan47 22:53:22 24/12/2012

you are not worry you are right.
#17 miniquiny999 18:27:57 07/07/2011
i have like 5 left
#16 PetalPool 20:59:06 20/02/2011
Bah x.x i dont understand the floating island one...
i only need one of the blue crystals to get 100% x3 lol
#15 Thunderdragon14 16:23:37 19/12/2010
finding all the gems was easy as saying PIE smilie
#14 Spyrosparx 07:45:43 02/08/2009
I won't be able to find them.
#13 shadows 20:16:21 05/06/2009
If you beat the game 100%, you will unlock the enemies gallery, if i not wrong.
#12 spyrogirl100 20:23:34 20/05/2009
what hapens wehn you beat the game 100%
#11 Hydra1993 17:06:40 19/04/2009
thanks for the info it really helped
#10 Cosmic_Dragon 03:18:45 02/04/2009
Thank you! That information will come in handy! smilie
#9 pikachu 10:26:57 30/03/2009
cool thanks i completed these now i was stuck
#8 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 00:04:23 05/03/2009
Ah yeah, thanks.
#7 Cynder94 18:24:35 04/03/2009
dark52! Ruin of Warfang has 13 blue gem clusters! You wrote 12! :lspyro:
#6 Spyros_fan 00:12:30 17/02/2009
I'm missing 1 on floating islands, then Ill get 100% YAY! Is the Enemy thingie in the bonus thing good? I think I just have to fight three people at start...
#5 cynder111 04:51:14 15/02/2009
no scene!!!!!!!!!!!!1
#4 spyro cooly 23:54:06 31/01/2009
i cant find the last one on floating islands i dunno what your talking about it's hard 2 understand
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