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The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon is the third in a trilogy of games and the third mobile game in the series made by The Mighty Troglodytes.

European Union Sep 2008


Button Move
1, 2, 3 Jump
1, 2, 3 while gliding Glide
4, 6 Walk
5 Attack
8 Look down
8 + 8 Drop down
# Display quick help


You'll find gems inside crystals. The red ones will refill your health, blue refills your breath bar and purple refills both.


If you're right next to an enemy or a switch you will use melee otherwise you use the breath that you last got, you don't get to choose in this game. If you've run out of breath you just melee.

Now, on with the walkthrough!

#30 Spyro 1 fan 04:32:50 26/05/2014
I saw a video of it and it and it was Awsome! So I am going to ask my Dad to buy it.

What is wrong with you people it is spyro!

Hmmm I think I ackshully saw the X Box vertion not the phone vertion.Sory.
#29 Sparxspade 14:22:28 08/04/2014
I agree it's probably dumb, but it's Spyro so I want to play it. How and where do I get it on my phone. And can I get it on my phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4
#28 dragongeek101 04:38:16 02/11/2011
most mobile games aren't good especially if it based on a movie or videogame.
#27 XxXSpyrosXxX 00:33:03 25/09/2011
smilie smilie i no are more inpresun
#26 madison-dwrd 21:49:01 18/09/2011
What phone is this game for?
#25 zoobatron960 09:12:33 23/06/2011
I dont think it looks very good.
#24 DarkCynder10 04:00:01 13/02/2011
Question: Why is Malefor gold on this, and not purple? o.o
#23 DragonGuardianX 21:46:13 21/12/2010
"Mobile Version" means that you play it on something like the iPhone or any other mobile phone capable of playing "Mobile" video games.
#22 CleoTheGood 16:29:48 11/12/2010
I don't mean to sound stupid, but what is mobile? Sorry if that's a stupid question, and no I am not an old granny, it's just that I've never heard of the term "Mobile Version."
#21 Ice Dragoness 10:15:07 13/09/2009
i got this on my mobile its not that good, it misses out levels and the story's wrong, its to easy aswell.
#20 cynder9087 22:13:55 09/05/2009
i no the mobil vsi is so stupid i beat it in like 5min
#19 bionicle2809 12:11:13 11/01/2009
Ok, I found a place to download it onto my computer and then I put it on my phone and I completed it in what, 20 minutes? The easiest game ever... Mind you, it was the lower version, like it only had Malefor as a boss and Cynder wasn't there and stuff, and it had only 5 levels.
#18 American Spyro 23:53:40 30/12/2008
The moble game sounds stupid and unfun.
#17 bionicle2809 10:47:08 26/10/2008
Quote: Dark52
This mobile game isn't very good, I don't really recommend spending money on it.

K, thanks for the advice.
#16 Dragonhope 19:12:11 18/10/2008
Quite a disgrace for Spyro. Like I guessed, the mobile games would always end up with a 0.
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