Malefor's Lair

0 x Blue Gem Cluster 0 x Red Life Crystal 0 x Green Magic Crystal 0 x Armour 0 x Elite Enemy

Malefor's Lair

Malefor's attacks will alternate between a single fireball and a burst of several. As they get close simply roll out of the way. Get close to Malefor and attack him with both your melee and elemental attacks, he should give off plenty of gems to help you. Dodge occasionally when he swipes or breathes a purple breath and keep on hitting him. Each time he zooms off just fly over to his new location and resume the attack.

Once his health bar is depleted you'll start a quick time event. Jump and then light melee to avoid Malefor's attacks. If you fail you'll just need to redo a bit of health and try the quick time event again. There'll be a brief cutscene and we continue.

Much the same as the previous section. Fly over to Malefor and continue the assault. He's got a new purple attack very similar to the multi-fireballs but they seek you out a bit better. Roll to dodge them a couple of times. Another new attack is an Ice one, it's quite strong so make sure to avoid it, it doesn't seek you out but it does have a wide spread when it detonates.

Same as before, once the health bar is depleted it's quick time event time. Jump to dodge his punch, jump again, light melee and then rapidly tap heavy melee. Again failure just adds a bit of health back and you try again.

It's not over yet, he'll cast a purple bubble around himself which will now protect him from all your attacks. Well, nearly all. Keep attacking the bubble with your melee until your Fury Meter is full. Activate your Fury and finish him off.

Rapidly tap light melee to activate a purple burst from Cynder and then a light melee from Spyro to hit Malefor. Rapidly jump to get away from Malefor's grasp and then finally hit heavy melee to complete the fight and the game.

#90 Nikola 12:14:28 14/03/2011
try it (I can not English.Google translates it bad.)
#89 cynderulez 21:37:56 13/03/2011
you press a button on the d-pad twice (at least i think thats what its called)
#88 Nikola 08:55:41 13/03/2011
So how is switched on.
#87 Nikola 08:54:02 13/03/2011
How do I turn the fifth element?
#86 GamingMaster_76 12:23:04 04/02/2011
In all honesty...

Bowser in Super Mario Galaxy 2 was harder. :I At least with him, I didn't have to stand behind while holding a button.
#85 Thunderdragon14 14:53:14 06/12/2010
in the first battle malefor can use the purple ball things in my game
the only things he learned in the second one is the ice balls and that purple bubble
#84 awsome spyro 03:35:39 07/11/2010
Hold L1 + Right, Right, Down, Down, Left :Infinite Health
#83 cynderulez 00:45:48 11/10/2010
hey how do you use the health cheat? i know what it is i just don't know where to enter it.... thx smilie
#82 darkcynder951 02:09:27 05/09/2010
ugh... iwant to beat it as cynder but i keep on dying.
#81 awsome spyro 22:36:47 28/08/2010
I have an idea where cynder finds an emerald.Ignitus tells her it is the "emerald of love" and tells her to destroy it. Cynder uses it on spyro and spyro falls in love with cynder. Ignitus finds out and tells cynder to reverse the effects of the emerald or spyro will turn in to his dark side permenently. In the game you play as cynder.(there still kids and it is after "a new beginning")
#80 DarkCynder X 10:40:02 28/08/2010
I Died but i did it!it was hard on my Wii!pretty hard!smilie rocks!
#79 cynderulez 18:52:41 06/08/2010
i got to the part where it was like slow-motion where you have to press the buttons and then kill him cause he has so little life left...but then it just kept doing the slow-mo part! i think my game has a glitch and i'm sad smilie
#78 LTU Spyro 01:12:43 26/07/2010
I cried when smilie said to :lspyro: 'i love you'.
#77 CynderFan23 15:03:37 08/07/2010
i heard that there was gonna be a new game call the darkest hour. turns out i heard it got changed to the eternal night! but that could just be a rumor. oh this level is SO EASY i killed malefor with out dying almost every time. but they didn't make clear on the game what happened to malefor.all we saw was him being taken down by spirit... um dragons!
#76 CynderFan23 14:59:56 08/07/2010
if they don't make another spyro i'm gonna die from lack of new spyro games!!!
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