Floating Islands

18 x Blue Gem Cluster 2 x Red Life Crystal 1 x Green Magic Crystal 0 x Armour 2 x Elite Enemy

Floating Islands

Light the two torches in front of you and then kill the trio of enemies that are attacking. Once all three are dead a Blue Gem Cluster will rise from the ground nearby. Fly to the left end of the wall here and if you fly off the edge and go upwards you should be able to reach a Blue Gem Cluster on top of the wall, roll if the wind is too strong to land.

Head down to the righthand end of the wall and jump off it again, land on a platform just off from the start where there's the third Blue Gem Cluster. Jump up to the next platform where there's a Blue Gem Cluster on a tiny bit of stonework, drop onto the next platform and light the third torch, you'll first have to smash a bit of purple crystal covering it.

Jump up the short distance to the fifth Blue Gem Cluster, up to another Blue Gem Cluster and that up a little further to a Red Life Crystal and a Blue Gem Cluster. Drop down to the right where there is yet another Blue Gem Cluster, there are quite a few in this level. And to get another Blue Gem Cluster drop down onto the grassy part of this platform below and go around the back.

Your next destination is the solitary platform on the right with the fourth torch to light on it. Once you've lit it turn around and dive downwards to the circular grassy platform below. Kill the Grublins on it and then just underneath on the near side you'll find the game's final Green Magic Crystal.

Jump back up onto the platform and then down the other side to a section of bridge with a bit leaning off to the left. Smash the Blue Gem Cluster on here and then smash the purple crystal blocking the fifth torch right next to it.

Drop down onto the grass on the other side of this bridge bit and smash the Blue Gem Cluster to the right of the save point. Continue heading in the same direction away from the main door and fly onto the bottom of a platform with a long bit of bridge on it. At the far end at the bottom is a Blue Gem Cluster.

Fly across the way to another smaller island with a bit of bridge on it, there's another Blue Gem Cluster on the grass at the bottom.

Fly back to the last save point and then fly up the slope of a platform to the left of it. Here you'll find some more enemies and a thing which throws out staples that inhibit your movement. Smash this as quickly as you can otherwise you'll find yourself getting stuck whilst attackin the other enemies. If you get stapled smash the purple crystal holding the tether down to get free of it.

Once you've killed the enemies light the torch on here before flying up the rest of the slope towards another platform, one with a kind of circle of brown in the green part and a torch on the stone part. Once that's lit fly up to the left where you'll find the final torch to light. After lighting it drop down onto the grass on the other side and smash the Blue Gem Cluster there.

The door has opened but first you will want to take care of that Elite Enemy Wyvern that just appeared. It's over by the large bridge piece that should be down to the right of where you are. The easiest way that I find to kill it is to use the secondary Ice Breath attack, 'Snow Storm'. This rapidly depletes its health.

Once you've killed the Elite head on back towards the door you started the level by. Once you go through the doors they will shut behind you so make sure to have all the collectibles first.

Pull the lever next to the far door to enter the final area. Avoid the enemies at first focusing instead on the three staple machines that are dotted around the area. Once those have been smashed start attacking the enemies. Once you've killed a second wave of these the large Troll will attack. Once you manage to kill it a wall above will smash, this leads through to the end of the game so don't go down there just yet.

On the left side of the area you'll find a Blue Gem Cluster to collect. Climb the climbing zone and stand in front of the exit. Fly up the blue wall on the right to get to a Blue Gem Cluster on the part above. At the far end glide down towards the Blue Gem Cluster on the next platform and the final Red Life Crystal.

The final Blue Gem Cluster is down a layer on this same platform right under the previous one. Drop down onto the lower part of this platform and an Elite Enemy will appear. Smash the mask in the usual manner and defeat this enemy that you should have had a lot of practice with in this level. Electricity is great for keeping it from attacking you, just like it is with all other enemies.

Once you've killed it you should have all the collectibles that the game has to offer. Fly back to the main platform and go through the hole in the wall at the top, get into the gust of wind to let it take you the rest of the way.

The gust will take you straight to Malefor's Lair.

#22 Jacquesgirl 04:28:38 11/10/2012
to JamesFakeman:

I believe it is inspired by Dream Weavers! 8D

Kinda how Avalar got a few things from Ripto's Rage/Gateway to Glimmer
#21 JamesFakeman 13:43:40 03/10/2012
Great level! Reminds me of Dream Weavers! This is the best level in the game!
#20 Malonya 02:01:43 20/11/2011
Yea, this level is awesome in so many ways, these r FLOATING islands!! (kinda reminds me of AVATAR)...
Its like when you just relax between fighting, and you basically light the fires and fly. and u just relax and fly, while taking in placid scenery of MALEFOR'S MOUNTAIN!!!
#19 SpyroAdict 19:14:24 05/09/2011
I defeated the 3 enemies at the beginning but no blue crystal poped up, is there a specific way you have to kill them? or does the crystal not pop up if you already got it (I cant remember weather I already got it or not)?
#18 miniquiny999 18:21:42 07/07/2011
i cal this
air hawiey
#17 dragonwings_987 13:35:49 02/07/2011
I loved how this level is like a break in the game besides from all of the fighting in the previous levels. In floating islands, you can fly around everywhere which is my favorite part, and you dont HAVE to fight unless you're in the building with the boss. smilie
#16 GamingMaster_76 12:21:41 04/02/2011
This is my favorite level. It is not as pretty or fun as Avalar, but it was the most free in exploration, it had a nice view, and it had a nice fighting balance smilie
#15 CynderFan23 16:12:18 26/07/2010
level = hardish =)
#14 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 14:26:37 06/04/2010
You need to light all of the torches for the door to open.
#13 iCool Beans 23:03:12 05/04/2010
great guide, but i have one problem.
i beat the giant troll thing, and the elite boss properly but the door from where i came from isn't open??
i don't see what the problem is.. am i missing something?
there's one blue crystal that i didn't get, does that matter? it's up high and the wind keeps blowing me away.. so i skipped it.
does this have an impact on whether or not the doors open?
#12 IciMousy 17:50:51 30/12/2009
I'm having trouble beating the last elite boss. I have defeated all the other ones. His mask is gold/yellow so I use electricity, but that does not work. So then I tried all of the other elements and they didn't work either (not that I expected them to). I also tried having both Spyro and Cynder in all gold Armour and attacking him but that didn't work either. Nothing seems to phase him to throw off the mask. Any suggestions? or is my CD just corrupt and is glitchy?
#11 Awesome Sparx 05:36:43 29/08/2009
This level reminds me a lot of this other PS2 game I have called Kya Dark Lineage. Lot's of floating islands.
Yeah, the veiw of Malefor's lair is really good. This is also my favourite level.
#10 Elemental Spyro 02:46:24 11/08/2009
This level is my favorite, your flying most of the time, cool enemies, Awsome view of Melafor's Lair, and its just cool.
#9 allmightyspyro 18:16:59 26/06/2009
i killed all of em in a day
#8 willard45 23:28:00 25/05/2009
i didnt defeat any elite enemies either at least i dont think i did
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