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Spyro the Dragon

Spyro the Dragon

Meet Spyro the Dragon - he's a fiesty little flame-spouting dragon on a GIGANTIC, 'go-anywhere', 3D adventure!

  • Packed with puzzles and enchanting adventures. Collect treasures, recover stolen family jewels and discover hidden regions.
  • Dragons come to life with hints as you free them from their spells. Enemies run and hide, hit each other, fire cannons, throw snowballs and even "moon" you.
  • Take full flight in secret Treasure Rounds. Shoot down planes, fly through rings and arches and more!
Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon
North America Sep 9th 1998 European Union Oct 23rd 1998 Japan Apr 1st 1999
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#45 ih8u2 11:51:45 18/06/2006
fodder, check out the walkthroughs on that page. this page is for spyro 1. the link to the walk through is near the top of the right hand side of the page.
#44 Blacksheep 02:34:12 18/06/2006
I loved this game...the one that started it all. I was upset that Gnasty only took two hits though.....I was kind of wishing for more of a fight.
#43 Rattie 19:02:52 16/06/2006
i'm looking for the spyro dragon eggs in spyro year of the dragon and enter the dragonfly. do you know where i could go to find the information. if you do post it and let me know!
#42 Fodder 16:43:09 14/06/2006
I think spyro is the coolest because i am a total dragon fanatic smilie smilie smilie smilie
#41 ih8u2 10:26:28 09/06/2006
i think u got the wrong game...but i normally used the superspeed thingies that were lying around (the arrows on the ground or those stars in the air) go through every speed thing you can find and pick up any ammo u see. that's wut i did.
#40 sisi 15:05:34 07/06/2006
ok, yeah, could any1 here help me with this game!!!!!????!?!?
i find it physically impossible to win any of those races against these riptocs things.... for some reason, i can get up to 3rd, but is there any trick to winning these races?????????

thanx in advance smilie
#39 nat 14:26:28 04/06/2006
spyro rox its the best game eva smilie
#38 ghjgfhk 20:01:40 25/05/2006
spryo is so cool!
#37 Black Minx 17:17:12 20/05/2006
I love it. I just loved it.
#36 Soros the Keybearer 14:36:37 20/05/2006
Decent game to say the least. Gnasty was a push over! Gnasty's Loot was dull. Every where there were gems, gems, GEMS!!! It was maddening trying to find them all! Although there was an interesting portrait of Gnasty in 1 of the rooms...What could that be for? Maybe I'll never know...
#35 the red fox 00:44:26 16/05/2006
Havent played it for 5 years so I'm playing again but since I play, Spyro a Hero's Tail for to long Iget the whole thing screwed like flaming a big brutly gnorce with "squaure" when you realise that your really supposed to press "circle" and get yourself killed.
#34 Crashfan25 13:32:30 08/05/2006
Good game.
#33 Wert 21:45:25 04/05/2006
Oh yes, this is the best game ever, but...IT DOES NOT EVEN HAVE AN ALTHOUGH, IT IS THE BEST THING EVER TO GRACE MY PS2...I have spoken my peace smilie
#32 Toastie 06:10:51 25/04/2006
THis is the cutesest of all spyro games i think the graphics so primitive compared to ps2 and stuff but the music is soo coolsmilie well ithink so! smilie ANd spyro although cute has the WORST voice it soooo doesn't suit him!!!!
#31 ih8u2 23:47:47 24/04/2006
1st of all, Ross, your story's cute, even though i don't know you.

2nd of all, i just discovered this site and have way too much free time, so i'm goin on a postin spree

3rd of all, this game started my love for platforming and that spunky little purple dragon. I remain loyal, and the vugames aren't too bad, (except frustrating ETD, that was terrible, but handhelds seem alright and AHT is alright as far as games in general go) and i loved this franchise from the getgo. Sure, this game may not seem as full of stuff as the other two, but it was creative, fun, and innovative, just what spyro should always be. All of u who just like spyro b/c of AHT, please buy the trilogy, its awesome

4th of all, spyro is said to be handsome, but i think he's ADOWABLE!
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