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Spyro the Dragon

Spyro the Dragon

Meet Spyro the Dragon - he's a fiesty little flame-spouting dragon on a GIGANTIC, 'go-anywhere', 3D adventure!

  • Packed with puzzles and enchanting adventures. Collect treasures, recover stolen family jewels and discover hidden regions.
  • Dragons come to life with hints as you free them from their spells. Enemies run and hide, hit each other, fire cannons, throw snowballs and even "moon" you.
  • Take full flight in secret Treasure Rounds. Shoot down planes, fly through rings and arches and more!
Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon
North America Sep 9th 1998 European Union Oct 23rd 1998 Japan Apr 1st 1999
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#2713 MrsSpyro01 08:30:58 08/10/2021
This was the very first Spyro game my siblings and I ever played. I remember when my dad first bought a PS1 and it came with a disk that had demos of 4 games on it. One of those games being Spyro 1. We enjoyed the demo so much, that our dad eventually bought us the full version of the game, and then when Ripto’s Rage came out, he bought us that game, then Year of the Dragon. My siblings and I played the c**p out of that trilogy. Our dad would sometimes play the first game and Ripto’s Rage with us, but he never had the chance to play Year of the Dragon. I originally played these games just because I found them to be fun. I had no idea I was going to become the HUGE Spyro fan I am now.
#2712 SparkStarMAS89 13:25:37 01/07/2021
I will be doing a playthrough of this game on my yourtube channel if anybody is interested? Just search my name on here in youtube and you will find me.
I love Spyro with all my heart and soul. He has saved me from a horrible school life and has remained with me ever since.
Nobody has to watch my videos of course but I thought I should put it on here. You all seem as passionate as me.
#2711 Jaggedstar 00:05:30 11/02/2021
ily spyro xx
#2710 G Hypernova 18:15:51 29/01/2021
One of my favorite games of all time...
#2707 Spiros 07:38:32 16/01/2020
Series peak right here.
#2706 Spyro Cynder123 03:36:12 04/12/2018
I finally got this game to today on eBay and I started playing it
And my god I love it
Like, My Spyro growing up was Legend of Spyro but this game is amazing
I’ll get the reunited Trilogy but I’ll enjoy the classic
#2705 JamesFakeman 12:27:28 09/09/2018
Happy 20th Birthday! smilie Legendary game!
#2704 willspyro 08:20:44 09/06/2018
I really like this game even though it is very different compared to the other two games. =
#2703 SuperSpyroFan 16:10:33 27/03/2018
There's enough evidence that Spyro is coming home! smilie Even if we don't get an announcement in March. And this also goes to show that Skylanders is a spin-off series all along.
#2702 RabbitMorgue 18:33:40 22/03/2018
Can't wait to at least play the demo of the remaster! :D
#2701 Spry the dragon 23:45:48 16/03/2018
The moment a spyro trilogy remaster is officialy anounced I WILL DIE!
A year later if its on the switch I’LL DIE AGAIN!!!!!
Got proof of a remake?
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