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The Beast Makers Homeworld

Treasure 300 Gems | Dragons 2 Dragons

'These Dragons are responsible for bringing forth all new species of living creatures into the world. They choose to live in swamps, in tumble-down wood platforms, on stilts in the mud flats and in hollowed-out trees in the thick forests. Here they can find natural clay, roots and other materials to do their work in peace.'

As soon as you arrive, you should notice the butterfly creatures, which here are chicken things with spots. Also, you should notice the Gnorcs nearby that have the power of electricity. The platforms they stand on will glow light blue when they are live, and will hurt you if you stand on them at this time. Charge or jump across the platforms to kill the Gnorcs charging them when they aren't.

Dragon #47/80 - Bruno
Location - Right after the two electric fields
Colour - Grey

Jump over to the right and along the platforms. Flame the large boars that'll charge at you as if you charge at them, you'll be hurt.

Dragon #48/80 - Cleetus
Location - Over by a well and a large building
Colour - Green

Make sure to go down the well for some more gems. Work your way around the level until you reach a pyramid type thing with very steep steps. Go up these and to the right. Then right at the corner, glide over to the platform in the green water. Here you'll find a key for that locked chest you may have seen earlier.

Once you've collected all 300 of the Gems, it's time to start a level.

Terrace Village

Treasure 400 Gems | Dragons 2 Dragons

The portal to here is located right near the start of the level.

Right from the off, you'll see one of the level's Gnorcs. He is a large, purple Gnorc with an electric rod in his hand. If you get too close he'll shoot at you with it. Just flame him. Oh, and be careful not to fall into the green stuff here, it'll kill you in one go. You'll also notice another small type of Gnorc. These wear a full suit of metal clobber, with two things jutting out the front. They will try to electricute you too, so charge these down before they can.

Dragon #49/80 - Claude
Location - Just through the first big building
Colour - Blue

Go right a bit from here to find a red firework, fire it and it'll smash one of the two unbreakable chests nearby. Again, just work your way through the level.

Dragon #50/80 - Cyprin
Location - After a few more of the electric fields
Colour - Red

After the next field, jump down before you go on, and collect the gems down there. Then work your way around till you get back to where you were before, then carry on.

After the whirlwind, jump over to the shelf above where you were shortly before, but not onto the electric field shelf. You can use the spinny chest thing to hit the electrician. At the top of this structure, glide to the left and round the corner to land on another platform.

A jump later and you'll find yourself in a place with a couple of rockets in. Flame them both and then go to where they each went to collect the last gems of the level.

Misty Bog

Treasure 500 Gems | Dragons 4 Dragons

The portal here is around half-way through the homeworld.

Go round the back of where you start to see a Gnorc catch one of the chicken things. Then, jump over the water in the normal direction. Here you should watch out for hungry trees. They have eyes in them and will suddenly rush at you with their mouths wide open. Flame 'em, charging don't work.

On the next bit are some attack frogs. These will flip their tounges out at ya. Don't hesitat to charge or flame them as they show no mercy.

Dragon #51/80 - Rosco
Location - On a platform just after those trees
Colour - Dark Green

Jump down to the right to take care of a Gnorc and boar. Then, jump back up and glide down to the pier below. In the middle of this pathway, jump over to the left and take care of another Gnorc who is trying to capture a chicken thing. Then head up the tree trunks nearby and glide down to some more attack frogs. Kill 'em. Work your way through the next room full of frogs and Gnorcs.

Dragon #52/80 - Damon
Location - After the frogs and Gnorcs
Colour - Dark Green

Once you've got the gems that are a little further on, head all the way back to the pier and jump down the hole by the fairies.

Dragon #53/80 - Zeke
Location - Just down the hole
Colour - Grey

A few more boars and Gnorcs around here, they tend to kill each other.

Dragon #54/80 - Bubba
Location - Right next to the Return Home vortex
Colour - Blue

Stand on the post nearest the Return Home vortex, and then jump over onto a wall on the left. Then, jump up onto a kinda stepway up to the top of a building. Next, when you've got all the gems, glide over to the left and land on a tree trunk in the water. Follow it up to another pier with another load of Gnorcs on. Charge 'em all down and grab the last of the gems.

Tree Tops

Treasure 500 Gems | Dragons 3 Dragons

What is regarded by some as the most difficult level in the game, if not the whole of the Spyro series, is here now. The entrance is by a large tree just before a bridge. If you're inexperienced at this level, bring a lot of lives.

A random green thief will suddenly take off as soon as you begin the level, if you're quick enough you might be able to catch it. You'll also see two of the Gnorcs for this level straight away as well. There is a large Gnorc which stands on it's hands and will kick you if you get too close, and a smaller Gnorc who will throw a yellow thing at you. Work your way through here until you get to a window. Head out of the one on the right and follow it through until you grab a key. Then carry on through here and explore the circular area above. Then, glide to the left and free a dragon from its' crystal prison.

Dragon #55/80 - Lyle
Location - Over there
Colour - Green

Charge down the ramp and land on a platform not far away. Then, glide over to another super-charge and follow it down until you smash into an unbreakable chest, thereby breaking it. Then glide on down to an area below which is right next to the Return Home vortex.

Jump into the whirlwind and walk up the super-charge. After cleaning out the inside, head back out to the top of the super-charge ramp and jump off to the right and down onto a spiralling ramp. Jump into the whirlwind here to get all the way back to the start of the level. This time go past the window and out onto the ledge just right of it. Glide down to where you can see a deep red thief. You probably won't catch it, but open the locked chest and move along up to the dragon.

Dragon #56/80 - Isaak
Location - The top of a super-charge ramp
Colour - Green

Are you? Well charge down the nearby ramp and jump at the end in order to smash into an unbreakable chest you saw earlier on. Jump back to the spiral walkway and back up in the whirlwind. Head all the way back to where you last found a dragon, and charge down the super-charge. Head off to the right at the end of it (remember to jump right at the end of the ramp, still hold charge though) and along the spiral path you've used before. Charge along here and out the other side to land on another super-charge ramp, carry on super-charging and fly off the end to land on the bit above where the Return Home vortex is. Flame the red thief here to get a gem.

Now, once again head all the way back to the start and head out of the window again. Go on until you reach the dragon spot out here. This is the difficult part now. Charge down the ramp and head to the right and carry on charging down here. Then as you reach the end, head right again and charge backwards up the ramp and then jump off to the right again and head up another ramp, then right at the end of this one you will need to be going fast and to jump perfectly in order to land on the platform in front of you.

The green thief from the start is here, so flame him for a nice pink gem. And of course, free the dragon.

Dragon #57/80 - Jed
Location - After a series of difficult jumps
Colour - Red

Now head home.

Wild Flight

Treasure 300 Gems

Yep, another flight level. This one's located right at the bottom of the well.

First go after the boats. While you're chasing them, also go through any archways you can. When you've got both sets, then go after the chests. Once you've got them all, fly in the opposite direction to the planes and flame them. Four planes go around with each other in two sets of four, if you know what I mean.


Treasure 500 Gems | Dragons 1 Dragon

And the boss level? So soon? Yep. Right near to the balloonist.

As soon as you get up the stairs, one of the big feet kicking things will fire a metal version of the small things from Tree Tops at you. Charge it to kill it. Work your way throught to the dragon.

Dragon #58/80 - Sadiki
Location - Right before Metalhead
Colour - Purple

However, before fighting big ol' Metalhead, you should probably finish up outside. Jump down into the moat at the far side (well, the side nearest you) and land on a small platform just before a broken grate. Walk around in here and grab the key. Then go into the whirlwind. After landing, glide over to another highup place to get some more gems. That should be all the ones out here, so go back to the dragon and into the realms of Metalhead.


To take out Metalhead, charge into the poles that are sitting around him. Only do so when they are green though as otherwise it'll hurt. Once you've got rid of them all he'll run off to another room.

Repeat here and it's the end for the head of metal. Now head back to the steps where you came into this room and jump onto the platform on the left. Work your way around until you get under the waterfall and open the locked chest. This should complete your gem collection for this level. So leave.

Cray the BalloonistCray the Balloonist

Once out of the level, walk along to Cray the Balloonist and go off to the Dream Weavers world.

#47 StalkerSnake 18:16:51 07/11/2013
#46 SHINEDOWN45 21:37:08 08/09/2013
#45 SigmundSeal 17:28:05 13/07/2013
Jed is easy to get. Next to the super-charge ramp where Lyle is, you should notice a narrow ramp. Jump off the super-charge ramp & head right until you land on the narrow ramp. Jump off the narrow ramp & glide at the top of your jump & you would land at Jed. In short, jump off the super-charge, head right to the skinny ramp & jump off.
#44 Spyrocouture01 21:07:56 03/03/2013
This is my least favorite homeworld and I especially hate Tree Tops.
#43 Brokensoul 01:41:47 16/12/2011
Has anybody noticed how the different colored theifs in Treetops guide you? And HOLY CRAP Sadiki is a PURPLE dragon??!?!?!??!?!?!? AND Claud looks exactly like Spyro- but bigger smilie.
#42 Brokensoul 01:39:25 16/12/2011
Really? TREETOPS is the HARDEST level?!?!??!?!?!?! Wow, I though it would be Misty Bog because of the attack frogs... ugh! I hate that level SOOOOO much!!!!! smilie
#41 Dragon-year 01:28:20 04/09/2011
Me and my sister found a glitch to get the last dragon on the island!!!(Treetops)
Instead of going straight off the supercharge, go left as soon as you jump off. You should be able to hit the whirlwind, go up it, and as soon as you start gliding, turn around and press triangle. You should now be on the island with the green theif and the dragon!
#40 miniquiny999 19:15:09 07/07/2011
mostof the dragons in tretops have a louweseana aksent
#39 Azul10166 14:42:38 11/06/2011
In one of these levels my game always freezes. And I wouldn't have saved for like an hour or two so I would have to start over.
#38 adjam91 20:53:44 28/10/2010
strange. he didnt do so badly in tree tops
#37 adjam91 19:53:17 30/09/2010
there is this video on youtube of this guy playin misty bog and commenting about it. he must have died like a dozen times. it was really funny to watch but also really painful. the guy on the video calls himself spyrojam86
go to youtube
type in
spyro 1 my commentary misty bog
its the attack frogs that cause most problems. the easiest way to defeat them is to flame them at a safe distance because they can hit you before you hit them is you charge them
#36 adjam91 18:18:13 30/09/2010
That Bubba Dragon is my favourite in the whole game. He is so violent yet funny
#35 adjam91 18:17:09 30/09/2010
I disagree. Tree top is so awesome and fun. I think that Beast Makers worlds are among the hardest but they are my favourite. Those attack frogs are annoying though and they're annoyingly common. Metalhead is weird. Have you noticed his weird hairdo.
#34 Crashfan25 20:04:48 07/07/2010

#33 PsychoBlaster 02:18:19 17/06/2010
Those trees in Misty Bog scared the crap out of me when I was younger.
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