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Skill Points

Each game has their own set of Skill Points to complete, these are difficult or out of the way tasks that will earn you a bonus life for completing.

As Spyro the Dragon did not originally have Skill Points all of these are brand new for the Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

While you could recreate the circumstances for some of these in the original game others revolve around new objects that did not previously exist and are therefore only possible in the new game.

Artisans: Reach tricky platform

This is just the platform next to the path to the balloonist that you jump to from the hill in front of the maze.

Stone Hill: Burn the hidden pink tulip

Found on the upper area just above the tunnel in the shepherd area.

Town Square: All bulls stuck

To get a bull to get stuck with his horns in the ground you simply charge into him. Leave each one of them stuck, there are eight total, don't forget the one up by Thor.

Peace Keepers: Scare 6 Gnorcs into tents

Be careful to only flame one out of each group of the red hatted Gnorcs in order to scare the others into the tents. There are three groups each near to some tents. In the original game they each needed to be scared but you only need to defeat one Gnorc out of the three groups to get all of the others to be scared of you now.

Doctor Shemp: Perfect

This simply means to not take any damage while fighting Doctor Shemp, damage taken in the rest of the level does not matter. If you do take damage just jump over the side and respawn at Trondo to try again.

High Caves: Burn hidden painting

The hidden painting is in the room after the two green druids moving the platforms they're standing on. Turn to the right as you go in and it's quite high up so you'll need to jump from the entrance to reach it.

Blowhard: Ride a Druid platform for 10 seconds

The druid platforms are the ones that the green druids move around, simply sit on one for 10 seconds without killing the druid that's making it move.

Terrace Village: No electric floor damage

You have to get all the way to the Return Home vortex room to get this to count.

Metalhead: Perfect

Again this is just for the boss fight part of the level. Watch out for his direct attacks as well as the enemies he throws at you, you can even get him to destroy his own pylons if you stand behind them.

Dream Weavers: Secret room

Where there are two fools before Icy Flight jump on the semicircle platform and walk through the solid wall.

Haunted Towers: Burn blue wizard hat

On top of the small castle that one of the superflame fairies lives in. Glide to it from outside the top of the supercharge ramp. May need to charge, jump and glide to reach.

Lofty Castle: Destroy hidden stump

The stump is near Mudada. From his pedestal walk onto the small bridge and look to the left to see it. To reach it you need to use the supercharge, keep going from where you would normally stop and use the little bridge by Mudada to jump up to the stump and bash straight into it.

Jacques: Perfect

Again just don't get hit by any of his boxes.

Gnasty Gnorc: Perfect

As there isn't anyone in this level who can damage you except Gnasty Gnorc you have to avoid taking any damage the whole level.

#1 StormDragon21 19:46:45 01/08/2020
So, the skill point for Gnasty Gnorc says that Gnasty is the only one in the level who can damage you. However, there’s a fireworks chest in the level, which hurts you if you stand too close to it when it explodes. I tried testing this out, but I immediately got gnocked by Gnasty so it wouldn’t have counted anyway. Can someone with more skill (and perhaps save states) test this out?

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