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Demo Differences

The early demos of Spyro the Dragon had a few minor differences from the final version of the game, aside of course from not being the full game and limiting you to a few levels of the Artisans world.

Winter Releases '98

  • The silver Spyro life statues were gold coloured.
  • The Return Home portal had the final gem of the level hovering around inside it.
  • Tomas was called Silvus.
  • Dragons in Stone Hill and Dark Hollow were just text.
  • The dragon infront of Toasty wasn't there.

Crash Bandicoot 3

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square.

A more complete demo was released with Crash Bandicoot 3 which was basically the same as the normal game but had Town Square as the portal in the first area instead of Stone Hill. Dark Hollow, Stone Hill and Toasty weren't available to play but Sunny Flight was.

Demo One

An early video of the game showed the Return Home portal not only having a gem inside but the base being the same as that of the Dragon bases.

#49 SuperSpyroFan 20:44:29 19/07/2013
Why has dark52 only bothered to do a "Demo Differences" for the first Spyro, but not for the other two?
#48 RatchetJukes1 19:44:56 05/02/2013
Can you access the demo in Crash Warped with the PSN download version? Or is it only the disc version of the game?
#47 Jaggedstar 05:27:48 09/12/2012
~Floats in~
#46 L Cynder 11:30:17 02/08/2012
Wow. The demo differences seem pretty interesting.
#45 miniquiny999 19:30:38 07/07/2011
it sas infront not in front
#44 survyguy79 20:40:40 31/03/2011
I have the original on my PSP go, but I have the original Crash 3 disc, so I can olay a demo with only two levels. P.S I'm new here
#43 GamingMaster_76 11:29:09 18/04/2010
dark52, you couldn`t skip the first dragon`s cutscene, and he talked differently. also, you couldn`t replay dragons.
#42 DemonSpyro115 01:20:12 14/02/2010
lol isn't the code to unlock it sort of the same as the konami code? smilie
#41 Superspyrodude 02:45:38 21/12/2009
That's weird...
Had no idea they released demos before they finished the game completely. smilie
#40 Sheep 18:06:10 29/08/2009
I remember one of my friends had a demo of this game. He couldn't complete Dark Hollow because he didn't notice the red gem in the Return Home Portalsmilie
#39 gaul2 01:15:22 17/06/2009
how do you get in to stone hill
#38 DemonSpyro115 16:14:07 06/06/2009
Crash Warped that is a random subject to talk about
#37 American Spyro 23:32:59 04/04/2009
I was doin the spyro demo in my crash bandicoot warped game, and i didnt see a sign and the baloonist is there, he just said i will take ya to different worlds in the full version.
#36 supermalefor 06:11:06 10/01/2009
me too
#35 American Spyro 23:00:26 08/10/2008
its a good thing ive got the reel game
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