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Spyro the Dragon

Spyro the Dragon

Meet Spyro the Dragon - he's a fiesty little flame-spouting dragon on a GIGANTIC, 'go-anywhere', 3D adventure!

  • Packed with puzzles and enchanting adventures. Collect treasures, recover stolen family jewels and discover hidden regions.
  • Dragons come to life with hints as you free them from their spells. Enemies run and hide, hit each other, fire cannons, throw snowballs and even "moon" you.
  • Take full flight in secret Treasure Rounds. Shoot down planes, fly through rings and arches and more!
Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon
North America Sep 9th 1998 European Union Oct 23rd 1998 Japan Apr 1st 1999
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#30 Mortalinsect 18:39:56 19/04/2006
This is a great game.....and the best ever from all spyro games......I would recommend this game to everyone......
#29 Hannah 22:48:02 15/04/2006
This game ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO SPYRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#28 Topaz Flare 17:01:24 13/04/2006
Totally Love the first game so much! I still play it often
#27 Me 17:53:48 09/04/2006
Don't ya think Spyro is.............. well.............hansome???????????
#26 Me 00:04:17 08/04/2006
THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Next to Spyro 2:Ripto's Rage) THIS IS A MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#25 coryr 15:30:53 03/04/2006
anyone want a sweet cheat for 99 lives well go on this site

GO SPYRO!!!!!!!!
#24 spyro master 19:43:47 26/02/2006
awsome game... perfect expeccially the beast makers world...(that song makes me feel good =D) ive been playing this game for 7 years since i was 6 years old by the way only the first 3 spyro games were fun not the new ones but my golden game thats been by my side for my hole life will always be spyro th dragon! thanks ill keep in touch!!!
#23 little dragon 18:39:28 20/02/2006
this is my favorite game out of all spyro games i just stink at the flying levels like the racing levels but i love the graphics and the story line well that's it
#22 Ross 21:46:21 27/01/2006
smilie and smilie ate the smilie for smilie to give magic back to smilie but then smilie and smilie tried to kill smilie and made smilie bankrupt! though smilie and smilie defeated smilie and smilie by using smilie as a projectile!

The reason for this story I have no idea!
Moneybags is ready for gems and wumpa fruit!
#21 Xweetok lover 04:03:07 21/01/2006
U talking about spyro?And I missed all of it?:evil:so evil.smilie Talking about Spyro is,smilieXweetok(Sweet talk!)
#20 vfh 02:02:17 20/01/2006
Heres a cool trick to beating meatelhead-stand in front of those poles till he throws those monkey-gnorc thins. at the last second, dodge it, and the pole will be destroyed, even if its not safe to touch! go spyro!
#19 Jacob 13:12:11 15/01/2006
Thanks Ross, now I know how to beat Metalhead!
#18 Ross Anderson 21:17:35 14/01/2006
Defeating Bosses

Toasty: Part 1: Go up to the guard dog, flame him, back off and flame again, now go and flame toasty.
Part 2: Same as before, only now two guard dogs, it's both to flame them both at the same time, flame Toasty and you'll see his real sheep self, on sticks!
Part 3: Same, only now three guard dogs and one is behind the other two, down making sure to stay ahead of Toasty running off, flame him!

Doctor Shemp: Part 1: Step up to Shemp and he'll attempt to whack you three times in quick succesion, so be quick! Now he'll turn around, flame his but!
Part 2: Now Shemp will twist around then immediately whack, while he's turning flame his back.
Part 3: Same as Part 2 only now Shemp swings he's club low, so jump and flame back!

Blowhard: Part 1: You meet Blowhard very early in the level and he'll etempt to strike you, to avoid this stay outside the arena and when he goes low flame him.
Part 2: At the end of the level you'll meet Blowhard again, now he also throws bolts at you, so dodge them and when he gets low, if you're quick you can flame him twice, if not repeat the process.

Metalhead: Part 1: Walk into the room and Metalhead will start his attacks, they are: Throwing enemies, Electro-rings and electric lines (NOTE: If you want all of the gems then let Metalhead throw all of the enemies). How to defeat him? Charge his power poles (Metalhead can use his own attacks to destroy the poles if you go behind them, thought I don't think electro-rings work), no it's not as simple as that, when they flash red then they are about to become harmul, so don't charge red poles, when you've destroyed all of the poles Metalhead will walk away.
Part 2: Like Part 1, only more poles, more enemies, poles really close to Metalhead and acid pits, that's all that's different really, once the rest of the poles are destroyed, Metalhead will keel over dead!

Jacques: Part 1: Jacques is some kind of Jack in the box with a face that looks like Aku Aku (Crash Bandicoot's equivillent of Sparx). Jacques will run off then start throwing boxes at you. While avoiding them get close to Jacques and he'll run off again, eventually, Jacques will stand on a cube platform and won't move when you get close, just jump up nd flame him.
Part 2: Same as before, only you have to do some glides, again when he gets to a cube flame him.
Part 3: Same as before, only you may have some trouble with the last bit, as the cube is on a far away island, easiest thing to do is glide round theboxes so has not to be hit and fall into the lava below, oh and also don't glide to much round the boxes or you'll go to low, so once you're there flame Jacques!

Gnasty Gnorc: Part 1: When you get up to Gnasty he'll run off, charge after him making sure to pick up all of the gems on the way, soon enough, Gnasty will stop for breath. So give Gnasty a good ol' flame (you should be able to hit a bit of him) and he'll open up a door and start running again.
Part 2: Now same as before, only the platforms get smaller and smaller, so you've got to charge straighter and straighter. Now when Gnasty stops, approach him while avoiding his ray gun and flame to kill him!
#17 Ross Anderson 21:12:07 13/01/2006
Wicked game! So cool, though there is only one level that frustrates me and that is (drum roll) Tree Tops! It's too hard. The name makes it sound so easy, but it's so hard. Anyway, I have 8 out of the 10 Spyro games I'm sure about alot, at the moment I'm after Spyro: Attack of the Rynocs. Anyway, this games WICKED, wait I said that before. My first Spyro game was Year of the Dragon, then Gateway to Glimmer, then A Hero's Tale, then Enter the Dragonfly, then this one, then Fusion, then Season of Flame and so far Season of Ice. Out of all Spyro games I have I give this the position 4th. Great game made 8 years ago!!
#16 jw23 23:09:31 07/01/2006
Thanks again for the help dark52.
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