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#87 sparky87 02:19:02 15/11/2011
in artwork
#86 sparky87 02:18:40 15/11/2011
image 18 of 17, that is the best pic
#85 A7XSparx 18:28:12 09/08/2011
I love the new TLoS games, but I have to admit, none of them come close to as fun as this one was. smilie I loved this game. But the disc got too old and scratched up and I can't play it anymore. I wish I could.
#84 Frisby 02:14:25 05/01/2011
Thank you Sapphix!! Finally, its great to hear that someone likes the story from the new ones.
#83 sapphix 22:24:55 03/01/2011
totally irelavent but oh well to be perfectly honest this style of Spyro is always going to be the best but i dnt see why ppl complain about the new stlyle because in all fairness the story is brilliant smilie
#82 adjam91 20:06:10 30/09/2010
have you noticed the gnorcs in gnorc cove have hearts on their underwear.

also its funny to see those gnorcs mooning you at peace keepers home
#81 adjam91 20:04:46 30/09/2010
everyone seems to hate thieves but i think its quite fun to chase them. some of them are easy but some i chase for ages
#80 Azul10166 14:38:37 30/05/2010
yeah, this game is really fun! I got this when I was four, (even though it's my aunt's) and I didn't know what I was doing and I was having sooooooooooo much fun! smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie
#79 Riala 22:16:11 28/05/2010
@spyro glitcher
I Agree with you 100%
Though its very long and time consuming I enjoyed every minute of this game. With the newer games they are too short and not many side missions sadly.
The older games where more fun to me because there was something new and many things unlock. Always wanting to play more.
#78 spyro glitcher 19:19:59 25/10/2009
its loooong hard time consumeing and fun even to replay
#77 Awesome Sparx 09:22:10 19/08/2009
I like the thieves. I havn't got this game, but I'd like to, to play the first Spyro game. Looks like fun! Is it one of those games with levels, like Dawn of the Dragon, or like those games where it you play it right through, like the first two legend of Spyro ones?
#76 gaul2 17:06:30 09/07/2009
Posted Image: //www.darkspyro.net/spyrothedr.../gallery011.jpg

this looks wierd
#75 johncena 20:26:15 01/05/2009
The funniest thing I like to do to the guys in solder suits is when the shake their butts at me I get behind a cannon and shoot them in the butt and it's funny like heck an you gotta try it it is funny.
#74 spyroluva 23:55:21 23/04/2009
that's because that's older spyro---- when he's older
#73 silver dragon 12:46:52 14/04/2009
artwork, page 2 of 2 4 of 17

I thought that spyro was the only purple dragon for 10'000 years.
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