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Gnasty Gnorc

Gnasty Gnorc Name: Gnasty Gnorc
Species: Gnorc
Gender: Male
Description: Huge hulking green gnorc in yellow armour, never seen without his trusty club.
Location: Gnasty Gnorc, Gnasty's Cave
Other Info: As often is the case in Fairytales, the story of Spyro the Dragon really begins with an evil deed. It all started with a putrid green slimeball named Gnasty Gnorc who caused so much trouble in the Dragon Realms that he was banished to the Dragon Junkyard, a very unpleasant place - worse than death for any dragon. But it seemed to suit Gnasty just fine. In fact, as soon as he got there, he renamed it Gnasty's World. Gnasty always resented the Dragon communities and their pleasant and peaceful ways. More than anything though, he detested their beautiful, shiny jewels, which are not only nice to look at, but are a constant reminder of his own flaws. Gnasty wanted to show those arrogant and pretentious dragons what he was made of.

Soon, Gnasty began playing with spells as a way to cut through the boredom, and quickly found two spells that tickled his fancy. He discovered a giant spell that could trap all the Dragons in crystal, and a potion to animate those radiant gems and turn them into Gnorc soldiers. After a bit of practice, he unleashed the spells like a giant tub of gnorc-slime on the unsuspecting inhabitants of the Dragon Realms. They worked all too well...

It's rumoured that Gnasty got his spells from an old version of the Sorceress's spell book which he found in the junkyard, this is due to the striking similarity between the way Rhynocs and Gnorcs that they control are made from gems and the way that Grendor trapped fairies in crystal during the Season of Ice after taking Bianca's spell book which had previously belonged to the Sorceress.

After Gnasty's defeat at the end of Spyro the Dragon, it appeared that he was gone for good, however he turned up in the Epilogue of Year of the Dragon plotting with Ripto, this alliance never turned into anything and the next mention of Gnasty Gnorc was four years later in A Hero's Tail when he began helping Red in his own quest to corrupt the Dragon Realms. It seemed however that Gnasty had lost a lot of power over the years of absence and was only being used by Red to control the Gnorcs of the land into doing his bidding. With his memory failing Gnasty was all but a shadow of his former self, defeated quickly on Spyro's quest to destroy the Dark Gems. He did make a small cameo in Fusion as a Trading Card, but nothing more of Gnasty has been seen since.
Quote: "Ugly!? That does it!"
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