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#1005 Sharon_Spirit 20:53:51 16/11/2009
This game I NEVER will forgotsmilie
#1004 Bolt - Hunter 19:50:40 15/11/2009
Spyro got lazier eyes like Bolt!
#1003 Cynder94 19:57:13 08/11/2009
60th pic >> spyro has got laser eyes!!!!smilieDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
#1002 FireCynder 16:02:51 03/11/2009
I love this 3D effects of DOTD Spyro game.It's look so cool.:spyrosmillie:and:cyndersmillie:
#1001 SpyroTheDragon1 11:52:59 24/10/2009
This game looks epic. AND I LIKE IT!
#1000 THEdragon 08:45:32 21/10/2009
100th comment lol.

The artwork is so cool, but why isn't the warfang soldier/citezin dragon there?
#999 FearCynder 22:38:16 14/10/2009

smilie Hey Cynder, what are you looking at?
smilie The wall. What are you looking at?
smilie The wall. Hey Sparx, what are you looking at?
smilie Thw wall..... wait a sec, is that a muffin?!
smilie smilie
#998 xx chloebabez 03:56:09 06/10/2009
i SOOOOOOO Love this game smilie its gotta be my fave. smilie i dont know why some people hated it so much though smilie maby because its not all what they expected, but thats the way sierra made it and they hve to accept that. But still thumbs up for this game smilie
#997 Spyrofanart 21:45:57 04/10/2009

hunter: Hey, i can do magic!
Sparx: .........
#996 Awesome Sparx 03:51:55 20/09/2009
It's really detailed. smilie Besides how they glow, I think the graphics are really good; although I perfured it in ten and anb where the camera was different. Anyhow I'm glad it turned out the way it did! smilie I got it for Christmas and it's fun!!! smilie
When I hold down x (I have it on the ps2) when I'm above water, it's like smilie & smilie are jumping like dolphins or bouncing on the water, and then I call them water dragons! smilie
I think Sparx should be more noticable and help you find your way more though. smilie
#995 Ombre 09:48:49 14/09/2009
I wond how they add in the 3D effect on the characters??? I must be a very expenssive program
#994 THEdragon 08:57:22 09/09/2009

smilie .... Where do babies come from?
smilie Yeah, where?
#993 spyro attack 21:11:22 08/09/2009
It's awesome but I can't beat Malefor.
#992 Awesome Sparx 09:42:26 06/09/2009
I can imagine him saying that really well! smilie smilie
#991 spyro rules1 22:59:37 05/09/2009
image 56
smilie So what if im on drugs?
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