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#1066 Alydol 03:11:09 20/07/2015
I hate smilie a lot he is so you know he is jealous of spyro and is so anoying!

In image 56 it looks like sparx is complaining to spyro

Image 54:
smilie- let's drive with the orbs in our car if we can't fly with them!
smilie- sparx, we don't even have a car!
smilie- I do! *picks up car the size of dragonfly* see ya later sucker
smilie- we don't need sparx he is just a loud mouth!
smilie- (offscreen) who are you calling loud mouth?!
(Hunter pops in out of no where)
smilie (whispers to cynder) I think you looked better when you where evil!

53 of 79
Is that warrior dragon on a pet collar led by a mole?!?! Does that mole had a pet dragon smilie!

And why does cynder seem to hate spyro in the beggining and love him at the end, part of this game makes no sense!

Image 77 of 79
smilie am I gonna fall in the water, no *slides in water*... Yes........

Image 75
smilie- spyro you know what....
smilie- yes
smilie- I can handle malefor myself without you
smilie- *becomes dark spyro and claws at ignitus nine times*
smilie- maybe smilie can handle it no spyro fine you can do it
smilie really it's to good to be true!
smilie yeah but we can die
smilie I don't care I got the job that has a big pay and a get to keep my house!
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