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#90 EmeraldDragon 13:51:09 04/05/2008
I also don't understand why there is always a volcano place in nearly every Spyro game I''ve played. Which would only be A hero's Tail, ANB, and TEN. (even though there isn't one in TEN. oops.)
#89 EmeraldDragon 13:48:33 04/05/2008
Yay! They're teenagers!
But this is something strange: I get this sort of feeling when I look at them. I feel like I am one of them. It's kind of freaking me out. *shudder*
#88 onafisa 11:08:48 04/05/2008
And look at Cynder,our little girl grown up so big smilie
#87 onafisa 11:03:33 04/05/2008
I really c'ant wait to play it on PS2!!!RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAHHHHH i'm going crazysmilie
#86 TrueSpyroFAN 09:24:26 04/05/2008
i'm gettin this game for PS2!! And Dragon king, it does look like a mountain top hes on. smilie
#85 dark_fury912 05:46:52 04/05/2008
im getting this game on the ps3.
#84 Spyroboy 04:32:05 04/05/2008
Same, im getting it for ps2 aswell smilie
#83 SpyroRox 03:04:28 04/05/2008
HOLY FUDGE!!! I'm gettin' this game.... GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!! AWESOME GRAPHICS!!!!!!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!! (I'm going HYPER!!!)^O^
#82 American Spyro 22:39:32 03/05/2008
I'm getting this game for ps2 no matter what any body says, I'm getting it for ps2.
#81 DARK CINDER 20:27:43 03/05/2008
also i am SOOOOOOOOOO getting this for ps3 yes ps3 not ps2 ps3 caz i NEED TO GET IT NOW NOW smilie
#80 DARK CINDER 20:26:39 03/05/2008
WHO in 9, 10, 11 in consel vertion dose it look HAPPY and nice ITS MENT TO BE THE END OF EVRY THING THE DARK MASTER RISEING not bunnys and flowers
#79 DARK CINDER 20:23:34 03/05/2008
the games not out yet also i hope its free roming wold LIke obliveon free romeing if soo i would love it
#78 Dragon King 17:51:28 03/05/2008
sorry i forgot the you in that last comment..........
#77 Dragon King 17:50:54 03/05/2008
if look at the bottom right corner of pic 5 you will a moutain top of some kind................
#76 Dragon King 17:49:32 03/05/2008
i dont know TrueSpyroFan............

wait a sec.........................smilie OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HE IS IN FREAKIN OUTER SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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