The Destroyer

8 x Blue Gem Cluster 2 x Red Life Crystal 2 x Green Magic Crystal 2 x Armour 0 x Elite Enemy

The Destroyer

Fly the short distance forwards to the first Blue Gem Cluster on the left just before a large purple cloud covering a purple crystal on the next platform. Once you've smashed the cluster jump over to the crystal and kill the Orcs before smashing the crystal itself. Remember that if you're too close to a Purple Crystal it will steal your green gems.

After successfully smashing the first of the twelve in the level follow the platform ahead and up to the end. Looking down to the left around the corner you should be able to see another cloud marking another crystal. Fly down towards it and just below you you'll spot a Red Life Crystal. Continue down to the purple crystal once you've smashed that and you'll need to attack this one whilst flying.

Drop down and turn right, head towards the leg with a large flat platform at the base with a couple of gem clusters on. This is his front right leg. Head around the back to the left and you'll spot a Blue Gem Cluster next to another Blue Gem Cluster on a small outcrop. Smash them both and continue going around the leg/arm until you reach the purple crystal which you'll be wanting to smash.

Fly further back and smash the purple crystal on the Destroyer's stomach. You might find that you're attacked by some Wyverns so fight them off as you normally do. Once you've smashed the fourth Crystal turn around and head towards the middle, you should be able to see some climbing zones leading up onto a platform.

On the platform you'll find a chest with some Tail Armour for Spyro. Next up is a bit of wall running. Looking through the strong gust of wind between you and the fifth crystal you'll want to jump up onto the left wall and run along it, jump to the wall on the right and continue running until you reach the platform with the crystal on it.

With that smashed turn around and fly towards the back of the Destroyer and go around to the right. You'll find a platform on his back here with a bunch of Orcs on. Kill them all and then smash the Blue Gem Cluster in the dip before flying up to the purple crystal on the platform above.

This one will trigger a new crystal to appear on the Destroyer's front leg. First however there's a Blue Gem Cluster above the crystal to get. Once that's done fly back around the Destroyer and head towards his foot at the front right. A load of Orcs will attack again attempting to protect the crystal. Kill them, smash it and a large chunk of the Destroyer will fall off.

Destroyer's Wrist

Climb up the purple climbing zones on the newly exposed wall and go through the tunnel to a higher point on the arm. Fly up the lava on the right and you'll encounter an eight purple crystal to smash in the wall.

Fly a little further upwards and you'll reach another platform. Go to the left side and drop down to a chest which contains some Bracers Armour for Spyro. Climb back up and go across to the Green Magic Crystal you can see ahead of you, avoid the lava burst as you go.

Jump onto the small climbing zone on the wall and then up to the next platform above. On the right you'll see a Red Life Crystal to smash and then jump off down and go around the arm hugging the wall to the left of you until you reach a platform around the other side.

Climb the purple climbing zone at the far end of the platform, timing your jumps to avoid the lava bursts. At the top you'll find the ninth crystal to smash. Another large chunk of the Destroyer will fall off. Fly to the left around the corner hugging the wall on the right and you'll fly past a large group of the lava burst things to the tenth crystal at the end of them. Whilst smashing it try and keep out of the way of the last burst.

Yet another chunk gets dropped off. Fly up to the Blue Gem Cluster up where the Purple Crystal was and then down to the bottom of a large bit of purple climbing zone. Kill the Orcs and a save point will appear.

Under the Destroyer's Shoulder

Now it's time to fly directly up. Fly in the general direction of the large volcano in the distance whilst going upwards. Turn around and you should begin to reach the needed height to land on the platform up here. Go to the left end and you should see some blue gems. Run along the wall and you'll reach the seventh Blue Gem Cluster and the last Blue Gem Cluster of the level right next to it.

Destroyer's Nape

Get back to the large open area and get ready to fight. After a few waves of enemies a Purple Crystal will appear in the wall above just waiting for you to jump up and smash it.

Into the Destroyer's Mouth

Head into the tunnel. Once you reach the mouth you should notice something about one of its teeth, it's a Green Magic Crystal. At this point it's a good time to get a close look at the Destroyer, fly out of its mouth for a look. Fly back in and follow the path around and down further in.

Now it's time to fly. Dodge around the pillars of rock and lava until you make it to the Destroyer's heart. Attack the heart whilst avoiding the lava burst from below, they give plenty of indication of where and when they'll burst up so avoid getting hit until you get automatically flown out of the heart chamber. Dodge a few more bits of lava and you'll be back.

Keep attacking the heart and avoiding the lava, you'll fly off another time. The next go through you should smash the outer casing of the heart and reveal the crystal within. Get smashing to finish it off. Now fly out, flap your wings to go faster and outrun the lava.

It's off to the Burned Lands now.

#30 Valefor 14:52:10 22/07/2009
The Destroyer was one of my favorites. Especially when you go and attack the heart. EPIC!!!
#29 Maspanda555 01:57:03 17/07/2009
Quickie Question: What's a "nape"?
#28 shadows 20:16:51 17/06/2009
I think maybe this will help you.
In this page you will find what purple crystal you not findid, it's just you whatch the videos by "The Destroyer".
#27 willard45 23:19:17 25/05/2009
i was stuck on this for a long time cuz i couldnt fine a purple crystal good thing my friend is really obsevant or i would NEVER git outta there
#26 Bongoro77 22:45:30 19/05/2009
I know what a nape is, its the back of your neck. I just can't find it. Help?

--Sorry for the double post.... If thats not okay. If it is, nevermind this line.
#25 Bongoro77 22:43:58 19/05/2009
I have been stuck on the Destroyer level for at least 2 hours, because I just can't find the area of him labeled "The Destroyer's Nape". Could someone help me? The guidance of "Return to the open area..." doesn't really help much, because there are many, many open areas. Someone PLEASE help me?
#24 hero orc max 20:36:52 16/05/2009
i call this level tde

t the d and e destroyer
#23 spyromaster900 22:37:10 22/04/2009
help how i get in his(distroyers)mouth im clueless
#22 spyromaster900 21:02:46 22/04/2009
were do i find the 6th cristal on the distroyer i cant find it?
#21 Hydra1993 17:09:08 19/04/2009
awsome info i just found dem all yeah
#20 DraikEX 23:57:42 21/03/2009
Oh. Yeah, I should've guessed that..... *punches self*
#19 spyrochick308 03:33:43 20/03/2009
TO spyroluva :

The nape is the back of the neck smilie
#18 SPYROFANFOREVER 21:59:59 14/03/2009
this is one of my favourite levels! i love the part were you get inside him and destroy the heart! my sister thought it was a tonsil! JK!!!!!
#17 DraikEX 02:31:23 08/03/2009
Yeah? What is a nape?
#16 spyroluva 01:15:44 08/03/2009
me and spyro_freak88 loved this! by the way, what's a nape?
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