The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Called The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, this is the third and final part of the first Legend of Spyro trilogy.

The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon
North America October 21st 2008
Europe November 21st 2008
Platform Developer Age Rating
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 2
Etranges Libellules
7+ E10+ - Everyone 10+
Nintendo DS Tantalus Interactive E - Everyone


In the culmination of the trilogy, players find Spyro teaming up with an unlikely ally - Cynder, his former enemy, to face his most challenging mission to date. As the Dark Master's (voiced by Mark Hamill) evil envelopes the world like a plague, Spyro must fulfill his destiny and unlock the true power of the purple dragon within him to stop the Dark Master in his tracks.
  • First appearance on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
  • Epic culmination of "Legend of Spyro" storyline Spyro finally faces the Dark Master
  • Fly at any time – first free flight in a Spyro game
  • Drop-in/drop-out co-op play with Cynder (female dragon)
  • Both characters can complete the game separately
  • Global release Oct/Nov 2008
  • Elijah Wood voices Spyro
  • Gary Oldman as Ignitus
  • Mark Hamill is the Dark Master
  • Christina Ricci is Cynder
  • Wayne Brady is Sparx
  • Blair Underwood is Hunter
  • The game takes place three years after The Eternal Night
  • Sets of armor can be found throughout the game that can be mixed and matched or use one whole set to gain bonus abilities.
  • Spyro uses Fire, Earth, Ice and Electricity
  • Cynder uses Poison, Fear, Wind and Shadow
Spyro Cynder
Fire Earth Ice Electricity Poison Fear Wind Shadow


Three long years have passed since Spyro and Cynder were trapped in the crystal, since then Malefor has unleashed his evil onto the world. In this third chapter of the epic Legend of Spyro trilogy, Spyro must fulfil his destiny and face the Dark Master. As evil spreads over the world, Spyro and Cynder must discover new abilities and unlock their true powers to defeat Malefor and stop him from destroying the world.

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The first information on the third game was given via a Powerpoint that has since been removed.

#11520 PhotonTH 06:35:24 11/02/2016
\/ The Wii Version did a weird glitch on me one time

I landed on a piece of debris that floats up past the arena and it cared me up to a point where i was stuck and couldn't descend, but malodor was still active below me and his shots could still reach me. if it wasn't for that I would've had to reset the game oh god.

I've heard bad things about the PS2 version. I do like the Wii version but to me it's the weakest in he trilogy for several reasons.
#11519 Spyro Lover122 14:46:16 04/02/2016
V I had something like that happen to me too. It actually kept bringing health back to Malefor for some reason. Something similar happened with the Golem attack, I would go to hit him and Spyro and Cynder would disappear for a few seconds. Maybe it's supposed to do it, I have no idea.
#11518 shadowstarcat 08:50:11 04/02/2016
V I got the ps2 version first (since I didnt have a 3 at the time) but when I got the 3 I got the PS3 version. And seriously, you can see huge differences between the two.
Hey, does any one else's PS3 version do a weird thing during the malefor battle? When spyro and Cynder fly into the clouds for a good five seconds?
#11517 Spyro Lover122 01:46:16 30/01/2016
V The graphics were great on the PS3, all the details that weren't in the PS2 are there. I feel like it's the best version to have, which is why I waited so long for an affordable price online.
#11516 shadowstarcat 03:55:47 26/01/2016
Actually, graphics wise this game was amazing on PS3. Especially since it was also released on PS2
#11515 PhotonTH 02:46:35 25/01/2016
my least favorite of the LOS trilogy. It could have been flushed out so much more. Seriously i mad that volteer only gets one line in this whole game. He's supposed to be a chatter box!!

I did like the open world and free flying stuff and the music was nice and graphics were pretty satisfactory.

Wish it could've been expanded upon and wish that it had gotten a sequel rather than getting followed up by Skylanders.

Spyro is dead after this game and chances of him coming back in his old glory are very slim.
#11514 Alydol 02:57:13 10/01/2016
This game is beyond beautiful graphics and an amazing storyline smilie
#11513 shadowstarcat 21:45:40 19/11/2015
V I agree with everything you said smilie
If Spyro was ever to return to the old games, Activision would have to sell him and stop including Spyro in Skylanders.
#11512 Spyro13570 07:36:14 12/11/2015
Just decided to replay this series. Missed these games. I remember when I was following this site so closely for updates on the Legend of Spyro Trilogy. I remember buying the games immediately. The third one was definitely my favorite out of the three for the story line, game play, and character designs. That was the reason I got an account here to begin with, but haven't really been on here since the third game's release.
I sorta miss this Spyro. I know nothing will ever replace the original 3 games which I have on my PS3 now and love them even after all of this time. With that in mind, this is where the Spyro franchise ended for me. Skylanders seems like an amazing game franchise on its own with great new concepts in gaming, but as a Spyro game, I find it distasteful since Spyro isn't really focused in it even with the first one having his name in the title. Also just kinda think his new character design is ugly, but that's just me. For those who love him and the game series than that's cool with me.
Overall I just hope someday they might bring back Spyro to where he all began with a new game series that brings back what made the original trilogy and even this one so good.
#11511 Spyrofan37 22:12:18 23/10/2015
I have it for PS2. I really liked it, but it was very difficult to complete without a second player.
#11510 Spyro Lover122 00:35:28 14/10/2015
This is the last game that fully featured Spyro.
In Skylanders he isn't actually a big part of the game, I wish we could see something a actually starring him and being some part of story. Only place you can find that now is the Skylander comics.
#11509 SkylandsMatt 16:50:22 02/09/2015
@Alydol Stop talking dope about skylanders. How would you like it that you a game designer and I say your game sucks and this one is freaking better! This one seems as old as beeping dinosaurs lol!
#11508 LegendaryFlames 11:37:10 28/08/2015
Rip Spyro after this game.
#11507 Blue egg theif 16:02:23 28/07/2015
And then we never seen smilie game after this good game only smilie.
#11506 Alydol 20:47:31 20/07/2015
I finished skylanders then I finished this legend of spyro is 95 times better than skylanders

smilie vs smilie smilie wins!
smilie vs smilie smilie wins!

This is rated better than skylanders! Take that vicarious visions!
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