The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning


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Mobile Version

Legend of Spyro is the mobile incarnation of The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning and was developed by The Mighty Troglodytes.

North America Dec 30th 2006
European Union Oct 27th 2006

Spyro™ is back and stronger than ever!

  • Detailed storyline that unfolds throughout the multiple levels and boss fights
  • Stunning graphics and smooth animations are true to the upcoming console version
  • Intuitive and responsive controls for instant action and playabilty
  • Flight challenge levels can be unlocked and played anytime for high scores.
  • Experience an evolving character with abilities to acquire and enhance throughout the game.
  • Rich gameplay mix of platform, flight, combat and puzzle
Spyro Mobile
The official website for the mobile game.
Mighty Troglodytes
The new developer's webpage for the game.
An Italian mobile games website with the first pictures of the game.
A near identical replacement for the Vivendi page.
Vivendi Games
The first mention of the game by Vivendi.

#30 spiro101 04:11:01 13/08/2008
this game looks preety good
#29 katkerrykat 18:51:56 12/07/2008
smilie i enjoy playing it but it i cant get passed the 2nd level!!! smilie smilie
#28 dark dragon 07:08:25 15/06/2008
this game is easy when u get 2 know it im up 2 da monkey guy and he is hard cause u cant use magic at all 2 burn his monkey a#%^& he is pure evil he treats cynder like she is a doll
#27 Eternal Night 11:38:11 10/06/2008
this game is easy, but it is a bit hard.
#26 Skyqueen 05:00:30 11/05/2008
this game is easy, but it is a bit hard.
#25 Toasty 12:05:06 01/05/2008
Okai i admit it is kinda bad
#24 spyro i love 22:01:52 29/03/2008
are you okay
#23 Toasty 19:01:44 24/02/2008
This game was short but not bad
#22 dragongodess 21:50:07 24/12/2007
I have the game, but i'm stuck. i'm stuck in Dante's freezer. I can't get past that gate with the lazer, and the explosive barrels, and when you defeat one of the big armor guys, one more comes, along with one more armor guy than the last time, and I just get scared that I can't use fire fury because I quit before I get enough fury gems...... smilie but i'm nine now, but i'm still stuck! smilie smilie smilie smilie
#21 rutm 05:19:48 19/09/2007
uuuu this game is cool!!!!!!! smilie
#20 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 11:05:53 21/08/2007
This one's already out.
#19 king spyro 05:50:58 21/08/2007
dark52 when is the game going to come out im so eager to find out
#18 Wise Gnorc 11:37:10 08/07/2007
Can you still go any were in thus game once you have finished it?
#17 NATHAN SCHUCH 19:43:27 02/07/2007
This Spyro game is cool
#16 Brazilian Spyro 13:31:09 28/06/2007
ok sorry sorry sorry, i will not do that anymore but plz dont ban me
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