The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning


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Mobile Version

Legend of Spyro is the mobile incarnation of The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning and was developed by The Mighty Troglodytes.

North America Dec 30th 2006
European Union Oct 27th 2006

Spyro™ is back and stronger than ever!

  • Detailed storyline that unfolds throughout the multiple levels and boss fights
  • Stunning graphics and smooth animations are true to the upcoming console version
  • Intuitive and responsive controls for instant action and playabilty
  • Flight challenge levels can be unlocked and played anytime for high scores.
  • Experience an evolving character with abilities to acquire and enhance throughout the game.
  • Rich gameplay mix of platform, flight, combat and puzzle
Spyro Mobile
The official website for the mobile game.
Mighty Troglodytes
The new developer's webpage for the game.
An Italian mobile games website with the first pictures of the game.
A near identical replacement for the Vivendi page.
Vivendi Games
The first mention of the game by Vivendi.

#15 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 19:15:38 27/06/2007
You're aiming for a banning if you continue asking, that's all.
#14 Brazilian Spyro 19:01:21 27/06/2007
ok sorry, i am boring, no?)
#13 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 22:49:57 22/06/2007
You can free get this game on the internet. smilie

Now stop asking.
#12 Brazilian Spyro 22:15:27 22/06/2007
not to influence by the third time
where can i free get this game?
#11 freespyro 16:02:14 26/03/2007
i really hope that they make the next spyro game for the gamecube because that's the only playstation i have.
#10 Dragginwings 04:03:58 15/01/2007
If you take the stone sentinel off of the cover art, it would look a lot better...
#9 spyro pro 00:11:20 02/01/2007
i think its great [cell games]....
#8 snow_white658 21:31:26 31/12/2006
Has anyone else got "The Legend of Spyro" mobile game yet? if so, how does it compare to the other three games. I downloaded it before but not played it much yet. I would have really liked the other games too but my phone was'nt suitable for them, strange, because my same phone is suitable for this one. I'm so pleased because I would have loved "Ripto's Quest" but missed out although I tried so hard to get it. But at least I have one to play, so I'm really grateful for that.
#7 Black Minx 00:53:21 03/11/2006
when will it end with the mobile games!!!!!!!!! Not thst I have any thing agenst them but.........
#6 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 15:06:18 28/10/2006
I believe this game is now available to purchase, GAME seem to have it for sale at least.
#5 Dragginwings 23:44:15 19/09/2006
Me, too, ih8u2 smilie
#4 ih8u2 19:21:55 17/07/2006
well, i don't have the money to spend on a cell game. I prefer games I'll play often, like on consoles.
#3 Black Minx 22:02:48 16/07/2006
Well they have been geting beter with the grafics. ............................
Little by little thoe.
#2 me 23:25:01 04/07/2006
C'mon, guys, it could possibly be a good game. I still think that they are milking the Spyro series, though.
#1 ih8u2 00:20:56 22/05/2006
what the heck? will it never end? why would they have a cell game for this! why is spyro on the cell phone period? this is just plain cr@_@zy! wait until the console game is a success b4 announcing a cell game! Talk about overambitious.
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