Ruins of Warfang

13 x Blue Gem Cluster 3 x Red Life Crystal 3 x Green Magic Crystal 2 x Armour 1 x Elite Enemy

Ruins of Warfang

Head towards the camera and collect the Blue Gem Cluster at the far end on the right and the other Blue Gem Cluster on the left a little further along. Now you have a choice, either left or right. You'll go both ways eventually so it doesn't really matter. I'm going to the left first in the walkthrough.

Lower Left

From the front of the gates head to the left and fly to a platform with water pouring off it. Follow the short platform round to where there are some wooden planks on the floor and you can see a Blue Gem Cluster below you. Smash it and fly further on towards a climbing zone but as you reach if veer off to the left and smash another Blue Gem Cluster on the platform there.

Head back and climb that climbing zone and at the top turn around and fly back towards the camera along the wall. You'll find another Blue Gem Cluster up here. Fly back to the top of the climbing zone and then jump straight down the other side, landing on a small platform and yet another Blue Gem Cluster.

Jump up to the left and then grab onto the vines on the righthand end of the platform. Climb these up to the top and what do you know? There's another Blue Gem Cluster here. Continue further up the vines and run along the wall to the right. At the end of the platform up here you'll find a Blue Gem Cluster, how rare. You can also see some another Bonus through the wall but you can't get it yet.

Turn around and head back to where you first climbed up here and take the climbing zones further along the platform to get up to where you can see some vines blocking a doorway on the right, you'll also see some Shadows jumping out of their hiding place so you may wish to kill them first. Once they're dead use Fire or Poison to open it up and gain a Green Magic Crystal.

Continue on to the left and glide around the corner. Ignore the climbing zone on the wall as you pass it and go down to the platforms on the left. Just around the corner here you'll find another piece of Helmet Armour for Cynder.

Jump up to the left and onto the final platform. Head towards the Octagonal Door and a large enemy will popup. Fly around it meleeing, using elemental attacks and dodging whenever it looks like it's about to attack and you'll eventually kill it. A couple of torches will rise out of the ground, use Fire Breath to light them.

This will cause four more torches to appear back near the climbing zone you just passed. Fly back to it and get Cynder to hold onto the climbing zone whilst you swing around in circles breathing fire in an attempt to light the four torches in a circle. There's no pattern or order you need to light them in or anything. If you've forgotten how to swing simply hold down the jump button.

Once all four are lit head back to where you fought that creature and up to the top of the newly opened room. Pick up the red Crystal Key and a gust of wind will appear above you. You can kill the Shadows that appeared or just jump up into the gust and it'll take you back to the dragon statues. Drop it in the left statue that has a red beam coming from its foot to awaken the first of the four.

Upper Left

Jump up into the gust of wind above the left statues to be taken to the Upper Left. Walk along the platform until you are ambushed by Shadows. Kill them and then use Cynder's Shadow Breath to get under the Shadow Door and pull the lever. This will lower a large key-like object. Ignore it for a while though and instead smash the second wooden circle in the floor ahead.

Jump down the hole and a spiked wall will start moving. Run towards the camera and use Shadow Breath to get under the door blocking the way. Quickly pull the lever to let Spyro through and continue running down the corridor. Repeat for a second door and lever and then turn the corner to get to a Red Life Crystal.

Jump out of the waterfall covering the exit and you'll find yourself back in the Lower Left section. It's time to go kill an Elite Enemy.

Fly back to where you got the first Crystal Key and an Elite Enemy Troll will appear with a funny hat on. It's just your usual process of choosing the right element to knock his hat off and then flying around slowly depleting his health.

Once he's dead jump into the gust of wind and head back to the statues, then up into the wind above the statues to get back to the Upper Left and where you jumped down the hole.

Use Spyro's Electric Breath on the lightning shaped Electric Conduit on the wall next to the Shadow Door until the yellow bit reaches the bottom. Quickly jump up onto the platform on the left, grab onto the tiny climbing zone and then up onto the bottom of the large key, grabbing hold as you do so. Use the other character to fly along to the left pulling the key, do it before the Electric Conduit resets and a block pops back out blocking the way.

Once you've pulled it all the way to the other end the walls shielding the next Crystal Key will lower. Drop off the key and glide to the next platform. Use Shadow Breath to get the Green Magic Crystal behind the door and then approach the Crystal Key. Pick it up and jup into the gust of wind that appears. Place it in the left statue when you get to the gate.

Fly down to the right, just below the first platform is a Blue Gem Cluster. Fly up to the platform and you'll trigger a quick segment about a picture of Malefor. Head to the right and use both characters to spin the wheel on the wall. Partway through some Shadows will attack, kill them and then continue spinning the wheel until the platform has finished lowering.

Go to the other end of the platform and pick up one orb. Use that character to grab hold of the platform you just lowered and then use the other to pull it along to the right.

As you approach a barrier will cross your path. Both characters should jump off the platform and go up to take care of the Shadows, make sure to leave the orb on the platform. Once you've killed the small group of apes pull the lever on the right to remove the blockage. Go to the other end of the platform and jump off the end, you will find a Blue Gem Cluster on a small platform.

Go back to the platform you just dragged and directly beneath it you should find another Blue Gem Cluster. Once you've got that get back onto the platform and pull it the rest of the way. Once you get to the other end a group of Shadows will attack. Kill them and then use Fire or Poison to destroy some vines in the wall to get a Red Life Crystal.

Make your way to the other end of the platform and drop the orb by the Tuning Forks. Jump down towards the camera and you'll find another Blue Gem Cluster. Once smashed jump back up and use Cynder's Fear Breath on the Tuning Forks. Once both are up and spinning a bridge will extend half way across the gap. Fly over and use Fear on the two Forks on the other side. This will complete the bridge. Quickly go back and pick up the orb and cross the bridge before the Forks stop spinning and the bridge retracts.

Drop the orb on the blue circle in the middle of the final platform and the barrier between you and the next Crystal Key will lower. Unfortunately a Troll will arrive and steal it, your task is to defeat it and get it back. As usual when you pick the key up a gust of wind will appear which will take you back to the door.

Upper Right

Jump into the gust of wind created when you placed the Crystal Key in the right statue and you'll be whisked away upwards. Kill the Shadows that attack and then jump up on the platforms on the left, the game will tell you about Elemental Swings again, this time you'll be using Earth Breath. Use Cynder to climb the vines on the wall and then wall run to the vines closer to the brown wall blocking your way. Hold down the jump button and using Earth Breath swing into the wall until you smash it.

Climb the newly exposed vines and then from the top jump onto the platform and then onto a long line of climbing zones going along the wall. Quickly jump between them and you should avoid the falling objects. Climb up at the end and you'll find the last Green Magic Crystal of the level.

Jump down off here to the right and you'll be attacked by some more Shadows. Kill them and then go to the left end of the area where there are some vines to destroy. After destroying them with Fire or Poison smash the floor with Earth Breath and open up the chest to find some Armour for Spyro, bracers.

Using Cynder climb the climbing zones over in the corner on the right. Climb up to the roof (for the final jump onto it don't hold any direction) and position her right at the end. Swing into the wall on the right with Spyro using Earth Breath and then disengage Cynder from the roof once it's smashed.

Go through the new gap and down onto the floor on the other side. Drop down below this and you'll find a Red Life Crystal hidden beneath the platform. Fly back up and in the second alcove along you'll find the last bonus of the level, a Blue Gem Cluster.

Continue on towards the Crystal Key, as you get close a Shadow will come and grab it. Kill all of the Shadows and you should be left with the key to take back in the gust of wind and awaken the fourth and final statue, finishing the level.

It's time to slow down the Destroyer using The Dam.

#15 hero orc max 20:26:25 30/04/2009
smilie is cool
#14 Ale29 22:42:49 02/04/2009
NO! Not really :Sparx:
#13 Spyro rulez 02:47:49 22/03/2009
woot! I`m past this, but it was so fun kickin those troll`s asses X3 three cheers for smilie and smilie ehh, and maybe smilie
#12 spyro77 15:25:05 21/03/2009
im on this level right now all i have to do is get the last crysal key YAY

#11 hero orc max 17:51:41 13/02/2009
evry time i fight a troll my fire gets stuck near the troll even when i make spyro move
#10 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 19:02:11 12/01/2009
Jump and use Earth Breath.
#9 JadeLynn 18:54:31 12/01/2009
How do I smash the hole in the floor????
#8 dancinkayley 06:29:43 06/01/2009
Funny thing is, when I was up to Dragon City, only up to Dragon City was done and now I'm up to the Ruins of Warfang and now it's done too!
#7 havingxfaith 14:02:10 05/01/2009
thanks a bunch! smilie
can't wait till the next part!
#6 Malefor_Rules 02:49:49 05/01/2009
A simple level (once you see this guide)
#5 Dark_Cynder1312 22:13:17 04/01/2009
dose anyone know if the cheats work for two player mode?
#4 super spyro 00:28:19 04/01/2009
Darn I just got passed this part im on the part were you have to reach the vacano and im stuck were right be for you get there you have to kill these bad guys!!!smilie
#3 spyro mad 23:12:25 03/01/2009
Thanks I got past the wall Thanks to you.

You Rock
#2 American Spyro 22:39:04 03/01/2009
I got stuck on this level, but then I got throuh it.
#1 wanderist 22:15:36 03/01/2009
WOW! Dark 52 finished this one quick! Good job!
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