Twilight Falls

7 x Blue Gem Cluster 1 x Red Life Crystal 2 x Green Magic Crystal 2 x Armour 1 x Elite Enemy

Twilight Falls

Fly forwards following Hunter out of the cave and down the waterfall. About halfway down veer off to the right where there's a slight alternate direction in the water, go up the stepped bits of the waterfall here and smash the first Blue Gem Cluster of the level.

Rejoin the waterfall on its path downwards and at the bottom on the left is a second Blue Gem Cluster. Continue onwards towards the save point. You'll be told of how you can't save whilst there are enemies nearby, so kill the enemies that pop out of the ground until you can. Also smash the third Blue Gem Cluster up on the platform near you.

Cross the river and double back a short way so that you can go through the gap in the trees. Go forwards until you reach the end where you'll be attacked by yet more Grublins, you can easily just fly on past these if you can't be bothered.

Anyway, go left at the end and keep to the wall, you should come across a vine which you can use Fire or Poison to get past. Behind it you'll find the fourth Blue Gem Cluster of the level.

Head back out of this little dead end and off to the right past some gem clusters and over the river to where Hunter is waiting. Fight two waves of Grublins and a new enemy will appear. Kill this guy and two things will happen. A pair of purple lights will appear at the base of a nearby vertical log and the fifth Blue Gem Cluster will appear.

Ignoring the log for a bit head along following the righthand side of the area and you will come across another vine blocked path. Destroy those vines and follow the path to a chest. Open it for some tail Armour for Spyro.

Head back out into the open and you should be able to find a Green Magic Crystal ahead as well as a sixth Blue Gem Cluster near the base of a cliff. Jump up that cliff by using the platforms and go through the tunnel in it, at the other end is the second Green Magic Crystal of the level.

Jump down into the gust of wind and allow it to take you over the initial waterfall and along to where there's an Elite Enemy. Work out from the colour of its mask which element you will need to use on it to get its protective mask off. Once that's done you will have a much easier time fighting it, and with it being a small enemy you should be able to use the melee grab attacks to great effect.

Once you've killed the Elite wander over to the chest in the corner and open it to gain a piece of Armour. Regenerating Health Bracers for Cynder. Once you've got that fly down to the ground level again and make your way back to where Hunter is waiting next to a vertical log. Push that log over with both characters.

Grab onto the climbing zone on the side of the cliff and use one character to climb up as high as you can go. Switch to the other character and hold down the jump button and start swinging from left to right, you should quickly build up enough momentum to reach a Red Life Crystal on the right, when you're close to the climbing zone underneath it press the action button to grab on and climb into the small alcove.

Jump back out and swing up to the climbing zones directly above the first character. You should be able to reach the final Blue Gem Cluster of the level without having to switch again. Now jump back down once more and swing up onto the left climbing zones, once here switch back to the first character and swing up to Hunter to tell him you want to go to the Enchanted Forest.

Instead we end up in the Valley of Avalar.

#15 spyrofan 18:26:00 29/12/2008
dont give up all u do is fly to the glowing thing and beat the green moster then get spyro to blow fire in all the fire things then get the thing and put it to the dragon thing (some one hear me)
#14 spyrofan 18:20:37 29/12/2008
i beat the story mode,but i got to get all the bounes (86%)
#13 Selene 19:44:06 28/12/2008
To Eevee..................... : My first pokemon was an Eevee. smilie
#12 thomas 21:59:33 25/12/2008
where is hunter after killing the elite enemy in the foot of twilight forest
#11 American Spyro 20:00:28 24/12/2008
EEVEE, we dont even have the game. why do you think this game is cool if we dont have it?
#10 Malefor_Rules 05:34:23 24/12/2008
this was one of the easier levels in the game
#9 EEVEE 18:39:19 22/12/2008
this game is soooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!
#8 Spyrofan 13:52:53 22/12/2008
I beat game at 100/100 in one week(in 3 days I beat 96/100)
#7 Dark Cynder 1 02:34:00 21/12/2008
i beat this game at 97/100! you're cheats really helped, dark52- thanks!
I love this website!!
#6 Dragon lover 03:33:38 19/12/2008
I love this game!!! In less then 45 minutes on my first try i almost finished twilight falls!!!!
#5 spyrofreak 22:30:50 18/12/2008
wow! that was fast thank goodness now i know it wont take too long for you to get too burned lands
#4 super spyro 20:17:01 18/12/2008
I know i dont have the game i just like reading the walk thour but finsh the walk thuor!
#3 someone hear me 19:31:10 18/12/2008
make one for the ruins of warfang!!! i am so about to quit and give up, i can get the left side dragon stautes, i fly to the left and get stuck not knowing what to do
#2 Mistery 18:31:56 18/12/2008
They shoud make a walktrough for Burned lands
#1 wanderist 00:05:23 18/12/2008
Yay!! Dark52 made another section of the waktrough (sorry about spelling!) Good job!!!
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