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The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon is the third in a trilogy of games and the third mobile game in the series made by The Mighty Troglodytes.

European Union Sep 2008


Button Move
1, 2, 3 Jump
1, 2, 3 while gliding Glide
4, 6 Walk
5 Attack
8 Look down
8 + 8 Drop down
# Display quick help


You'll find gems inside crystals. The red ones will refill your health, blue refills your breath bar and purple refills both.


If you're right next to an enemy or a switch you will use melee otherwise you use the breath that you last got, you don't get to choose in this game. If you've run out of breath you just melee.

Now, on with the walkthrough!

#15 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 15:09:41 18/10/2008
This mobile game isn't very good, I don't really recommend spending money on it.
#14 bionicle2809 13:01:53 18/10/2008
I might actualy get this game, I know it might be a huge spoil for the console game but who cares! I found it but its £5! For a game!!!! Thats a rip, maby I'll get some credit in secret and buy it with that.
#13 American Spyro 12:13:08 18/10/2008
I really want this game for my phone. I WANT IT NOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!
#12 Firestar 14:58:32 16/10/2008
Not much room to fly though ...
#11 Robo-Spyro 13:42:05 15/10/2008
No free-flight in the mobile version?!?! Sounds like an utter disgrace.
#10 spyrathedragon 01:45:29 10/10/2008
well in the walkthrough,it can't possibly be the entire game,it doesn't say anything about the DARK MASTER.maybe he doesn't want to give out spoilers...
#9 Night Owl 17:50:51 07/10/2008
there is two levels where you canfly, but thats it apart from jump and glide.
#8 dragonlover11 17:15:59 05/10/2008
what you cant fly in the mobile version? of course there would not be any room for flying
#7 Night Owl 17:14:31 03/10/2008
I am playing it now! smilie It rocks! smilie But I wont spoil anything for other people. smilie
#6 Spyro123 13:37:06 02/10/2008
i dont think there was ever a pc version for ANY spyro game!! wow im deppressed, i think that most big companies today stopped making pc game smilie
#5 spyro22 23:34:15 30/09/2008
as far as i know there is not one for the computer
#4 Eternal Night 14:51:56 30/09/2008
When the computer-version comes out?!
#3 spyro22 23:36:23 29/09/2008
big woop it's only a mobile version it's not going to be like the console version what so ever good things come to those who wait
#2 spyrofan_ 04:51:30 29/09/2008
i haveit befor everybody els!!!
#1 spyro22 23:41:44 28/09/2008
well from the description i don't think this is going to be better than the consoles id rather wait for the console one to come out
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