Attack of the Golem

0 x Blue Gem Cluster 1 x Red Life Crystal 1 x Green Magic Crystal 1 x Armour 0 x Elite Enemy

Attack of the Golem

You'll be immediately attacked by a pair of Orcs, as you kill them you'll want to watch the Golem ahead of you and avoid his tail when he swings it. You should be able to work out when he's about to attack as he makes a noise to signal it. It's not too often so you can run around fighting the Orcs but if you keep on getting hit stand over to the right on the slightly raised bit, the Golem doesn't seem to be able to hit you there. And over on the right you should also find a Red Life Crystal.

Once you've killed a third pair of Orcs you will be able to push over a bit of rubble over in the forward left corner. Save the game.

Head up the stairs and on the left at the top you should find hidden away a Green Magic Crystal. Continue a bit further out into the open. Kill a load of Orcs and you'll move onto the next part.

Head up the steps and open the Armour chest to the left of the save point for a piece of Helmet Armour for Cynder.

The High Tower

Head through the gap and the Golem will appear. First off he'll breathe fire on the ground floor and then climb upwards. Fly up the steps on the left to the next floor and the fun will begin. He'll start attacking using his real hand which is of course still covered in purple crystals. He will rest it after smashing it down in an attempt to hit you. Melee it. He'll keep repeating this, the hand landing in the same spot each time until he recoils in pain.

While he's leaning over now is your chance to attack those purple crystals on his neck. Climb the vines on the right to get up to him. Melee the crystals. You will need to be quick otherwise he'll go back to the last stage of his attack pattern which you'll need to repeat.

Once you've smashed them he'll begin another sequence of smashing his hand down. You'll also need to fight his fire breath to keep on the platform. His attack pattern is a bit more varied this time so you may need to roll to avoid his attacks occasionally. Once his hand is done again he'll lower his head for you to hit the other side. Climb the vines on the wall to the left as quickly as you can and smash the next crystals in.

He'll begin climbing upwards again, fly to the right up some steps and around the corner you should find some vines to climb. Now you're on the very top.

Stand in the near left corner of the square and you should avoid all attacks and their shockwaves for this part whilst still being close enough to attack quickly. When he smashes both hands down together in the middle run up to it and melee it. Keep repeating this and returning to the safe spot until he recoils again.

Run over to his arm and press the Action button to jump onto it. Then you'll Jump to stay on and then rapidly tap Light Melee. Spyro and Cynder will run up the Golem's arm where you should jump to avoid his hand, then immediately to jump off his shoulder and onto his head. Rapidly Light Melee to open up his head to reveal another purple crystal.

Once you're back on the ground head to the same safe spot you were using before and get ready to do the same kind of thing, except that there will also be firey boulders smashing down on each attack. When he roars without smashing his hands you'll probably need to move out of the way of one. Keep attacking the dual hand smash until he leans over again.

This will be the same sequence of button presses up until you get onto his head. So jump back onto his hand with the Action button and then jump to stay on. Rapidly tap Light Melee to avoid being squished, jump to avoid the hand and jump off the shoulder onto his head. Now press Heavy Melee once to finish it off.

The game heads underground, into the Ruins of Warfang.

#30 assassin cynder 17:49:24 31/07/2011
LOL I DONE IT AND COMPLETE 1st level and now on to awake the 4 dragon stone
and i done the 1st dragon stone and now i have to do 3 dragon stone to go on ps3
#29 gary 09:12:57 27/07/2011
try evade golem's tail,if you don't press L1
#28 miniquiny999 17:28:19 07/07/2011
i cal this
oh my crod
#27 thealticynder 21:34:10 24/06/2011
this is a hard part of the game and this is a perfect place for cheats,thank you dark52!
#26 Spyro-Gamer - Hunter 07:25:51 01/05/2011
I completed this today. For the first time. I died a few times though.
#25 Katie spyro 20:16:16 07/04/2011
#24 Cynder_17 20:15:49 02/01/2011
Im on this level right now... the golem takes so long! ahaa :)
#23 winged dragon 15:06:51 13/08/2009
this level is good
#22 hero orc max 22:26:43 10/07/2009
#21 im blowhard 22:25:42 10/07/2009
hero orc max don`t you mean aotg
#20 hero orc max 20:17:22 16/05/2009
i call this level atog

a attack

o of

t the

g golem
#19 hero orc max 00:31:28 03/05/2009
i love aotg so much
#18 hero orc max 00:30:18 03/05/2009
#17 spyro77 11:35:56 23/04/2009
this was REALLY hard but than i new what i had to do and then i found out that it was really easy
#16 Ale29 21:34:49 11/03/2009
Spyro mad: heres what you`ve got to do..... you need to peform a swing. Make sure that CYNDER is the wone on those plants. While Spyro is just waiting.... breathe earth. So now your in this kinda earth sorta ball. Now swing INSIDE THE BALL AND MAKE SURE YOU HIDE THE WALL THAT YOUR TRYING TO BRAKE! THATS IT! If you have any other questions just go on my page and type it! I promise i will respond to you! Or, if you have any other questions, rite me on my page too!
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