Elite Enemies

Elite Enemies are extra tough versions of the enemies that you fight throughout the game. You will recognise them by the health bar that appears at the bottom of the screen and the helmets that they wear.

The main trick with elites is to correctly work out which element you need to use first. The colour of the helmet will indicate this, select the element that has the exact colour of the helmet and attack with it until the helmet flies off. This reduces the armour of the enemy and it becomes much easier to damage. It will still take a lot of damage to kill it though.

Elites also have a much stronger attack than normal enemies, it can kill you pretty quickly if you don't avoid being hit.

The reward for killing an Elite is usually a large amount of blue gems to help level up your elemental abilities. You will need to kill all eight elites to gain 100%.

The Catacombs

  1. After the Golem loses its hand you'll find this at the bottom of the area.

Twilight Falls

  1. Follow a gust of wind that you find through a cave in the area where you push a tree over.

Valley of Avalar

  1. On top of a cliff directly over from the village.

Ruins of Warfang

  1. Return to where you got the Crystal Key in the bottom left after waking the statue.

The Dam

  1. Above a large doorway blocked with earth.

Burned Lands

  1. In a cave at the top of a half-bridge near the start of the first lava river.

Floating Islands

  1. After lighting all eight torches it appears near the largest section of stonework.
  2. On a triangular platform off to the right after the two doors.

#30 FearCynder 17:00:33 15/02/2010

I got one of the Floating Island Elites to die before he lost his helmet. And I didn't use fury smilie It was really funny to watch.
#29 spyro77 03:11:33 19/12/2009
i need like 2 ot 3 more elite enemys yayzz
#28 Spyrosparx 20:07:20 02/09/2009
Is anybody going to talk about elite enemies because Spyrosparx is waiting?
#27 Spyrosparx 20:39:37 27/08/2009
Speaking of elite enemies, they are so stronger than the normal enemies and their related but accept they have helmets on their head.
#26 Cynder12345 01:46:43 26/08/2009
This peps were EasY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#25 Spyrosparx 20:48:43 22/08/2009
well I did so I can knock their helmets off faster and finish them off with my fury.
#24 Cynder12345 17:30:42 22/08/2009
there r so esay i did NOT use fury
#23 Spyrosparx 20:16:23 09/08/2009
I have defeated all 8 of the elite enemies, they became easier when I upgraded all my health and magic bar and when I unlocked my fury power with Spyro and Cynder by wearing all 3 armors on the right.
#22 Spyrosparx 07:34:41 02/08/2009
The elite enemies are too hard for me, I can't defeat them but they are harder for me to find.
#21 shadows 20:14:47 05/06/2009
I love defeat the elite enemies, is a little more hard be the others enemies.
#20 shadows 20:12:05 05/06/2009
The elite enimies most easy to defeat it is in the burned lands, you just have use earth or fear and use the first armourto the two dragons.
#19 spyro77 03:22:11 10/05/2009
i NEVER beat one elite enemy
#18 hero orc max 22:12:02 29/04/2009
To:SD-King\evreyone who needs help

1.grublin 2.flying grublin 3.axe orc 4.troll 5.crossbow orc 6.hero orc 7.wyvern
8.hero grublin
#17 HyperVolteer 21:29:11 29/04/2009
The elites r hard to damage but i just kept using the earth boulder and revving it up with square... worked a treat on the burned lands one... smilie
#16 Spyro120 19:43:28 25/04/2009
I defeat all Elite Enemies,
the most hard was the Elite Enemy in Burned Lands.
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