Dragon City

9 x Blue Gem Cluster 3 x Red Life Crystal 2 x Green Magic Crystal 3 x Armour 0 x Elite Enemy

Dragon City

Kill the Grublins that appear if you wish and head over to the corner of the area where the fire is. Fly up onto the vines on the wall and jump to the right. Fly from here to the first Blue Gem Cluster on top of the building that is currently fire.

From here jump up to the next layer of buildings and to a door which requires Cynder's Shadow Breath to get through. Once Cynder is inside, use the lever on the right to open the door and let Spyro in. Now open the chest together to earn a piece of Tail Armour for Cynder.

Head back outside and use Spyro's Fire Breath on the pot on the corner. This will light the middle of three pots in a place you haven't been to yet. Next, drop down to the floor level again and go through the Shadow Door on the floor directly beneath where you just were. If you've run out of Magic pull the lever to open the door, either way smash the Red Life Crystal inside here and get out.

Head down the path in the corner diagonally opposite the building on fire. As you emerge in the end section turn to the left and you should find a Green Magic Crystal hidden in an alcove. Further along the same wall you'll find a place for Spyro and Cynder to turn a wheel in order to "Fill the Pool with Water". Whilst attempting this you'll be attacked so break off to deal with them and then continue on until the game shows the pool getting filled.

Turn around and head towards the corner on the right closest to the camera. Climb the vines on the wall to the top where you'll find a familiar looking horn to blow through using Cynder's Wind Breath. Blow into it until the pillar across the other side of the area reaches the floor (you don't really need to do it all the way) and use Fire Breath to light the pot, this will ignite the left of three pots in a place you haven't yet been to, you should have already done the middle one.

Now head back to the area with the fire and go through the other exit on the right. Follow this through to where the game tells you to "Find a Bucket". Go over to the door on the right where you and the other character can pull a lever together. To speed this up a little get both of the dragons to pick up a bucket from inside the room.

Carry the buckets back to the pool in the first area and walk up to it to trigger an automatic scooping. Next go to the fire and you'll pour the water on. You may need one more bucket of water to be poured on so go back and grab a new bucket (or two), scoop some more water and douse the flames until you save the moles trapped inside.

Follow the moles back through to where you picked up the buckets. Over in the left corner you'll find a Blue Gem Cluster and that door you keep seeing. Jump up the steps to another Blue Gem Cluster and the third and final torch. Light it and the door to the Red Life Crystal will open.

Near the Ramparts

Head up the rest of the steps, save the game, and follow the moles up further to where they're waiting for you to pull a lever on the wall next to them (if you need to go back just pull the lever back up). Follow them a little further.

After the cutscene turn around and smash the Blue Gem Cluster at the top of the stairs on the way up here to the ramparts. As you proceed towards the catapult you should also spot a Green Magic Crystal on the first bit sticking out towards the battle.

Once you reach where the catapult is being attacked if you go off towards the screen a little you'll find another Blue Gem Cluster to break. Once you've got that you can probably start attacking the little Gublins that are attacking the catapult. If they've done a lot of damage you may wish to fix it a bit by going to the bottom left corner of the catapult and scrabble around with both characters.

Keep attacking and repairing until the mole yells that he's out of ammunition. Go over to the lever across from the catapult and pull it down. This will reload the catapult and trigger the next part. Now you have a few tasks you need to do all at once. To keep the catapult alive and to go over to that Siege Tower and destroy it.

First kill the enemies currently attacking the catapult, then fully repair it. Once you've done that head to the right and kill the enemies that attack you infront of the Siege Tower. Once you've killed them smash the purple crystal at the base of the part of the tower that you can see (you don't actually need to kill the enemies, you can attack the crystal whilst they're still alive). Once that's done you'll be asked to escort the mole back to the catapult.

Again you'll have to also keep the catapult alive so repair it as you go past towards the mole at the far end. Once you reach him he'll start moving towards the catapult but stop every time some more enemies arrive, kill them and he'll continue on his way again, don't forget the Red Life Crystal you'll also find here. Whilst doing this make sure to keep an eye on the catapult's life meter and to go back to repair it if it gets low (the mole can't be killed by the enemies or anything).

Once you get him back you'll need to reload the catapult again. Once you've done that you'll want to continue protecting the catapult until a second Siege Tower will appear back where you just walked the mole from.

Head over to it and smash the crystal at its base. Once that's destroyed and you've reloaded the catapult once more there'll be another cutscene and then two more Siege Towers will appear for you to destroy. Juggle fixing the catapult and destroying the crystals on the Siege Towers until both the crystals are smashed. Once that is done you'll need to perform one more reload.

You'll see a tower collapse once the cutscene is over, go towards it and drop down the steps and to the bottom of the area here. Once at the bottom you should notice some vines on the wall going back up, climb them and jump to the right to a Blue Gem Cluster. Climb the vines on the wall at the back here to get to the seventh Blue Gem Cluster.

Dragon City

Drop down to the floor again and save the game, over beyond the save point you should be able to see another Blue Gem Cluster hidden away, and right next to it a Helmet Armour for Spyro.

Climb up the vines on the left and then turn around and glide to a platform above the save point. Climb some more vines and when you get to the top walk forwards a bit.

Time to kill a large Troll. Before doing that though you may wish to go over to the far left corner, use Cynder's Shadow Breath to get under the door and to smash the final Blue Gem Cluster of Dragon City. Head back out and go kill that Troll, swooping and attacking until he falls over defeated.

As you do that two torches on either side of the large door will go out and the door will start to open. Kill the enemies that come through and light the two torches again. Open up the chest that appeared when you killed the troll to get a bit of Helmet Armour for Cynder and once you've killed enough enemies go to the door and position yourself inbetween the moles and start pushing. If more enemies come through kill them and get back to pushing the door. You should eventually manage to close it.

The orange line will begin to reform but the door will keep trying to open. Stand right in the middle and when it opens a bit rapidly tap to keep it closed. After a while it will fully lock and the level will be over so make sure to have picked up the collectibles in this area before doing so.

It's time to stop the Attack of the Golem.

#15 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 18:48:53 30/12/2008
You can kill them all and they'll stay away, yes.
#14 TrueSpyroFAN 18:35:54 30/12/2008
*Dragon City
#13 TrueSpyroFAN 18:35:30 30/12/2008
Yey! I guide for the Drafon City ^.^ I've been waiting for this...i'm currently trying to defeat the siege towers >.< do the enemies go away once you've killed them all or do you have to defeat the tower while they're still alive? smilie

help plz x
#12 Dark_Cynder1312 18:34:41 30/12/2008
I need help getting the cheats working. How come they work for everyone else but me? smilie
#11 CynderGirl 05:58:51 30/12/2008
This guide rocks!! I just wish there was more help...
#10 spyroluver 03:35:37 30/12/2008
What did u guys think about the end of the game?? I thought it was cool then kind of akward then cool again.
#9 spyroluver 03:30:24 30/12/2008
I hope they make more Spyro games because I have already beaten this game.
#8 CynderFire2 00:37:31 30/12/2008
OMG!!!This game is totally wicked and awesome.Sure it's hard but hey theyre kickin some serious bad duy butt!!YAY!!
#7 Selene101 00:36:49 30/12/2008
I beat Burned Lands today --- actually, it was just polished off --- I'm really up to Malefor. Yay for cheats smilie.
#6 Kougie 00:31:21 30/12/2008
smilie I finally find a walkthrough for this game and it stops right before I need it.
#5 spyrofreak 20:49:27 29/12/2008
wow dark52 should be at burned lands in no time
#4 wanderist 20:32:30 29/12/2008
YAY!! I was wondering when dark52 would get to this part! Good job dark52!!
#3 spyroluver 20:24:52 29/12/2008
Has anyone else beaten the story mode yet??
#2 super spyro 20:20:31 29/12/2008
The cool thing is they have the next part of the walkthrough the bad thing is im already past this part.smilie
#1 Spyroboy 19:40:48 29/12/2008
sweet smilie
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