Burned Lands

10 x Blue Gem Cluster 2 x Red Life Crystal 3 x Green Magic Crystal 2 x Armour 1 x Elite Enemy

Burned Lands

The first bit of this level is kinda empty, just fly forwards past several lava bursts until you go down a slope and some Grublins attack. Kill them if you want to and then advance a bit further forwards towards what looks like a fork in the path. Some barriers will appear behind you and further ahead, in order to continue onwards you'll need to kill all of the enemies that will appear.

The first wave will be a few Grublins and a few Orcs, the second wave however replaces the Grublins with a large purple enemy that will require a bit more effort to kill. Once you have done so head towards the save point beyond where the far barrier was.

Carry on forwards and around the corner, as you approach the far end you'll be blocked by barriers again. Luckily this time it's just a bunch of Orcs. Once the barrier lowers fly on down the lava river to where there's what looks like half a stone bridge sticking out on the left.

Fly up to it and go through the tunnel there. Right at the end of this path you'll be confronted by an Elite Enemy. Usual tactics, check out his mask and use the appropriate element to smash it first. The main problem is that the area doesn't have any gem clusters for you to refuel and if you leave it will reset so make sure to have full magic and health when you start the fight. And of course the easy way to win is to use your Fury.

Once you do defeat the Elite and Red Life Crystal will appear at the far end. Head back out to the lava river and follow it all the way down to the far end. You should find a large platform with a small purplely glow in the middle. Defeat all of the enemies on this island, a load of Orcs at first and then one of those large ones, to make a chest appear, inside is Spyro's final piece of Armour, a Helmet. This will complete the Fury set which you can use to make any fight quick and easy.

Head back down the river a short distance and you'll find another island with a purple glow in the centre, this one already has the only enemy you need to kill on it. Once it's dead a Green Magic Crystal will appear in the middle.

Fly down to the lower large area below opposite where the Elite was and you should find a Blue Gem Cluster on the edge. Go around the lava burst here and you'll find a Red Life Crystal directly ahead of you. Head left around some rocks to another Blue Gem Cluster. Go a bit left and there's a third Blue Gem Cluster over by the wall ahead. Go a little to the left now and some barriers will rise up.

Kill the Grublins that attack and a pair of those large enemies will appear. A perfect time to use your new Fury Breath if you've got it, otherwise you'll have to do it the old fashioned way. Once you've killed them both the barrier will go down. And immediately some Grublins will appear. Over in the far corner you'll find one more Blue Gem Cluster.

Fly down the river of lava on this side near that last cluster and follow it down underneath a tree that's leaning over the river. The camera seems to go a bit weird here but keep going and you'l round the corner into the next bit.

As you get further in a brief showcase of the area will be shown, once that's done go to the right past a small island of red and green gem clusters and into a cave where a Troll spawns, along with a few Orcs. In the far corner you might also notice a purple crystal. Kill the enemies in here and then smash that crystal to reveal Cynder's final piece of Armour, some Tail Armour to finish off her own Fury set.

Turn around and fly back out, flying along the wall on the right and you'll find a Green Magic Crystal on an outcrop along it. Continue along and you'll reach the platform at the bottom of the climbing zones. Kill the enemies that appear and then push over the tall rock in the corner, you should be able to see the purple glow at the bottom of it.

Jump up onto the bottom of the purple climbing zones and start making your way upwards. Now is a perfect time to use that quick jumping technique as you're going to be doing a few sideways jumps. You don't need to swing at any point, you can make the large jump at the top right easily. Head off to the left at the top (don't go right, you'll just fall down) and save the game.

Top of the Lava Waterfall

Follow the platform along and kill a pair of Orcs that appear. Keep on going along the platform until you get to another pair. Smash the first Blue Gem Cluster up here but then jump off to the left (or right, doesn't matter) and you'll land next to a Green Magic Crystal. Jump down into the area below and make your way all the way back up to the bridge where you can now smash the other Blue Gem Cluster a bit further along it.

At the end of the bridge glide fly over the gap and onto the next platform. As you go further forwards a barrier will appear all around you and a pair of Trolls will attack. Once they're dead the barrier will vanish and two Blue Gem Clusters will appear. Smash them and the other two Blue Gem Clusters on this platform to finish off the collectibles for the level.

To finish off the level simply walk along the path ahead of you until you pass the final pillar.

The next level takes place on the Floating Islands.

#15 Icera 03:14:12 04/06/2009
iv tried that, ive tried almost everything
#14 willard45 23:25:17 25/05/2009
ICERA: i think you should use the strong electricity for spyro and then switch to cynder and use her strong fear and when your out of mana switch back to spyro and hit the enimy continueously thats what I do
#13 Icera 15:10:38 21/05/2009
im stuck on the big purple enemy
any suggestions?
#12 hero orc max 20:39:44 16/05/2009
i call this level bl

b burned

l lands
#11 hero orc max 21:01:10 14/05/2009
hero orcs are hard
#10 spyro77 16:12:24 11/04/2009
im on the burned lands right now & i keep dieing cuz of those hero axe orcs
#9 johncena 14:38:15 10/04/2009
the only way i defeat people on the game sometimes is to knock them in the lava to kill them.
#8 hero orc max 22:51:58 02/04/2009
in the beginning of the level. look at the corner. remember not when you fight
the enimies. at the first lava thingie
#7 Ale29 23:28:52 27/03/2009
WHO?!?!??!? WHERE?!
#6 hero orc max 16:09:39 18/03/2009
thier is a secret boss in the burned lands but you cant fight him smilie
#5 spyro_freak88 22:00:41 08/03/2009
OMG i just defeated the distroyer with my friend and then ignitus DIED!!!!smiliesmilie:'(now im in the burned lands and i keep dieing!i wanna know how to get unlimeded health(please respond)<3 <3smilie
#4 Dark Cynder 1 22:33:59 11/01/2009
How do u do it? You must be the fastest person i've ever met, Dark52!
nice walkthrough!)
#3 supermalefor 20:51:25 11/01/2009
#2 super spyro 17:58:46 11/01/2009
YAY they have the burned lands!smiliesmilie
#1 wanderist 15:52:41 11/01/2009
That was quick! I didnt think that it would be THAT soon! Good jobe dark52! smilie
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