Found in chests hidden throughout the game, you need to use both dragons to open them. Equip armour to help improve your characters.

Twilight Falls

Spyro: Tail - Increased Attack Speed
Behind some vines in the area where you push a tree over.
Cynder: Bracers - Regenerating Health
In the same place as the Elite Enemy, you'll have to kill it.

Valley of Avalar

Cynder: Bracers - Regenerating Mana
On top of the waterfall cave where you find Meadow.
Cynder: Tail - Wounds Attacking Enemies
Behind Meadow in the waterfall cave.
Spyro: Bracers - Increased Fury Power
Up next to the Hermit after talking to him.
Spyro: Helmet - Increased Defense
In a cave at the top of a waterfall in the middle of the level.

Dragon City

Cynder: Tail - Increased Attack Speed
Behind a Shadow Door high up in the area with the building on fire with the moles inside.
Spyro: Helmet - Increased Melee Attack Damage
Next to Blue Gem Cluster number eight.
Cynder: Helmet - Increased Chance to Combo
Appears after defeating a large troll near the final doors.

Attack of the Golem

Cynder: Helmet - Increased Elemental Attack Damage
Next to the second save point.

Ruins of Warfang

Cynder: Helmet - Increased Defense
Lower left, on a platform below the place where you swing to light some fires.
Spyro: Bracers - Regenerating Health
Upper right, in the area with the second earth wall destroy some vines and then smash the floor in with Earth Breath.

The Dam

Spyro: Tail - Wounds Attcking Enemies
After releasing the first two floodgates climb some vines on the right at the bottom of the dam.
Cynder: Bracers - Increased Fury Power
Kill a large enemy and its pals at the top of the elevator and this chest will appear.

The Destroyer

Spyro: Tail - Increased Fury Duration
On platform underneath the Destroyer's middle.
Spyro: Bracers - Increased Chance to Disarm
After going through the tunnel in the Destroyer's arm this is upwards to the left.

Burned Lands

Spyro: Helmet - Increased Chance to Combo
Defeat an island of enemies at the far left end of the first lava river.
Cynder: Tail - Increased Fury Duration
Smash a purple crystal in a cave with a Troll in the climbing zone area.

Wearing all three parts of a set will give you an extra bonus.

Quick Table

Spyro Cynder
Helmet Increased Melee Attack Damage Increased Defense Increased Chance to Combo Increased Elemental Attack Damage Increased Defense Helmet Increased Chance to Combo
Location Dragon City Valley of Avalar Burned Lands Attack of the Golem Ruins of Warfang Dragon City
Tail Increased Attack Speed Wounds Attcking Enemies Increased Fury Duration Increased Attack Speed Wounds Attacking Enemies Increased Fury Duration
Location Twilight Falls The Dam The Destroyer Dragon City Valley of Avalar Burned Lands
Bracers Increased Chance to Disarm Regenerating Health Increased Fury Power Regenerating Mana Regenerating Health Increased Fury Power
Location The Destroyer Ruins of Warfang Valley of Avalar Valley of Avalar Twilight Falls The Dam
Ability Nuclear Hit Immune to Stun Fury Breath Unlocked Poisonous Hit Immune to Stun Fury Breath Unlocked

#45 skylandsmaster 16:50:11 29/05/2012
i have the ds version and it is so stupid you do not get armor and you do not fly and there are only like 5 levels!!!=C
#44 gary 14:12:54 26/04/2012
finally,I have found all set armor.
#43 jpawlik8 23:17:55 04/02/2012
I love Fury Breath!
#42 cynderlover265 08:08:07 23/10/2011
it is hard trying to find cynders armor
#41 the dark spyro 20:17:00 15/08/2011
i love this game i like the ending to kill malefor! im done with the game
#40 assassin cynder 17:38:51 31/07/2011
#39 dragonwings_987 02:31:14 22/06/2011
try having a set of the same armor - that gives you a really cool power and will help you fight malefor.
#38 gary 13:55:22 19/06/2011
try harder to defeat malefor after you have alll armor
#37 dark dragon1 20:43:39 15/03/2011
i have all the armor in the game but i still cant defeat malefor
#36 Nikola 08:36:42 08/03/2011
That armor is cool.
#35 Cynder_17 22:51:47 24/02/2011
Im missing the regenerating health bracer from The Ruins of Warfang... but im to lazy to redo the level smilie
#34 Spyro LoverGirl 18:17:01 09/10/2010
this game rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#33 gary 13:24:25 10/08/2010
find missing armor.
#32 Spyro_lover230 12:44:29 19/06/2010
I love fury breath! too bad im only missing one of Spyros... but i have all of Cynders! I LOVE SPYRO AND CYNDER!! by the way what are bbcodes?
#31 spyrodragon63 01:50:12 29/04/2010
I've unlocked Spyro's & Cynder's fury breath.

♥♥♥♥smilie&smilie:Forever And Always:♥♥♥♥
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