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Cheat Codes

These codes are for the original PlayStation game, cheats for the Spyro Reignited Trilogy are found on the cheats page for that game.

All of the cheats for Spyro: Year of the Dragon, just pause the game and enter them there.

99 Lives

R2 L2 R2 L2 Up Up Up Up circle

Extra Hit Point

circle R1 circle L1 circle R2 circle L2 circle

Easy Difficulty Mode

circle Square Right Left Right Square circle circle

Normal Difficulty Mode

circle Square Right Left Right Square circle Cross

Hard Difficulty Mode

circle Square Right Left Right Square circle Square

Easy Minigame Difficulty Mode

Left Right Square Circle Square Right Left Triangle

Normal Minigame Difficulty Mode

Left Right Square Circle Square Right Left circle

Medium Minigame Difficulty Mode

Left Right Square Circle Square Right Left Cross

Hard Minigame Difficulty Mode

Left Right Square Circle Square Right Left Square

Sparx Gem Finding

R1 R2 L2 L1 R1 R2 L2 L1 Circle Circle Circle

View Credits

Left Right Left Right Left Right Square circle Square circle Square circle

Squid Skateboard

Up Up Left Left Right Right Down Down Square circle Square

2D Spyro

Left Right Left Right L1 R1 L1 R1 Square circle

Big Head Spyro

Up R1 Up R1 Up R1 circle circle circle circle

Black Spyro

Up Left Down Right Up Square R1 R2 L1 L2 Up Right Down Left Up Down

Blue Spyro

Up Left Down Right Up Square R1 R2 L1 L2 Up Right Down Left Up Cross

Green Spyro

Up Left Down Right Up Square R1 R2 L1 L2 Up Right Down Left Up Triangle

Pink Spyro

Up Left Down Right Up Square R1 R2 L1 L2 Up Right Down Left Up Square

Red Spyro

Up Left Down Right Up Square R1 R2 L1 L2 Up Right Down Left Up circle

Yellow Spyro

Up Left Down Right Up Square R1 R2 L1 L2 Up Right Down Left Up Up

Voice Access

Square Square circle circle Square Square circle circle

Press Up and Down to access different voice clips from the level you're in.

Level Warp + Movies

And here are all of the level warp and movie playback codes (these only work after unlocking the ability to warp using the Atlas). To use them you enter the following code and then the corresponding two buttons from the table beneath to go where you want:

Up Down Up Down Left Right Left Right Square

Sunrise Spring HomeCross circle
Sunny VillaCross Cross
Cloud SpiresCross Square
Molten CraterCross Triangle
Seashell ShoreCross Right
Mushroom SpeedwayCross Down
Sheila's AlpCross Left
Buzz's DungeonCross Up
Crawdad FarmCross R1
Midday Garden HomeSquare circle
Icy PeakSquare Cross
Enchanted TowersSquare Square
Spooky SwampSquare Triangle
Bamboo TerraceSquare Right
Country SpeedwaySquare Down
Sgt. Byrd's BaseSquare Left
Spike's ArenaSquare Up
Spider TownSquare R1
Evening Lake HomeTriangle circle
Frozen AltarsTriangle Cross
Lost FleetTriangle Square
Fireworks FactoryTriangle Triangle
Charmed RidgeTriangle Right
Honey SpeedwayTriangle Down
Bentley's OutpostTriangle Left
Scorch's PitTriangle Up
Starfish ReefTriangle R1
Midnight Mountain HomeRight circle
Crystal IslandsRight Cross
Desert RuinsRight Square
Haunted TombRight Triangle
Dino MinesRight Right
Harbor SpeedwayRight Down
Agent 9's LabRight Left
Sorceress's LairRight Up
Bugbot FactoryRight R1
Super Bonus RoundDown circle
Title ScreenLeft circle
An Evil Plot Unfolds...Left Cross
A Powerful Villain Emerges...Up Down
A Desperate Rescue Begins...Up Left
No Hard FeelingsUp Up
The Second WarningLeft Square
Bianca Strikes BackLeft Triangle
Byrd, James ByrdUp R1
Hunter's TussleLeft Right
Spike Is BornLeft Down
A Duplicitous, Larcenous UrsineUp L1
An Apology, And LunchLeft Left
A Monster to End All MonstersLeft Up
The Dancing BearR1 Circle
The EscapeLeft R1
Deja Vu?Left L1
A Familiar FaceUp circle
Billy in the WallUp Cross
One Less Noble WarriorUp Triangle

Play Crash Bash Demo

At the title screen, hold L1 and R2 then press Square

#105 American Spyro 00:20:49 04/04/2009
theez cheats r AWSOME
#104 pikachu 17:46:17 28/03/2009
sorry about sayin about the cheats sorry
#103 Spyrofan12345 23:09:09 26/03/2009
Will it work on the collectors edition of this game? 'Cause I have it and its not working, and I tried like a million times. I was in Evening Lake and I tried it, then I went to a level and it still didn't work. I tried the code for the "Duplicitous Larcenous Ursine" clip (I love that clip xDD) but it still didn't work =[

A couple years ago I tried these codes and they worked (I'm not sure if it was the collectors edition of Spyro YOTD or not but I don't see why it wouldn't work on there. I just paused it, entered the main code, then the up button and L1 and it still didn't work =[ I also tried a couple more codes for different levels and clips and stuff and it didn't work. Do you have any idea what I could do? I suppose I could restart the playstation but I'm not sure if that would solve the problem... =[
#102 DraikEX 14:23:03 01/03/2009
I usually don't play this game, but these cheat codes sound pretty cool, so I think I might play it again! smilie
#101 Crystal Dragon 02:49:56 30/01/2009
I've found a cheat code,
Return Spyro to normal color: Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left
Also, putting in the 2D Spyro cheat again will reverse its effects.
I hope this helps smilie
#100 supermalefor 02:09:11 29/01/2009
Cool! And never mind my first post. I will try it!
#99 American Spyro 16:30:00 28/01/2009
I found a cheat code, it's called Sparx Finds Treasure the code is right(2) left(2) right(2) left(2) circle(3). Try testing it.
#98 supermalefor 01:30:16 14/01/2009
is there a cheat to unlock all doors in SBR without the gems?
#97 American Spyro 23:10:16 03/01/2009
My cheat code would be a really awsome one.
FLY at anytime in any level!!!!
up,down, up, down, circle, circle, R1, circle.

it's made up though.
#96 cender 2000 05:16:51 02/01/2009
I beat the spyro dawn of the dragon game like 100 times so its easy for me to beat it.
#95 Selene 23:06:53 28/12/2008
I'm guessing that you are talking about Ross's signature, "TheDarkCynder". At least you looked at the link. It's too bad the topic is closed, though smilie. However, there is something VERY important that NEEDS discussing: dark52's avatar is:
A Spore creature.
Okay, so let's talk 'bout cheats. So if you could make a cheat for this game........

  • What would you call it?
  • What buttons would you press at the Pause Screen to activate it?
  • What would the cheat do?

Remember, it has to be your own idea. This is mine:

  • Cynder Play
  • Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Up/Right/Left/Down
  • Allows you to play as Cynder. Pressing up lets you play as ANB Cynder (smilie ). Pressing right lets you play as TEN Cynder. Pressing left lets you play as DOTD Cynder. Pressing down will let you play as Dark DOTD Cynder. Each Cynder has free flight, so fly into the void if that's what you want. Plus, each Cynder gets their own breath ability. They are exactly the same as in DOTD, so yay for no Mana limits. ANB Cynder gets Fire, TEN Cynder gets Fear, DOTD Cynder gets Shadow, and Dark Cynder gets Convexity. However, in places like Frozen Altars, you use a specific breath for as long as you visit. The same applies for powerups. Each enemy dies in one hit as usual, though. However, Dark DOTD Cynder can swim in lava, acid, deadly goop, and other stuff like that. You're still stuck with the usual HP system, but Dark DOTD Cynder gets an extra HP. This cheat also works on STD and GTG.
#94 TheDarkCynder 23:51:37 30/11/2008
Go to Selene's link, and there's a funny little poem about Ripto.
#93 JaydaTheFox 18:24:51 27/11/2008
The colour-changing cheats are pretty awesome. :D
#92 American Spyro 00:47:16 17/11/2008
love the cheats.
#91 Cynder_fan 01:25:41 15/10/2008
My PSone is refusing to read year of the dragon! it reads the others fine, and they're in a bit worse condition! Is it because i write thoose spyro stories not long ago? (flashback to when writting stories)
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